It was supposed to be a fun and adorable episode….

The long anticipated match-up between Yuugo and Selena turned out to very different than any of us had anticipated it to be. It had its humorous moments, which was as expected, fun to watch, but then followed a course of disappointment. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not referring to the writing because everything that is happening right now, even though it is not what we were hoping, makes perfect sense due to the type of character Jean-Rogers is.
YGO ARC V Ep 84 Img 0020It is complicated situation because the way the duel ended up playing out. Simply, it was sad to watch.
It was sad because of the rigged situation Yuugo and Selena are thrown into without their consent. Right now, Selena has no idea how Jean is pulling the string, rigging the duel to play in her favor by shifting the routes to accommodate her with the action cards she could use to turn the tables and obtain a flawless victory. As the victim of this rigged game: Yuugo keeps on losing out on his opportunities to make a comeback. When he realizes he is being toyed with, it was disheartening.
For Yuugo in particular, this episode highlighted how much he cares about Rin, and how much of an impact she had on him. With the way Selena’s personality constantly reminded him of Rin, and he couldn’t help but be caught up in the past. He misses her so much. It was their dream to compete against each other in the Friendship Cup, in front of the big crowd. As result he makes quite a bit of clumsy amateur mistakes, and tries to claw his way back into the game. He does so when he remembers what Rin has told him, how his stubbornness is his strong point. With that he resorts to his trap card, something he didn’t really want to use due to it being a gamble where he would either lose right then and there or live to continue on for a chance to counter.

YGO ARC V Ep 84 Img 0026With that being said, this duel will only continue to be different than what we had hoped for. Upon summoning Clear Wing Dragon, Odd-Eyes ends up resonating with him once again, and Yuuya finds his spirit within Yuugo’s body- but this time, he is aware of it. Now this is where it gets a lot more complicated. Two things: first off and most importantly, since Yuuya is now imprisoned by Jean, if Yuuya responds the exact same way as he did last time, then without a doubt in my mind, Jean will be the first to witness this in action. If not, (which would be for the better), Yuuya’s secret will be safe. It is now matter of how the duel will play out, will Yuuya have a significant influence on Yuugo like Yuuto has on him. The preview indicated that Clear Wing may end up getting a Crystal edition of itself. But the question now if Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon is an upgraded version of Clear Wing- will Yuuya and or his monsters have anything to do with it?

YGO ARC V Ep 84 Img 0012Given the circumstances, it is hard to say who you want to win. The situation they are in is not the way we wanted it to play out, we were all looking forward to a passionate match between these two- and we were more or less expecting it to have been a fair one. On top of that, we don’t want Selena to continue being used by Jean without her knowledge, much like Academia had been planning on doing with her. Being the victim of the duel makes it easy to cheer for Yuugo, but frankly speaking, all I would like is an honest rematch between the two because they both deserve it. Of course I might be speaking too soon, maybe Selena will become suspicious how everything is working out to her favor too much and will try to avoid taking advantage of the “assistance” Jean is providing her. That would be one way to rebel against him, but it would still lean in his favor if she were to win by taking the more deliberately inconvenient path.

Final Verdict: There is no ‘good’ win for this situation, it was messed up from the very start- and those who are aware of the situation (Jack, Crow, Reij) are not impressed with how Jean-Rogers is tampering with the game, and neither are we.


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  1. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

    No no Eva, I truly enjoyed this episode, it’s a bit underwhelming but still good! First and foremost, damn that Jean for changing the course a few times to shift the duel in Serena’s favour, I just don’t know why he’s so determined to get rid of Yugo! But then Seeing Yugo’s interaction with Serena (yeah seeing her as Rin because unlike us viewers they’re all rather blind!) is simply too hilarious XXDD
    Yugo: RRRIIIINNNNNNN!!!! <<33 (multiple times)
    Serena: (Sky Uppercutting/ Kung-Fu kicks Yugo) GET LOST!!!!! (multiple times)
    Serena: Don't smile like a fool while you're looking at others, how gross! But your previous duel with Sawatari was impressive! I'm looking forward to our duel!
    Rin: (In Yugo's illusion) I'm looking forward to our duel, Yugo!
    Yugo: (Lovestruck) YAHOOOOO!!!!!!
    Serena: I now activate my Magic Card Fusion-
    Yugo: NOT FUSION, I'M YUGO!!!
    Now to their duelstyles: Serena's is more practical and focused on strategies, but Yugo's is more towards luck and spirit of not giving up, hence the successful Synchro Summon of Clear Wing (most Serena fans will angrily view this as plot armour, though). I've been neglecting her but OMG Rin she's pretty gorgeous too (I'm still with Ruri, though), and watching her lecturing Yugo, poor dude he's the first to communicate with three Yuzu-counterparts and got beaten/lectured by them all (yes Yugo at least beat Yuya on this one for now)! But in two week's time CRYSTAL WING SYNCHRO DRAGON MAKE ITS DEBUT!!! (Screw the annual judo tournament!)
    One extra note: Funny how Yuzu sneezed when Yugo mentioned that she's in "heaven" LOL

    1. Eva

      The episode was good, just sad. It makes perfect sense in the writing because this is something we can know Jean-Rogers is the type of character to tamper with the competition.
      (I was going to add the above when I thought back how to make it more clear, but the comments were already here XD hahahaha!)
      Yuugo is such a precious baby, he is so dorky and lovable, he’s like Yuuya, but has a different way of showering his affections. XD
      Looking forward to seeing CRYSTAL WINGS SYNCHRO DRAGON WOOOOOOOOO!!!

      1. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

        Oh, I’ve noticed another thing after rewatching the episode: There’s a female version of Shivers Kiddo “shivering” for Serena :p

        1. Eva

          *SNAPS FINGERS* I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT, IT WAS IN MY NOTES! “Shiver’s counterpart spotted”, but I thought it was a boy. xD LMAO!

          1. Becs

            i noticed that too the first time! but i forgot to mention it!

  2. 75chaosflare

    Well this episode was controversial because of Jeans actions with how desperate he is with trying to capture Serena as possible especially with how it pretty much confirms that the winner of this duel will be facing Sergey.
    I’m guessing having Crystal Synchro Dragon as an evolution would make sense if they do later have Odd-Eyes have a combination with it becoming “Odd-eyes Crystal Dragon” instead of “Odd-eyes Clear Dragon”. Plus it gives more insight of Yuya syncing with Yugo.
    Lastly, in the preview for the next episode it does show Serena’s major concern of losing but later shown smiling hinting that regarding her background of her being competitive soldier with a lot of pride she fears losing which could show more development in have it seen that they don’t always have to be serious with them(Shun may/mayn’t be considered a slight example with him not being that mad in the end even though a lot of people are ranting about that just because he lost to Crow).

    1. Eva

      Yes I too am looking forward to seeing Selena have FUN in a duel for an exchange. Yuugo is doing a fantastic job of getting her to loosen up- and he is probably the best person to do so due to his affectionate nature. We are seeing her more short-tempered side in a different light and other parts of her she had bottled up inside. With the “fun has just begun” I’m looking forward to see how she will shift her tempo and mindset as the duel continues. 🙂

      1. elior1

        i think serena has a chance to win as well because she will also summon new fusion monster so like yugo she will have a new ace monster. or roger will somehow will succeed to make yugo off the course

  3. Becs

    I hated how Roger started manipulating the duel to go in Selena’s favour! Selena would be so mad if she ever knew the duel wasn’t fair!!
    Yugo does have plot armour on him, and before anyone says i’m saying that cos i’m a Selena fan, it’s because everyone is anticipating the match between him and Yuya so Selena has to fight against fate almost.
    Selena beating the shit out of Yugo for continuously rushing to her shouting ‘RIIIINNNN <3 <3' was just hilarious! and then when she put him in place for that 'Yugo not fusion' tirade!! XDDD
    I am honestly torn on who i would like to win, because while i would love Selena to win in a plot related match i really want Yugo to win to spoil Roger's plan!
    To choose i would want Selena to win more, but only slightly because i do like her a lot more than Yugo (despite him being a lovable idiot).
    But if it turns out that the smile in the preview was a losing smile then i'll be happy. Because she got to have fun whether she won or lost!
    Also Rin's VA sounded perfect! She didn't sound bossy or naggy, she sounded like a very grounded person with a good sense of responsibility and empathy! <3 Just like a Princess!
    As Yuzu is our Queen! Selena is our Goddess!
    I think Rin should be our Princess!!

    1. Eva

      It is very difficult to chose who to cheer for in this situation 🙁 My bias would prefer if Selena won a fair and square match from the get go- not a handicapped one where without knowing, Jean paved the path to her victory. She will be furious if she finds out he tampered with the duel- hopefully she will realize that during the match because that will change the dynamic of how she would respond to Jean.
      I agree, Rin’s voice was perfect! Hahaha all the different titles! They can all be Queens, Goddesses, they are just that amazing! xD

      1. Becs

        I’ve already made titles for all the bracelet girls. I think they need unique nicknames that relate them to positions of power whether in royalty or heavenly!
        Rin i see as a brilliant and cool Princess!
        It’s official! Rin is our Princess!! no arguing!;)
        Ruri may be our Angel, but we know nothing on her personality so she is kind of a ‘?’ on that one…

        1. Eva

          Fair enough 😉

        2. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

          I really love Rin’s VA, she’s the most gentle one compared to Yuzu and Serena who shared the same VA. Yugo’s still the luckiest dude for interacting with three Yuzu-counterparts already 😀

  4. revolutionhippo

    Jean is the worst, god he’s terrible. That was so infuriating. And it doesn’t help to have the council just laughing along saying “oh look at that he’s taking over, huh”, as if it’s nothing.
    Selena has been used her entire life, either by Academia or now by Jean. She probably won’t find breaking loose easy because everyone’s manipulating her back and forth, she practically never has any freedom. Even as a part of the Lancers, Jean has his eye on her constantly, and Dennis and Sora were running around keeping her in check.
    Yugo, on the other hand, I just feel awful for. He can’t think straight because he’s distracted by thoughts of Rin. He’s so upset that he doesn’t even understand what he’s doing or what moves he’s making, and on top of that, Jean’s changing the course (though him changing his to manual and saving himself was pretty awesome to watch… why couldn’t Crow have done that, by the way? Maybe Yugo’s D-Wheel is just special). Yugo can’t think normally because RIGHT when he was starting to calm down from Yuzu’s “death”, someone shows up AGAIN with an identical face to his childhood friend and he can’t take it. As cute as he is and as silly as the start was, the duel evolved for him in a tragic way, he’s still so lost by the dimensional counterparts thing. The poor kid.
    On a brighter note, I did enjoy Yugo’s reaction to Selena using fusion. I was hoping that running joke would make a comeback.

    1. Eva

      It was truly a sad episode 🙁 Here’s to hoping – despite the circumstances – things can brighten up next week and both Yuugo and Selena can find a way to compete against each other without their actions being tampered by Jean! And striking deal where neither pick up action cards might be a way to do it…

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