Magata Shiki is a genius.

Every time…

Every time I finish an episode of this show, I stop…and put my head in my hands. And question myself…what the hell just happened?

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It’s exactly that. Magata Shiki is a genius. A plan that she created almost a decade ago happened flawlessly right before her very eyes with no one being able to figure it out. Almost, but she was one step ahead of Sensei. Because she’s not even on the island anymore. The answer to this mystery came together finally after all this time of guessing, and I’m honestly speechless because it took a turn that I didn’t even expect. Though there are some details I’m a little fuzzy with.

[HorribleSubs] Subete ga F ni Naru - 10 [1080p].mkv0011First off I want to talk about the different areas Saikawa-sensei and Moe were in in the virtual reality world. They ended up in two different places. Sensei in a tropical beach-like setting, and Moe in a jail-like interrogation room. Saikawa and Shiki were sitting in cozy chairs right next to each other, while Moe and Shiki were sitting right across from each other face to face. A peaceful and relaxed setting, versus a dark and serious room. And it really fits with how each character always felt about Magata Shiki. It’s extremely fitting and a very nice detail and I love that this was chosen. From the beginning Moe never really was fond of Dr. Magata. Especially knowing that she killed her parents, Moe hated her because of obvious reasons. And with this murder, Moe was rather aggressive in her manner of figuring out this mystery by questioning people about personal things without considering their feelings, wanting to go into Magata’s room, checking out the body by herself. She was really into this, and she made clear her opinions of Dr. Magata. [HorribleSubs] Subete ga F ni Naru - 10 [1080p].mkv0045While on the other hand, Saikawa-sensei saw Magata differently. In a way, he sort of idolized her and thought she was amazing. He looked up to her and agreed with her way of thinking and even took some quotes from her and added them into his own daily life. Also, he always wanted to meet her. Technically he did before this meeting, but that’s beside the point. He always looked forward to meeting her, and he finally did. Throughout this entire dialogue, again Moe was being more direct and exasperated. She didn’t believe it was Dr. Magata in front of her and kept questioning who she was. Again, being aggressive, so the interrogation room was very fitting. And Saikawa, he remained calm the entire time, even got to walk along the beach with Magata and speak normally with her. But I think it’s because Saikawa was calm and always looked up to Magata that he would be the only one to figure out the mystery.

Subete ga F ni Naru, Everything Becomes F, it really does mean that Everything Becomes Fifteen. They threw in all of these math terms again that I don’t really understand because I’m dumb but this is what we got. Magata had her daughter, knowing that soon one day she would be killed when her daughter would turn 15. Because that is the age when children kill their parents. Magata basically brainwashed her daughter this and told her to kill her parents at 15. Recently, when Magata was putting herself out to the media, it was a cover up for when this murder would happen. The daughter was well-prepared to do her mother’s bidding, as she knew nothing else from the world as her only world was that room. It wasn’t until she did that interview with Moe that she was taken aback with one question: “Who are you?”

And then it made her think? Who really was she? The daughter (wish we knew her name) wasn’t a genius. She was just a normal girl. And then she got to thinking, she was just a tool. She was only her mother’s tool, she never did things for her own merit. I mean really what could she even do in that room? Now this is one detail that’s fuzzy, but I don’t think we ever got a clear answer for this. The daughter freed herself. One possibility was that she killed herself to be free. Or she asked her mother to kill her. We’re not certain, but either way, Magata cut off her daughter’s arms so she wouldn’t be identified by the fingerprints, and then cut her legs so her actions wouldn’t be so obvious. Magata then snuck into the elevator, went up to the roof, and killed her uncle.

I still don’t understand the wedding dress. I still don’t know where Magata disposed of her daughter’s limbs (the trash chute?) I guess she also had a lot of time to clean up.

Also, learning who Magata Shiki is…there never was a Miki. The woman Sensei talked to was Shiki herself. When the boat came to take the students back, Shiki slipped away. The woman in the purple dress. She was already gone. Unbelievable that she was already in front of them. Now, my question is how you make up a person’s identity like that. I mean when we saw the flashback when the killing happened, I did wonder where Miki was as this looked to be a family thing. Now it all makes sense, because she never existed. But isn’t it difficult to make up a person’s identity for so long and keep playing the act? It sounded like Miki was a person forever, but apparently not.

We’re not sure whether the daughter killed herself or if Shiki killed her. Shiki slipped away and killed her uncle and then left. With only one episode left, I wonder what it’s going to be about. An epilogue, and hopefully some more clarification with some of the details. Also, the ending scene with Magata and her uncle was strangely beautiful. Strangely. The visuals in this episode in general were breathtaking. The way her hair flowed in the wind, the water scene, Magata’s daughter in the wedding dress standing below the purple sky. Very nice.

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I say “strangely” because of the incest.
Magata Shiki is a fucking genius.


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