Now, if you thought that this series would be free of the obligatory beach episode simply because it’s Baby’s First Shonen, then you my friend are incredibly naive. Besides, I know you were all chomping at the bit to see a shoe horned bikini episode. What’s that? You weren’t? Too bad. It happened anyway.

The episode starts off with the bad guy lamenting over how his last plan failed. So his robot thing basically says “Hey, why don’t you go after the main character instead?”

That face is the realization of "oh shit, I just wasted the past five episodes focusing on filler mcgee haven't i?"
That face is the realization of “oh shit, I just wasted the past five episodes focusing on filler mcgee haven’t i?”

We cut to every one of the main characters deciding that today they need to go to an enclosed water park in order to “train”. Aka hang out. The boys do some stretching and Wet Blanket thinks he sees someone skulking around. He leaves to go investigate.

Cut back to Takahoma HQ and FINALLY we get a cameo from Konami. Jesus Christ. WHERE THE FUCK HAS SHE BEEN?! I’m actually annoyed this is seriously the first episode they’ve involved her in in like… five episodes. Oh well. At least she’s funny in it. She tells the others how she’s jealous and is going to go relax at the pool at Border HQ

This show NEEDS more Konami. Why the FUCK isn't there more Konami?
This show NEEDS more Konami. Why the FUCK isn’t there more Konami?

Cut back and the girls who are changing think they hear a noise too. They meet up with Wet Blanket though and think it’s him. Eventually they come out and of course are all dressed in Bikinis. Because this is an anime damn it, and i’m sure SOMEWHERE there’s some kind of contract that stipulates if your series runs more than 30 episodes, it HAS to have a beach or hot spring episode. I think it’s like..Japanese law or something.

So as they fuck around on the beach, wet blanket can’t get his mind off of the shady dude so he goes off to look for him.

For a quick cut back we see that Bitch face came to the pool to train, but everyone took Konami’s idea and decided to lounge around the pool. Once again proving, that Konami is best character.

I still don't get why she isn't the main character.
I still don’t get why she isn’t the main character.

Well apparently they didn’t think  my heart could take more Konami than that and take me back to captain derp looking for the guy. Eventually he finds him, but it turns out that it’s a water based trion soldier.

It kind of reminds me of the scene when Mayor Adam West stabbed the ocean.
It kind of reminds me of the scene when Mayor Adam West stabbed the ocean.

Obviously no attacks have any effect on it, so they realize that the core must be somewhere else. They eventually lure it to the roof and it ends up looking like the boss from the water temple in Ocarina of time.

No, seriously, it's the boss from the water temple
No, seriously, it’s the boss from the water temple

Chika tries to shoot it, but her gun is booby trapped and it explodes, taking her and wet blanket’s trigger forms with it. (duckface gets blown off the building so he’s fine)

Then we are shown something that nobody could have predicted…..except for me. Because I called it. Like… 3 episodes ago. Lillith is a trion soldier.


…See, I would have been more shocked at this….if I hadn’t called it 3 episodes ago. I KNEW this is where they were going with this and it didn’t even remotely surprise me. Anybody who reads my reviews knows I said this was going to happen.

So yeah, me patting myself on the back aside, she destroys the blob but then the bad guy shows up and is like “ahh Andross you show your true form. But you can’t hurt me because I have Wet Blanket hostage”

and by hostage I mean that looks fucking retarded
and by hostage I mean that looks fucking retarded

This is where the episode ends but….i’m not sure what this bad guy’s plan is from here. Is it…say he’ll kill Wet Blanket if she doesn’t come along with him? Because…that’s a really stupid plan. Like… a REALLY stupid plan. First of all…. no. We’ve seen how ridiculously powerful she is and would probably just fucking grab you and give the same ultimatum to your robot. secondly, you are not keeping track of where duckface is. You kind of just…forgot about him. That’s stupid. Third of all. We know Xeon is ultra protective of her and will kill you regardless of what would happen to Wet Blanket so….no. you’re fucking stupid.

This episode FINALLY got some of the story ball rolling again, but it took WAY too long to get there. For a good 1/2 the episode is was “Gee, i think I may have seen someone! Oh well, FANSERVICE!”

However the biggest problem is, this guy isn’t threatening. Like…at all. This guy’s about as threatening as Jesse and James from Team rocket. and has a win ratio of about the same.

I'm really scary right?
I’m really scary right?

The story really doesn’t matter in the long run and it’s more of a “out of the goodness of Wet Blanket’s heart” thing and…I really don’t care what happens to either the villain, Xeon, or Lillith. They’re all bland one-dimensional characters. You have ‘asshole’, ‘loser’, and ‘wow! everything’s amazing!’ Oh boy. Can’t wait to see if THEY do something. Really. Get back to the story of saving Replica and Wet Blanket not sucking. We almost done here? Good.

Episode 5/10


Duckface count: 5

P.S. Your art style doesn’t lend itself to fanservice. It’s not shine pimples but seriously. No.

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  1. Anamaze

    Never heard of this series before. The pool scene at Boarder HQ does look amazing though. And you’re right.

    They should maybe do a spin-off called Kanami. 🙂

    btw, Cool blog here – cheers!

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