Raise your flag if you were completely caught off-guard when Mika kissed Kudelia. Like holy shit. “WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED, WHY DID HE KISS HER?!?!?!” was my reaction. Then he explained it was because he thought she was cute and I’m just flabbergast. When I consider of all the characters, who would experience a kiss first- Mika was the furthest from my mind. Hell, I never even speculated or ever imagined headcanons of how it would happen- so naturally it BLEW MY MIND when it actually happened.

I found this week’s episode a roughly written one. The pacing was very bizarre, so much so, I thought I blanked out on a scene so I went back to check, only to confirm I didn’t miss anything. The episode continued where it left of last week, where Tekkadan began to face their first causalities, then jumped back to Tekkadan’s ship, showing us the Brewers’ ‘Human Debris’ kids who were rescued and finally after that proceed with the whole Funeral ritual. But then it felt as if the battle abruptly ended- and I think it was precisely because we never saw Shino complete his mission on screen. It certainly didn’t help how it felt they were trying to cram as many things as possible within this one episode, including the shady business of Fareed and the poor child who has been pushed into being his fiancee (which I will get to later).

 Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 13 Img 0011Despite the sloppy pacing, I was able to enjoy some of the better moments of the episode. The one that got to me the most was when Orga starts talking to the children they have rescued, explaining how he knows they killed his comrades because they were ordered to, not because they wanted to. Furthermore he tells them he welcomes them to Tekkadan and will now be under their protection. Another bittersweet scene was was of course Yanagi’s idea for the funeral. Since they didn’t have any flowers, he decided to create ice flowers by fiddling with the hydrogen and have them launched into space. It was a bittersweet gesture because Tekkedan was named as the flowers that will never wilt, but yet these ice flowers are there and then gone, just like life itself.

It was Merribit who suggested they hold a funeral, a ritual for both the dead and the living. It was interesting to watch the characters grasp the idea of it as they have never experienced one themselves. Orga in particular was against the idea, because he doesn’t believe in the idea of being reborn. Eventually he decided to go along with it. This was an episode about grieving for many of the members, especially Shino who appears to have been one of the few or only survivor from his squad when they were raiding the Brewers’ ship and attempting to rescue the Human Debris children at the same time. The tragic part is that most of the his comrades fell by the children’s hands because that was their job.
Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 13 Img 0031But perhaps the most symbolic and memorable scene was with Akihiro. Orga initially ordered the bunch not to use the mobile suits which were responsible for Masahiro’s death, but Akihiro then asks of him to let him use his brother’s mobile suit. Akihiro wants to stay together and close to the memories of his brother, that is why he wants to use it.I have to tell you, I was surprised by how well Orga seems to have handled the result of this mission. I was expecting to see an emotional breakdown of a sort, but he managed to keep up his strong front. But rather than Orga struggling with this ordeal, it was Shino who felt his poor leadership and decisions was to blame for his comrades deaths, and Mika is finding himself to be very confused on what he is feeling. His opponent kept on going on about how Mika must be enjoy killing men, and it is plaguing his mind. Kudelia caught him shaking and asked him why, and he couldn’t find an answer- so she hugged him in attempt to comfort him like Fumitan had done for a child earlier, but we all saw what followed after that. I still can’t wrap my head around it.
Finally two more things. First Fareed. Holy shit, I am seriously worried about Almiria. I am genuinely concerned about what Fareed’s secret plans are. Of course I feel bad for Fareed too for being dragged into this bullshit arranged marriage,  but I don’t trust his face. Oh my god, I’ve watched enough Code Geass to recognize expressions with malicious thoughts behind them. THEY SCREAM EVIL INTENTS I TELL YOU. I just hope Almiria won’t get dragged into whatever mess that will unfold.
But most of all, I pity Almiria. This poor child, she appears to be enthusiastic about the idea of being Fareed’s fiance, but she feels inferior to the grown up women. She feels like she’s not beautiful enough, she’s too short, she will be laughed at, and judged by those around her. It saddens me that she can’t be and act like the young girl she is.
And lastly, well dammit- I can’t say I am surprised by the slightest, but Kudelia’s trusted sponsor is actually setting up for her assassination aka DEATH to be at the colony they will be going to next…


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  1. Risanai

    Actually, it’s the Gusion that Akihiro will be using. The cockpit of Masahiro’s Rodi is too smashed up to be used.
    Really an episode with a lot of different feelings going on with it, and it’s really good for it. While I’m originally not a fan of the premise of the Masahiro subplot, the way it’s handled was great and it’s used as a catalyst for everyone to grow up more in a way that feels natural (not preachy or too angst-riddled).
    And then there’s Mika’s way of taking in snaketongue’s words about him. He showed barely any reaction when he heard it the first time, but he later start shaking without him knowing why when thinking about it. Felt like he’s bottling all of his emotions and feelings inside, and some day it’ll all erupt.
    And perhaps the pressure from it is what pushed him to kiss Kudelia, especially after the example Naze had set earlier.

    1. Eva

      That makes sense. I wasn’t too sure if it was his or not due to the lack of severe damage, frankly speaking I am quite surprised Akihiro wants to use the machine that killed his brother in the first place O____o With the whole memories sentiments, it makes it a bit strange given the circumstances with the machine itself.
      Yeah I think Mika is definitely subconsciously bottling up his emotions. What is worse, he probably has no idea how to handle it or perhaps even identify with it. I also agree Naze’s actions earlier might have given him the idea to do that too.

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