He’s here.

Well, not in this episode. Officially, he is here, but we won’t be getting the Boros fight until next week.

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This episode was build-up to what is to come. The action doesn’t start until the last 10 minutes or so. But the build-up was the post-credits scene we saw in the previous episode with Madam Shibabwa screaming about the world coming to an end in her vision she saw. In this episode, all S-class heroes are called to attend something in the Hero Association HQ. Genos and Saitama got word of this while they were visiting Bang, and since Saitama is just as strong as an S-class hero even though he’s only B, he follows along with Genos and Bang. Next scene is the most important moment, and we meet almost all of the S-class heroes. A very interesting bunch, indeed. We see familiar faces like Pri-Pri Prisoner and Watchdog Man, but we also see a lot of new people that differ in age and size like Metal Bat (looove him), Child Emperor, King, and others. It’s then that they all finally get told why they are there, learning that Shibabwa died from choking on a cough drop. Dumb way to go. Also, that she left a note that the world is going to end in a horrible catastrophe that will take place sometime in 6 months. Madam Shibabwa was an important person as she predicted attacks and natural disasters accurately, so other than not knowing when disasters will take place, they’re all worried when and how bad this catastrophe will be. The heroes are told to be prepared for anything in the next 6 months, but of course disaster strikes already.

[HorribleSubs] One-Punch Man - 10 [1080p].mkv0074A giant alien ship is seen hovering above A-City, destroying 99% of it. Everything destroyed and many lives lost, the only building left standing being the HQ because it was made more stable with special material thanks to Metal Knight. All the heroes leave, Saitama already gone before they did, to see just what’s happened. There’s a strange regenerative alien wreaking havoc and some of the heroes that specialize with weapons and hand-t0-hand combat deal with that, while the other heroes try to decide how they’re going to take down the alien ship. Obviously those that can fly can have a go at it, like Tatsumaki. I mean, in the freaking beginning we got a filler scene with Tatsumaki destroying a dinosaur by bringing down a meteor on it. Where was she when the other meteor was about to crash? Oh well. Anyway, Saitama actually already broke inside the ship and took down some of the aliens while destroying the ship in some areas in hopes of bringing it down. Also, of course he’s itching for a fight.

And that’s how things start, and things are going to get crazy next week! Which will be amazing. An interesting thing to note in this episode, to manga readers: Garo. Now I know Bang mentioned his name in the manga, but we never got visuals since he was introduced later. But we actually got visuals! Even for a couple seconds, they bothered to even animate him. Is that a tease for a second season? Could it be?

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Also, Tatsumaki. I love her a lot, and she was great this episode. Especially the beginning part! An anime-only scene just to show off just how badass she is! And she really is. Just because she’s small and acts like a brat doesn’t mean you should underestimate her. She’s S-class Rank 2 for a good reason, a really good reason we’ll see next episode. Though I think we got a good enough reason in the beginning of this episode.

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there she is
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there she is again
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  1. WandererYS

    Rule number 1 for being a villain: If you see the reverse color Anpanman cosplayer, become a mosquito is your best chance.
    Rule number 2: Never set your death flag by saying, “The only thing that can beat me is…..”
    Rule number 3: Avoid the green haired little ………..um………. oneesan. (gets smashed into wall by Tatsumaki)

    Jokes aside, I’m curious about what episode 12 will be like, if they end the Boros fight at episode 11.

    Also, I was wondering if any of the OVAs will be covered? Will ONE finally give some hint to who Bang is at OVA4? Let’s wait to find out I guess.

    1. Berry

      I’ll think about reviewing the OVAs. I haven’t even watched any of them yet so I’ll have to decide when I do watch them.

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