This week, I am sure those who are familiar with manga series noticed the original anime material popping up a lot more, along with scenes being merged or undergoing minor adjustments, and changing up the order of events. For example: Yukine and Hiyori originally did not go together to search for Yato, they each went individually as Yukine and the others todl Hiyori it would be better for her to wait for their return. But Hiyori isn’t the one to sit and wait- even more so since she almost forgot both Yukine and Yato. It hit her really hard.
Now I will never be a fan of the strategy of shaking up the chronicle order of events. They happen in a specific order for a reason. But with trying to make the most with time efficiency- i can understand that, only as long as they address the scenes (even if in different orders) within a certain time frame and most importantly from the same arc. But they more often end up butchering the story than not. As having read the original material, it troubled me because I am aware there is a character who was supposed to make an appearance by now. Due to the changes they have made I became concerned they may have cut them out altogether. However according to the preview, it looks like they will be making an appearance after-all. Or at least they better because even though it’s not “major” they do play a significant enough role in the future. If they were to cut it out to never see the light of day, it will screw up the entire process of certain things that happen in the future if a third season is produced.

Noragami Aragoto Ep 10 Img 0020
Yeah but what about the one who is presently alive, huh?

But the good news is, they preserved the far more important original material. We learned more about Ebisu, what makes of him as who is and what influenced him to shape the gloom and doom of perspective of his life. Ever since he was born, he constantly was told by and heard from those around him how he is bound to have a short life, but not to worry, he will reincarnate over, and over and over again, just like as he always do because he is a well known God. It is such a warped perspective that, Ebisu never learned how to live for himself. All he did was continue his former incarnations’ goal, one that he too feels passionate about. But Yato opens his eyes, and for the first time someone is telling Ebisu not to give up on living, and asking what is it that he wants, who and what will he miss. If he’s dies, Ebisu will lose all of that because his incarnation will have no memories of the things he personally cherished: such as the meal he has at the Olive Tavern.

Noragami Aragoto Ep 10 Img 0008But at the same time, Ebisu both inspired and made Yato feel a bit envious of his qualities as a God. Yato wasn’t confident about the saying how Gods would go so far for humanity, and feels even less so in his own abilities. Seeing Ebisu in action and hearing his determination to make a better world by obtaining the Locution Brush to control the phantoms in order to restrain them from hurting and exploiting humans vulnerabilities and create a more peaceful world- all for humanity sake. It is a mission he and his past incarnations have been working so hard to accomplish for many generations, and Ebisu is determined to succeed in this lifetime- at least being able to pass the key of hope to his next successor.

It is because of this Yato genuinely wants to save him. Not because his father ordered him on this mission, but because he cares enough about Ebisu to want to protect him by his own will. This is why he shouted at him angrily for wanting to give up so easily, disgusted how Hiiro/Nora decided to literally use Tatsume and Utami as scapegoats for their escape- that was so horrible. Ugh I felt sick to my stomach. They couldn’t even fend for themselves.

Noragami Aragoto Ep 10 Img 0028Now that Ebisu has discovered the will to live, he and Yato are taking drastic actions to break out the Underworld, even if it requires drilling a hole or creating a vent to get the hell out of there. But while it appears Ebisu has succeeded getting out, Yato was dragged back under again. And with no vent to suck him back up to the surface, there’s no telling how he will be able to escape the underworld now since all the exists have been sealed off. Oh who am I kidding, I know exactly how he gets out, but I’m not going to tell you. 😉 Just wait. Come back next week (?) of how Yato will live for another day!

Ah, but don’t forget there is trouble coming! The Heavens want to deliver a capital punishment on Ebisu- and the Fortune Gods are all out to save him!

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