Chino a cute. A CUTE.

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I won against Megu! It’s been Megu twice in a row now. Doing well, though!

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Gochiusa 7 Img013I have no idea whether it’s legit to do the laundry by getting into a tub, joining hands in a circle and dancing for over an hour, but god it must have been fun. Even with the amount of detergent they used, it probably wasn’t more expensive than doing it through a machine (you know, energy prices these days). I’m sure Sharo would find the mere thought of replacing uniforms due to a lack of buttons absolutely heretical (she may have to get some new panties though, poor Aoyama must have felt very bemused). It also wasn’t surprising to learn that she was a pro at washing her clothes by hand – there’s a joke in there somewhere. There might also be a joke in that carrot frame below, depending on how deep in the gutter your mind is. I’m so sorry

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I think the highlight of the episode was definitely the drunk Chino scene. I had to pause the episode for a little while after she first appeared behind the door, to calm myself down a little. My poor heart JUST COULDN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE. WHY IS CHINO SO CUTE?

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Gochiusa 7 Img008In fact, it was an excellent episode for Chino in general – because she spent most of it in twintails. We were treated to twintails Chino! That’s just like Chinatsu’s many hairstyle changes in Yuru Yuri! The only other example from Gochiusa I can think of is when Rize became Rose for that one episode, but it’s less of an option for the other girls. Oh yeah, there’s Chiya in OP2 if that counts for anything. It really is unfortunate that Ama Usa An has such a conservative uniform. I’m sure Chiya would treat us to some… interesting uniform fashion if she had the freedom to.

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By the way, a slight edit using a pitch modulator produces this. I know, I’m a terrible person.

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  1. littleshogun

    First, sorry for late reply, but I’ll try my best to do it. About ED 1 very lifeless, well because it’s only credit going up with almost white background with blurred various place from Gochiusa, while showing poker card contain 5 girls. I mean, come on, at least show the picture of the girls doing things or girls hangout in each of their cafe. No need to move, just still image would be nice imo. Oh I just had though it’s lifeless because 1st ed and 2nd ed of Kinmoza(Kiniro Mosaic) show us how would be if Shino and friends going to England, while once again Gochiusa 1st ed only show like I describe above. So for the ED, Kinmoza win decisively in term of liveliness, although 2nd ED of Gochiusa fixed the mistake though.

    Rock paper scissors, well actually I’ve never tracked any of my record anyway, so I just said it’s too bothersome. Well to each their own, although it’s interesting they updated the credit with rock paper scissors though and different Chimame member imo.

    Okay, back to highlight of the episode
    1. About laundry, actually some people in my country still using hand, but not like the process that this episode show of course(Joining hand and dancing while singing “Osentaku ohsentaku(Damn it’s quite ear worm lol)”. By the way I knew sentaku mean laundry in Japan, but didn’t know how to write though.
    2. From this episode, we knew Chiya has very good memory (Otherwise, how could she tracked her best bubble was the one which get popped by Rize) and very bad luck in choosing something (Chiya, if your luck is very bad, I suggest you better don’t started Russian Roulette like game by yourself).
    3. About Tippy cosplay, since there is another girl who had same seiyuu as a cast in Kinmoza (Karasuma-sensei and Chiya), I’d better said that even with summer costume, you’ll end up collapse anyway if you cosplay Tippy, Cocoa. Oh and before that they still remember what happened 1 season ago with Rize work at Ama Usa An and Fleur.
    4. Cocoa had the best motto in the world imo. The motto is “You’re my friend after I’ve known you for 3 seconds”. Sounds too optimistic, but actually many anime using this kind of Cocoa’s motto. Of course not exactly 3 seconds and the friend still need to know each other in the future. But, from there we know that Cocoa will have easy time make a friend.
    5. Actually it’s quite heartwarming that they still accept Sharo as their friend, even after Cocoa, Chino, and Rize knowing that Sharo very poor live alone in very small shack. And so I’m kinda happy they choose Sharo house to cook curry.
    6. Brandy chocolate could cause many thing, like drunk Chino (Which once again was very cute) and drunk Cocoa. And apparently Rize directly assume that Cocoa drunk and act like ojou-sama because of high class chocolate lol. Of course she had same experience with drunk Sharo and different coffee which cause different reaction from Sharo.
    7. Apparently Chino had very good memory what she did when she drunk. And in the end Sharo did get drunk because the chocolate had caffeine in the chocolate.
    8. Is Chino’s mom a psychic by the way? Because she could foresee if Chiya and Sharo would be very fitting in green and yellow uniform respectively. Just like to pint it out.

    Those points are the one which interest me from this episode. Sorry for long text and that’s all from me.

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