Are you telling me that I’ve already seen 10 episodes of this non-subtitled diabetes inducing show? Jesus. At the time I’m typing this, you know how many episodes have been fansubbed? Exactly one. So i’m pretty sure except for people who speak Japanese, really NOBODY is watching this show with me. But that’s okay. It’s adorable and I like it. So at least there’s that.

But enough of that, now that all of our Cocotamas are assembled, what are they going to do? (well, besides the soccer thing they did last week) Well let us begin and I will tell you.

So the episode starts out with the Cocotamas watching a television program when it glitches and a voice tells them from inside the glowing TV that he is a Cocotama master and they have until sundown of the next day to find him if they want to train with him.

Wow. Commercials are far less subtle then they used to be
Wow. Commercials are far less subtle then they used to be

They tell Kokoro about it and she tells them that she’ll take them to go find him tomorrow. The next day they go off trying to find him. Along the way they get pieces of paper that have hiragana on them. Eventually Kokoro realizes that she has to put them in a certain order to form a sentence. (with the help of the book one’s power)


From what I can make out that roughly translates to “Enter the Shrine” So the Cocotamas, excited go to the shrine that’s a short ways away from where they are. After a long time of looking around they find a golden egg in a small shrine. Thinking that it’s him they get Kokoro to open it, only to find a note inside.


And the note says “Not Here”.

Disheartened, the Cocotama go back to the house and see an old Cocotama sitting in the house waiting for them. He says they failed his test and time ran out. The Cocotama are confused until he reorganizes the pieces to what it ACTUALLY should have said which was


Which basically translates to “In your house”. Goddamn it Japan I’m having trouble enough trying to translate your shit, don’t throw fucking word games at me!

So after that nonsense he introduces himself as basically the old master of Cocotamas. He challenges all of them at their own specialties to see if any of them can best him. Needless to say…they all fail.

Pfff I like the Rhinestone Elvis Jacket
Pfff I like the Rhinestone Elvis Jacket

The only part of this episode I found a little confusing is the ending…but I THINK I got it. So after all of this, he basically tells them not to feel bad, they just need more practice, and leaves them with a Christmas Tree. Like I said. It was a weird ending.

Huh...I didn't realize Christmas trees were conciliation prizes...
Huh…I didn’t realize Christmas trees were conciliation prizes…

And that’s where the episode ends.

This was a strange episode. But at the same time, it’s still nice to see the group hang out and get together to work on a problem as they did in the previous episode with the soccer. Also getting to know another Cocotama’s role in all this is good as well.

The biggest thing we haven’t seen yet that I don’t know what they’re going to do with is the super combination power of their magic. Because don’t forget, the last time we saw them combine their power it was to make that flying leaf carriage in the woods and there was only four of them then so seeing all six’s effect would be really cool.

The old guy is kind of interesting, but I think I lost some of his motivation in translation.

Like, I have NO idea what his internal aside was here
Like, I have NO idea what his internal aside was here

I want to learn more about the world of Cocotamas and exactly what it is they’re supposed to do. This show is already 10 episodes in and honestly i’m not really seeing an end in sight. So I decided to look at the wiki page and yeah…it’s another “Episodes # ??” Yeah. So this show is probably going to continue. What is it with me and shows that end up being more than one season?! At this rate i’ll have Ushio and Tora, Cocotama, Osomatsu, and World Trigger carrying over. JESUS.

That being said, this probably was one of the more confusing episodes I’ve watched, mainly because a lot of the focus was put into the dialogue and I didn’t understand everything. I was able to get the general gist, but… I definitely lost some stuff, and it was nice for someone to show up the Cocotamas to knock their confidence down a peg to show there are people better at their talents than they are.

Overall, nice episode. Not the best one i’ve seen, but cute in its own right. Let’s see where this goes.

Episode 6.5/10


P.s. Yeah..yeah I still don’t get the Christmas tree.