Words that I’ve been wanting to hear for awhile now have finally been said. “Dr. Magata had a child”. It explains the toys and things we saw in the room, the two chairs in the kitchen. Michiru was there, programmed to lock and unlock the door, because there was someone who would constantly lock the door. The “I won’t let you do this!” shouted by Magata’s father was about the pregnancy. Magata locked herself up in the room, already pregnant, then later giving birth to her daughter…alone.

Can you even imagine that? A 14 year old girl having to give birth to her baby all by herself? It’s possible, but it’s dangerous. Also pretty traumatic. Going through a painful process at such a young age, not really knowing what to do. Then again, this is Shiki Magata we’re talking about. A genius, who shut herself away from everyone knowing she’d give birth soon. Though I just have to wonder, how on Earth was she able to take care of her child? I don’t know if anyone in the lab mentioned if her room was soundproof or not, but considering how shut off it is from everyone else, no one could hear a baby’s cry. But food? Clothes? Diapers? Wouldn’t she have needed to send for those to be delivered to her? My guess is that the Director/Uncle hid this truth from everyone and brought all these necessities.

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I don’t care about that fashion magazine lady (was she the one from the first episode?), so it was really annoying that she took up a lot of the beginning. It was useless banter between her and the others. And Moe getting all jealous of that girl and Sensei again is really irritating and it makes me like Moe less right when I was warming up to her. So after all that useless crap, we get to the good stuff.

They made the right choice in telling the police everything that happened, ditching the plan to hide the murder. So now it’s up to more investigating. Sensei took a look at the computer and checked the script of the video recordings to see if any files were missing. At first Saikawa didn’t notice but there really was a file missing from the system. The entire lab was actually an hour behind real-world time, and when Yamane reset the Red Magic system, the time was set correctly. But in the end, it caused two files that were identical to be overwritten. The file that’s missing is 1 minute worth of footage, which the killer planned all along. That piece of footage is key to figuring things out, like how the killer escaped and went to the roof.

Now I know I’m doing a poor job of explaining this because there was so much math and computer terms being thrown around everywhere which I barely understood. Like, hardly understood. There were just stuff in the system that led to Saikawa figuring everything out. When Moe’s uncle arrives to the lab, Saikawa says the killer is in the room with them and that they’ll confess to everything once he’s stabbed at their pride. He opens up an audio call, calling Michiru who is actually Dr. Shiki Magata.


Yes. The corpse belongs to the daughter. Over and over again people kept saying how young the doctor looked, so that was one clue. And the fact that Saikawa is talking to Magata, well…she’s actually alive. So it turns out Magata killed her own daughter. And then her lover/uncle? AND FOR WHAT? She wanted to have her baby, which she did, so why did she end up killing her? We got some things answered this time, but we still don’t know everything. There was nice buildup this episode, but with so many clues pointing to Magata having a baby, it really wasn’t a surprise when they did reveal it. It was more like “Ahaaa I knew it!” rather than shock since I’d been thinking this theory for awhile now. Now, the motive?

So many taboo things…*sigh*


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  1. You were spot on with the pregnancy thing! You’ve been saying it for a while, but it didn’t actually click in my [very slow] brain until maybe 30 seconds before Moe figured it out. That’s so fucked up though–she killed her own KID?!

    I’m trying to come up with any motive for why Dr. Magata killed her daughter and uncle. All I can think of is revenge; perhaps she wanted more from the Director–marriage, maybe? because of the wedding dress–and decided to get revenge by killing his daughter and then him. The only problem with this theory is that the Director doesn’t even see his daughter’s corpse, and wouldn’t Dr. Magata want him to see his daughter’s mutilated dead body if she wanted revenge?

    Idk, that’s all I can come up with right now. I guess we’ll find out next week though!

    1. Berry

      My detective skills have leveled up. >:3c

      That could be it, I guess? I don’t know, every time I try to think of a motive for all this, it just doesn’t sound right. So did she not love her daughter at all? Did she just drive herself crazy for all of those years in that room? I feel like it’s more than just revenge. Maybe she wanted more, but she was the one that chose to lock herself away for 15 years. She didn’t get arrested so she was free to live wherever she wanted but she chose to lock herself away. Did she do that because she didn’t want her aunt to find out? I just want to hear her answer already. 😐

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