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∼Hey Hey, It’s time for the 10th review of Dance with Devils∼

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Finally, You’re a bit hungry and want to eat something, say no more : A Rem cake

Well, 30$ for a cake, that’s a bit expensive if you ask me but look how cute this chibi Rem is.

If you don’t live in Japan well, I don’t really have any solution for you. Don’t think about what you’ve missed and focus on the future, on the endless possibilities of life and… I’m really not good with inspirational speeches.


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The episode starts with Ritsuka watching her injured brother sleeping

What ?! Are you expecting me to make a joke about how creepy watching people sleeping is?  Pffff… I won’t, I’m not that kind of person U know, I don’t rely on easy jokes like that ahahaha… *Ahem*

Capture 15

Ritsuka is remembering all the things that Rindo has done for her when they were kids, like rescuing a cat and protecting flowers…. Well, we all  have to start with something… Apparently he liked her since the very beginning , and wanted to ” grow stronger to protect her”. With that in mind she remembers his love confession in the last episode and, embarrassed, she releases his hand. Does that means shes likes him too or that she’s embarrassed because that’s fucking incest? MAKE UP YOUR MIND RITSUKA! I WANT TO KNOW!

Anyway she also remember all the stuff that happened during the previous episodes: her and Rem dancing at the school festival, Azuna being killed (I wonder what they’ve done with her body, it looked like no one was giving a single fuck about it…) and the dog-guy saying that she’s the grimoire. She’s also beginning to be really interested in the grimoire power. I mean that makes sense, she could use it to defend herself and to protect the ones that she cares about. That also would be nice if she could use it to resurrect Azuna… I don’t know,that’s a possibility for me …

Then we meet with Rem again. The Prince of blue Dancing Flames was casually hanging out on a rooftop, holding the little king crown, probably thinking about Ritsuka. The other devils soon join him. Apparently, Senor Urie, the great Mage and creepy Shiki have been to Vienna to eradicate exorcists on Rem’s order. So now they are asking for some retribution. The Hot-Devils crew is also mad at Rem because he lied to them.

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Indeed, he told them that the Grimoire was in Vienna in order to protect/keep Ritsuka.  They also ask him if they are his friends. But the Blue Prince ain’t got no time for this rubbish thing called “Friendship”. So the argument turn into a battle for Ritsuka. Each one of them want Rituska for his own, and Rem starts to get really mad at them. He should really take a chill pill sometimes. Also, a little piece of advice, if you want to hide your feelings for Ritsuka, you shouldn’t get mad when other guys say her name. Just sayin’. The rest of the Devils obviously know that Rem is rooting for Ritsuka so they confront him. However Rem is as stubborn as a mule and keeps on saying that he just wants the grimoire and doesn’t care about Ritsuka. If talking doesn’t work Let’s try singing !

Capture 8

The song was quite pleasant to listen to. It was nice to hear them singing all together but I’ll admit that the first song, in the Library during the first episode is better than this one. Also I was quite troubled by the use of the term “Emo” to describe Rem. Because when I think Emo I see that :

Rem emo
The original Emo Rem. He likes Tokyo Hotel and writing poems about his feelings on myspace

So Yeah, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing during the song because they used the word “emo” too many times and I was really picturing myself an Emo Rem, crying in a dark corner because his life is shit. Also, I don’t know if I’m the only one in this case but I feel like the songs have lost a bit of their magic. In the first episodes it was really great but now I’m just: MEH, yeah, okay…Why not? Maybe it’s because the show has now a more serious tone than at the beginning… I don’t know…

Capture 14
Who let this guy escape from Diabolik Lovers season 3: hemorrhage ?! I’m going to have a word with him.

But let’s go back with Ritsuka now ! She’s been collecting food and water supplies all around the school for her beloved brother. In the main hall of the school she meets with the Drag queen vampire who apparently did a make-over because his hair is now pink. ” You see, green hair was sooo 2015, 2016 will be the year of the pink…I need to be in advance, that’s how it’s done in the fashion world”

He asks Ritsuka to come with him because he knows where her mother is. I don’t really know why but he starts crushing an apple to show that he is evil and licking the apple juice on his arm to show that… he’s a creep. God back to Diabolik LOVERS!! The vampire creep’s name appears to be Lord Jek but because it’s too tempting, I’ll call him Lord Jerk. Yeah, I know, this one is quite easy. So, Lord Jerk leads her to her mother, who is still asleep in the strange coffin that we saw in episode 6. Ritsuka notices the vampires bites on her mother’s neck but according to Lord Jerk she won’t become a vampire because of reasons…

At this moment Rindo wakes up and does… nothing really… he just says “Ristukaaa ….”. I was expecting a little ” I will protect you” but no … I’m really disappointed now … Let’s see what the Devils are doing… Oh! Looks like they’ve finally realized that singing wasn’t the best way to sort things out so they begin to talk again. Urie, Shiki and Mage are aware that Lord Nesta (the vampire king) is their enemy that’s why they want to team up with Rem. But as long as he will continue to listen to Tokyo hotel, to dye is hair in fluo colors, to wear way too much eyeliner and to hide his feelings for Ritsuka they won’t do shit. He will also have to close his myspace account. GET YOUR SHITS TOGETHER REM!

Back with Lord Jerk and Ritsuka now. Because tea is better with a story, Lord Jerk decides to tell Rituska a fairy tale:

Once upon a time, there was a professor who was studying the forbidden grimoire. One day the Devil King found out that the professor had this immense source of power and took a human form to get closer to the professor in order to learn more about the grimoire. The professor had a daughter who was really pretty and stuff , while the Devil King was single and ready to mingle. He said to himself: ” My dear Devil King, you’ve always been single because you’re ugly as hell, she’s pretty, now is the time to make baby demons and repopulate earth”. So they had a child who apparently had the power of the grimoire inside him.

Capture 18

The reason why Lord Jerk is telling Ritsuka this story is because The devil king’s name was Lord Maksis, the professor’s daughter was named Maria and the child is actually Ritsuka.



Ritsuka is the Devil’s King Daughter ?! OOOOH…. NICE, I wasn’t expecting that

Still, you’ll have to explain me. How the fuck the power of the grimoire was transmitted to Ritsuka? I mean, I can accept that it’s magic and stuff but still… I want to know how.

Ristuka understands all that. She wan’t a normal high school girl after all. All those things happened because she was the Devil king’s daughter. THANK YOU, I’m crying… THANK GOD A GIRL FINALLY UNDERSTANDS THAT SHE’S SPECIAL! I’m so tired of those girls in Anime that after freaking 20 episodes are still crying ” Why is this happening to me? I’m just a normal High school girl, snif, snif, why ? ” Thank you Ritsuka, you’ve made my day.

Lord Jerk says to Ristuka that they can arrange everything if she comes with them and help Lord Nesta, the King of the vampires who wants to control the world and take revenge on the Devils. According to Lord Jerk, the vampire King Nesta can remove the power of the grimoire from Ritsuka. But Lord Jerk isn’t able to explain how. Wow, he is a really trustworthy person is he ? I wouldn’t hesitate a second to give him all my money if only I had some.  Furthermore, Lord Jerk he’s not really giving Ritsuka any choice. If she doesn’t go with him, he will kill her and her mom. So she “decides” to follow him after all. They take a gondola to Hogwarts Lord Nesta ‘s castle which really looks like Hogwarts where Loewen is waiting for them on the riverfront, looking as creepy as ever.

Capture 24
I really don’t like him

The end.

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Because you kept on asking me to do Rem’s fanart, I finally accepted. There you go. This is so far, my best creation. I was really inspired on this one.

I’ve really outdone myself on this one

I don’t want to brag or anything but I think this is the best fan art of Rem ever. Look at all those details in the composition. DAMN I’M TALENTED !

Ps: Don’t take me too seriously, I’m a living joke.

∼C’est tout pour moi ! Au revoir ∼

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  1. zztop

    Just a heads up that the anime will only focus on the Rem-Lindo-Ritsuka triangle. Since the otome game version isn’t out yet, the director doesn’t see the need to pander to fans by showcasing all the boys’ routes in the one anime.

    So if anyone prefers Shiki/Mage/Urie/Loewen, you’ll have to play the game version to see their routes. Which should be available this March 2016, PSVita.

    1. Charibo

      Do you know if the game will be available overseas?
      Well, that’s almost always the case in Reverse Harem anime. The anime focuses on the main boy and that kind of sucks if you like the other boys.. My biggest disappointment was the Hakuoki anime adaptation, I couldn’t care less about the main guy Hijikata, so I lost interest in the anime (I’m all bout Okita <3 )

      1. zztop

        So far, I think the game’s only for Japan. So I hope you can read written Japanese.

        Either that, or the anime goes for a “friendship harem” approach where the heroine’s best friends with everyone, but no real love is involved.

      2. Eva

        There hasn’t been any announcement for overseas release as of yet. I would say it’s still quite early and I wouldn’t expect any news if it were to happen for at least a year or two.

  2. Tiffany

    This episode was quite a surprise especially with who Ritsuka’s parents and who she really is. I was also happy that she didn’t start breaking down after hearing the story and just wants to understand why all these strange events have happened around her. I think the vampire guy with the light pink hair is the same masked green-haired guy that killed Azuna from last time and Ritsuka probably doesn’t realize it yet…

    Looks like Rem has cool façade has snapped since his other fellow devils are bickering on should get the prize. I lol-ed when they called Rem an “emo liar” when they sing xD Still, I hope that Rem will pull himself together and save Ritsuka. Judging from the next preview, he probably would have to work with Lindo to find her. I don’t like Lindo with his pretentious attitude that he wants to protect and save Ritsuka, which he already failed in doing since she went on her own free will. I just hope the girl doesn’t die not realizing that when she gives herself up (the grimore) her like will cease to be.

  3. Nikolita

    I read Charibo’s review and lol’d at the “emo liar” screencap too.

    I too was surprised by the twist in Ritsuka’s family tree, which is appreciated because I think most people don’t like watching the same bland, predictable show over and over again. Curious how the love triangle will be resolved, if at all.

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