Yes. Yes I am fully aware that there is another round of this series to go with another 12 episodes more than likely. But me, after seeing this episode, I’m done. I’m finished. I figured I’d give this series another chance after all the crap its put me through, because, after all, a few of them were really heartfelt. True, a lot of them were really really bad, but the few that were really good left me with the hope that perhaps, this show could be redeemed. And then, they did the unthinkable. That’s right. They finished up season one….with a clip show.

Fuck. You.
Fuck. You.

That’s right. 12 episodes in….and they’re hitting us with a clip show. I…I don’t even. There isn’t even a good framing device. They literally say “Hey, let’s watch some clips and see who’s the most loserly of the brothers.” That is it. That is the entire episode. clips from the previous episodes. That is the laziest, stupidest fucking thing. And, after all that 20 minutes of NOTHING, you think they MIGHT at least give you an answer of who’s the biggest loser? Nope. They cheap out. original
Wow…so original

Get it? Because they all suck! hahahahaha. ahh…fuck you show.

There is literally nothing for me to recap this episode. There is seriously absolutely nothing. At least other clip shows in other series have a framing device of the characters doing stuff and remembering stuff. This is literally “Here’s clips”. There’s no thought, no caring, not even good animation. The animation they use for framing devices is about the level you see in a dating sim from 1999. It’s almost impossible to review this episode because there ISN’T an episode. It is literally nothing but clips from the other episodes. And this is the moment when I finally put my foot down and said “No. I’m done.”

So with that being said, let’s go on to final scores.

Head: The idea coming out of the gate was cute. sextuplets having grown up in a self aware parody show. I can get around that. However, the problem is, it’s sort of self contained, nothing ever goes anywhere, and nobody really learns anything. They stay the same losers they were in the beginning and the plot never moves forward. It’s stuck in stagnation and doesn’t move past episode 2. It gets old very very fast.

uncomfortable is not funny
uncomfortable is not funny

Imagine if you will, Seinfeld, only none of them have jobs and all the characters are even more annoying. It’s like that. The episode plots are SO hit or miss in this series it’s actually frightening. You can go from a wonderful episode like the one with the girl going to commit suicide immediately followed by a terrible one where they’re going to leave their brother to die because they’d rather eat. There is no consistency in this series and it really feels like different writers are trying but are so different in their writing styles, it leaves me with a very confused and annoyed feeling.

Head 3/10

Eye: This is pretty much the only thing this series did right. They got a lot of good famous Seiyuus to work on this show (including Kagami from Denpa Kyoushi which I reviewed last season) and the animation, while wonky at times, is reminiscent of the old anime style and it works out nicely. The music works, the visual gags work (most of the time except for the “Whose penis” skit which was fucked up) and I really don’t have anything to complain about visual wise. So…yeah. There. I gave you a compliment.

Eye: 7/10

You look cute. There. There's your compliment
It looks cute. There. There’s your compliment

Heart: This is where this show pisses me off. It completely goes all over the place. One minute It’s funny, the next it’s touching, but then…then (which happens more often then not) you get the skits that are uncomfortable, not funny, and in a word, unbearable. These are the skits you watch and go “Oh god, I  know where this is going. PLEASE don’t let it go that way” and then it does, and you lose a touch of faith in humanity.

I have never seen a show that has made me yoyo so much while seeing it. Usually I will either hate it all the way through, like it all the way through, hate it, then like it, or like it, then hate it, with the extremely rare occurrence of hate it, like it, hate it. But this time, I feel like this happened not only every week, but within different skits within the same episode. This took me on a roller coaster. But not a good one. Imagine a roller coaster where you’re unsure whether the next drop will give you a thrill, or the guy in front of you will barf in your face. It’s like that. And I am unwilling to continue on with that.

Like this. This isn't remotely funny
Like this. This isn’t remotely funny

I don’t want to have this cloud over my head every week wondering what i’ll be in for. It’s not something I need in my life.

Head: 4/10

Total Score 5/10

I  know a 5/10 is usually good enough for me to continue on with a series but I gave this one a fair shake. It was only supposed to be 12 episodes and that’s what I signed up for. It’s not my fault they extended it. The few good episodes are not worth the incredible uncomfortableness I get from the really really bad ones.

I think what it all boils down to, is, it’s not funny. I know this show is trying DESPERATELY to be funny, but 9/10 times it falls flat on its ass and isn’t funny or enjoyable, it’s just downright mean spirited. It doesn’t matter if it’s SUPPOSED to be dark. It doesn’t make it any better. Being aware that you’re on fire doesn’t make you any less on fire.

If someone else wants to pick up this show, by all means, god bless them let them pick it up. However, I put my time in, and I’m finished with this. Most of the characters are terrible human beings (if you can call them that) and I don’t want to see terrible things happen to all the terrible characters. I’m sorry. It’s just not in me. I’ll use this time to watch something I actually enjoy. I have never been a fan of black comedy and I never will. This show….. yeah. I’m done with this show guys. Thanks for sticking with me until the end of the season, and I’ll see you all in a different show.

Peace out.


bitch, if you're not going to go out with him, don't be a jealous bitch.
fucker, if you’re not going to go out with him, don’t be a jealous bitch.

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  1. “Being aware that you’re on fire doesn’t make you any less on fire.” That’s a great way to put it.

    Kudos to you for putting up with the show for as long as you did. At least that’s one heavy burden off your shoulders now. 🙂

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