What a wonderful episode this was, I got a bit teary in the end when Minami broke the news to her parents, and they responded so positively to her dream. Minami really had a hard time this week. Go! Princess Precure Episode 45 Img 0025The whole dilemma of having to tell her parents she had a new dream was eating her alive and putting her on the edge. Nothing made me happier to learn how her brother Wataru sensed there was something amiss, and was hoping to find the opportunity to talk to her about it. Much to his relief, Minami was able to resolve her inner conflict with the help of her friends. It was a difficult for Minami to tell her parents how she won’t be working with the family business, she was concerned about disappointing them after having built the expectations after so many years. But her father was in fact even more delighted to hear the news, because there is nothing more that her parents wanted was for her to pursue her own happiness. What makes her happy will make them happy and that is all they need.

Go! Princess Precure Episode 45 Img 0014But that wasn’t just the only highlight of the episode. Minami absolutely slayed it today. She had the fight in the bag, so much so I don’t think she really needed any back-up. I was so confident she was going to pull it off on her own just because her conviction for her dream can no longer be shaken. It also pleased me to see Dyspear switch up her tactics, just a bit though by entrusting the uh, “mega” Zetsuborg to Shut- providing him to use it properly as it is his final chance before being more or less eliminated by Dyspear herself. Unfortunately for Shut, he didn’t have a chance to begin with. As he was defeated, we know he is in deep trouble, and the last time we seen someone fall into this deep end with Dyspear, it was Close- and we all saw what happened there. It looks like that’s exactly what will happen in next week’s episode. The question now is whether or not Towa and the girls can save him, or does he fall in too deep to be pulled out. Regardless what happens, I sense it’s going to be a bit of a sad episode, just because we have seen how much Shut has struggled and how poorly he has been treated by his so-called comrades.

One last thing before I wrap it up, let’s take a moment to appreciate the shortest Christmas party EVER! What a surprise it was to see the girls do a cute Christmas performance. I absolutely loved the song, it was so charming and I always enjoyed these little musical moments for holidays segments. It makes the mood so cheery!

Go! Princess Precure Episode 45 Img 0005

Happy Holidays everyone!

PS: OH MY GOSH!!! Mahou Tsukai Precure characters look SO ADORABLE! AHHHHH I CAN’T WAIT!!!!


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  1. Wanderer

    It’s ep 45 and the villain hasn’t made the big play yet? Cutting it close for the finale, aren’t they?

    1. Eva

      It’s not entirely unusual for Precure to be cutting it this close, but I agree- it is a bit of a concern. We will have to wait and see how Shut’s conflict in next weeks’ episode will unfold. It could be a mix between the two, but I have doubts about that.

  2. Marcos Pinheiro

    A very good and touching episode this is, especially for Minami.
    It has surprises and beautiful moments. 🙂
    I really like the scene when she says “nothing” to her friends (after talking with her mother by phone), but her face and tears sure reveals the opposite. I think it’s cute and beautiful. <:)
    Minami sure was worried about what her parents will think of her true feelings for her new dream, that's main case.
    The party was very very great! It was nice to see Ranko again and the look on her face when seeing Yui with the pets (fairies actually) and Haruka and her friends singing, hahahahah! XD
    I'm so so SO HAPPY that they sang "Joyful! Pretty Cure Christmas" (short version though, but that's okay ^^)! YEAH! For once, the girls sang in the series! Hooray! 😀
    The battle against that Zetsuborg is different, a bit. At least not repetitive like the last two ones. Shut sure was smart to bring Mermaid alone to the other world away from her friends to help her, but, "their hearts are connected" (Kingdom Hearts reference). 🙂
    I was like "Nice try, Shut. Really nice try".
    Speak of the devil, poor Shut. He's now facing the same thing like Close did many episodes/months ago. He sure stands on the side where nobody appreciates his happiness and fun. Well, I expected that would happen to him in that dark covered realm (like being denied or some evil being say something awful to him. And his queen did just that). 🙁
    Still, I (and everyone) waited for him to make a battle focused on Towa/Scarlet for a long while, but she'll get helping friendly hands no matter what.
    I agree that episode 46 will be sad if we think about Shut's life, Eva. And we'll see what will happen to him in the end. I hope it'll be something good for him. To me, he's one villain that deserves a chance to live and find his dream, just like Kuroro.
    The ending is surprising!
    Minami sure has a great brother! I was like "wow, he knows"! And he helps her very very well! That's wonderful! ^^
    I really like to see Minami telling the truth to her parents in such a beautiful spot.
    I'm surprised, just like Minami, that her parents expected her to find her own dream all along and are still happy for their wonderful daughter, so beautiful! I wished I could cry in this moment. :')
    Well done, Minami and ganbate. 🙂
    And dragon's caramba, the animation of the snow falling at the ending, I think it's perfect and beautiful at the same time! What a scene and moment for this episode! ^^
    Whew, I ran out of "beautifuls" in this comment. 🙂
    Even though it's delayed, I wrote Merry Christmas 2015 for Eva, all other authors and every follower of this blog as well! 😀
    And Happy Holidays too everybody and enjoy them a lot! 😀
    PS: I hope the new Pretty Cure season will be great too. And yes, Eva, the new cures are adorable and kawaii. ^^

  3. Ayal92

    I finally catched up! These episodes were so wonderful T.T And Mahou Tsukai Precure omg

  4. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

    Best moment of the episode: No doubt, Minami’s interaction with her family and their acceptance of her new dream. Seeing Minami in tears was different than seeing Towa in tears before cuz it’s tears of joy! Wataru is always an amazing dude but Mr. & Ms. Kaido are also such great parents too, but them acknowledging her new path that quick was a bit unexpected! Shame that I didn’t get to see them chatting further, but of cuz Wataru can inherit Kaido Group’s enterprises and Minami can aim for her marine vet career, so cheerio for Minami! But Shut oh boy, AS EXPECTED he failed to deliver the final blow towards the Precures and yet another castle of Hope Kingdom is fully restored, well the heroines of the show won’t be put down that easily, so Shut, better run!!

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