After all the foreshadowing they have been putting in place about Minami’s inner conflict, I have to say when it finally happened, it was a tad underwhelming. I suppose it was because we already knew she was torn between two dreams, and while she knew which one her heart wanted the follow, she wasn’t ready to let go of her original dream of being a part of the family business. So in other words, the build up to lead up to the breaking point made it so they didn’t have to explain as much as Kirara’s. Perhaps it actually works out for the better because now that I think about it, Minami’s conflict would be difficult to drag out for two full episodes. This week she finally opened up to the girls about her new dream and acknowledged that’s the one her heart wants to follow, and next week it will be a mix of breaking the news to her parents and a Christmas special. Well, along with freeing the Sea Castle as well, which really shouldn’t be too much of a fuss if Dyspear tries to do the 1 VS 4 again and it’s already blooming very brightly, more so than both Towa’s and Kirara’s since Minami’s conflict had different circumstances.

It did surprise me a bit to see how Minami was very agitated towards anyone knowing her dream is changing. When Kirara caught her in the library and saw the book Minami was reading, she was puzzled by her actions and decided to take it out for her in her steed. When she tells Minami that she picked up the book for her, Minami became very angry, a side of her we haven’t seen before. But all Kirara wanted to do was help her out, it was not her intention to be nosy.
But it wasn’t just Kirara who caught onto Minami’s troubled heart. Haruka and Towa realized she was falling into her bad habits, and boy, was Haruka mad about Minami not opening up to them. But as expected, she provided Minami some sense of security, that yes, it’s okay for dreams to change. But I think Kirara gave her the best advice: It isn’t important isn’t what she should do, it’s what she wants to do.

Overall it was a solid episode, which was enough given how rather simple it was. Next week Minami’s episode was continue a bit, mixed with the Christmas special of having to break the news to her parents about the change in her dream. I don’t think her family is going to be hard on her, but I guess you can never know until it happens right?


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  1. Marcos Pinheiro

    To me this is a very good episode! And I liked it too!
    And I’m happy, as much as every follower of this blog and series, to write this on Akagi Towa’s birthday! December 15!
    And December 16 is my birthday! Can you believe it? 😀
    I agree with some surprises of Minami’s unusual behavior as you wrote, Eva, and I liked very much to see Kirara trying to help her, just like she did to Towa and Haruka (rememering some episodes before). 🙂
    When Kirara called Minami for Emergency I was like “Hum, is that a real emergency or a setup to help Minami?” or “Why I’m having a feeling that it’s not the kind of emergency that Minami and I are expecting?”. And yes, it was a setup, but not a lie. It was emergency to know what’s really troubling the princess. I liked that scene. Kirara’s so nice and kawaii! ^^
    I felt bad when Kirara said she wasn’t cut out to help others, but she did pretty well that time AND those times.
    And when Towa remembered what Minami said in episode… Uh… Let me check! Episode 25! Dragon’s caramba I forgot that!
    Kirara and Haruka are very observant indeed.
    To be honest, I kinda liked seeing Cure Flora being “cute-mad” at Mermaid, and for a good friendly reason. Well, she did something like that with Yuuki in Episode 27, but I didn’t expect she would do with Mermaid! That was quite a surprise!
    And what Flora and Twinkle said to Mermaid in this episode I agree completely, Eva. 🙂
    Oh yeah! I got very very surprised of the dreams that Teacher Zama had in the past! That I never imagined of her! XD
    Well, “looks can be deceiving”.
    Good thing that she helped and gave an advice for Minami. ^^
    And I’m happy to see Shut doing something after so long being blocked or denied by Close thanks to Stop and Freeze. I kinda missed that guy to show up! And he will appear again in the next episode! Let’s see what happens.
    I’m happy of the episode’s ending and Minami’s true decision. I wish her luck when she tell to her parents! We all viewers will stay tuned for the next episode!
    Ganbate, Minami! 😀

    1. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

      One should actually think on the dark side, what if Wataru and Minami’s parents refused to accept this and THREATEN Minami to focus solely on inheriting Kaido Group’s businesses or they will cut off all forms of financial aid to her and, for the worst, severe their ties with her once and for all? Sorry for such twisted possibility that doesn’t exist in a children’s show (Wataru definitely won’t do that to her kawaii imouto) but of course, only Minami can decide her own career!

  2. Wanderer

    I’m surprised this series hasn’t gotten into the endgame. Mid-40’s, I’d figure it should be about time for Dyspear to destroy the world before the Cures have their final powerup and fix everything again.

  3. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

    Once again, a Precure must decide the path she chooses (and this time not screwing up like Aoki Reika), and it’s good to see Minami struggle from her dilemma of either joining Kaido Group or be a marine vet. And again Kirara is outstanding for figuring out a plan to draw Minami away from student council’s meeting and discuss her actual feelings about the career she longed to pursuit, well Kirara is definitely far more experienced than Haruka in seeing through one person’s troubled heart because she too went through the same dilemma previously (episodes 42 & 43) and she ultimately hold onto her dream she cherished. For the battle, I must say that Coral Maelstorm has superior animation than both Scarlet Prominence and even my favourite one Galaxy Chorus! Glad to hear Minami confessing that she wants to be a marine vet instead of joining Kaido Group at the end! Overall, I’ll still give Kirara A++ while MInami an A for this episode and that’s NOT because I’m biased towards my sparkling star, it’s just that Kirara’s actions in this episode alone made me feels like this is another Kirara-centric episode!

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