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I couldn’t have been happier to see Kirara finally embrace her dream again and not let go of a significant opportunity. The reason Kirara decided to try and quietly quit being a model was because she realized that she can’t put 110% of her time and effort into both, and felt it was unfair to continue both half-heartedly. But Kirara had decided at the time, she would put her dream aside and focus on her duties as Precure. This of course frustrated me for a number of reasons- but most of them were solely because we all know being a Precure is usually only called into action when they are in dire need – in this case, Hope Kingdom needs to be rescued from Dyspear’s clutches. In other words, being a Precure warrior is kind of a temporary part-time job.
So when Kirara decided to take back her dream and hold it close to her, I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was when she accepted Buanna’s offer of joining him in Paris to be his exclusive model for his new brand. By doing so, Kirara has now officially made a very important commitment, one she can’t afford to neglect if a crisis happens and the Precures are needed. But rest assure, she won’t be leaving until the spring, so the girls have until then to try and save the kingdom as soon as they possibly can.

Of course this is sad news for her friends. By spring she will be off to Paris, and will no longer be with them at Noble Academy. With Minami on her last year, that leaves Haruka and Yui, (assuming Towa returns to fullfill her duties for her kingdom once its saved) alone. It is sad to imagine, but at some point in time, everyone is bound to walk down their own paths, some going far, some staying close. I appreciate how they decided to integrate this piece of reality for Kirara’s story, because it is being used appropriately as oppose to cliches.

A few days ago, I thought to myself: Since Kirara’s conflict was connected to freeing the castle, it would be safe to assume both Minami and Haruka are likely to also face a conflict of their own. Surely enough, the preview indicated that yes, next week we will see just that, starting with Minami. They have been foreshadowing her inner turmoil ever since her latest character central episode. What she is conflicted about is clear: She doesn’t know whether or not she should follow her heart and become a Marine Biologist or follow the dream she has always known, being a part of the family business. And I have to say, I have been anticipating this episode because I look forward to what path Minami will ultimately choose. And the best part about this is that, it can honestly go either way.
Now if they are going to make every character undergo an struggle, which will then later help free their respective castles… I am very curious to see what they would do for Haruka’s case. Haruka has already undergone a very critical crisis, so I can’t help but wonder what kind of conflict would she face then? I get the feeling the answer the is right under my nose, but I can’t seem to think of it right now.

Go! Princess Precure Episode 43 Img 0029It initially surprised me to see how Dyspear didn’t send out her generals to fight, and instead tried to take care of the matters with her own hands. It was only after the episode I remembered she also attempted to prevent the Fire Castle from being cleansed on her own. But having failed twice on her own, it doesn’t look like Dyspear intends to make that mistake again next week- or at least that is what I would hope to see, but it could be that Minami’s conflict might actually drag out for two episodes as well. If they choose to do so, well that will be cutting it REAL close to the finale. I could be though that ultimately Haruka’s castle will be semi-final event before then pursuing Dyspear to now reclaim the kingdom. It would also make sense if all four castles need to be cleansed before they are able to obtain the power of the Grand Princess. Anyhow, considering how the writers are working to tie up the loose ends for whatever character development that needs to be completed, I would say they are on the right track of doing so. Kirara’s episodes have restored my waning faith in the team, and I greatly anticipate Minami’s episode next week!


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  1. elior1

    by the next episode titles it seems minami final development will also have 2 episodes so it will be good

    1. Eva

      I’m really looking forward to Minami’s episode, they were not subtle with the foreshadowing.

  2. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

    Best Kirara episode! I am baffled by how Twinkle was able to finish the enhanced Zetsuborg with just using Twinkle Humming, but don’t forget about Toei’s marketing schemes along with plot armour issues! Nice to see a “No. 46 Dragluon” Zetsuborg, but more importantly Toei finally allows the Cures to pursue their dreams without restricting them to their obligated duty due to sheer stupidity like in Smile Precure where Aoki Reika, the group’s brain, cried and yelled that she’s staying with Miyuki and co. by refusing to study in UK for a year (it still drove me nuts until today)! Sad to see the Precures will be truly separated this time, but life must go on……
    Funny that Kanata actually mentioned “Kirara” while the latter also mentioned Kanata because I thought the prince only knows the existence of Towa and Haruka XD
    Still, it’s a pity that we’ll NEVER get a grip on Kirara’s dad, or maybe she’s from a divorced family background?

    1. Eva

      This is why I was so delighted. Props to the writers for going through to Paris!

      1. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

        Like I said, the only downside was the total absence of Kirara’s dad 🙁

  3. Wanderer

    I think what makes this season different is that in previous seasons when this sort of issue came up it was a choice between “stay true to your dream but abandon being a Precure” or “remain a Precure but abandon your dream.” However, in this season the girls’ powers COME from their dreams. Kirara CAN’T abandon her dream in order to remain a Precure: steadfastly following her dream is what allows her to be a Precure in the first place.
    Each Precure series has a different focus, and the messages the episodes teach will be shaped around that focus. Suite Precure was Friendship: the girls literally gained their strength from Harmony power, they couldn’t transform without each other, many episodes focused on just how important their friendships were to each of them, and their lessons revolved around those principles. Friendship has always been important to all Precure, but never more so than in Suite Precure.
    Happiness Charge Precure focused on love. A somewhat deeper emotion than Precures normally get into, but it shaped everything the heroes did, and everything the villains had done. Everyone’s motivation revolved around love, or a lack of it, or a misunderstanding of it, or pain caused by a loss of it, etc.
    Now, in Go! Princess, the focus is dreams. They define everyone’s lives, they shape the girls’ powers, having one’s dream stolen or broken leads to one collapsing into despair and giving power to the villains. So while previous Precure series would tell us that it’s better to abandon “mundane” dreams in order to stay with your friends and focus on saving the world, Go! Princess tells us that your dreams are EVERYTHING YOU ARE, and if you cannot follow them then you won’t be ABLE to save the world.

  4. Marcos Pinheiro

    This has happened again! This episode turned out much better than I’ve imagined!
    This one is really cool, funny and with a few surprises! It also entered in my list of favorites of this series!
    HOORAY! 😀
    At the beginning I was like “O-kay… That was unusual… And not like Kirara at all.” And then “Oh no, she’s serious about quitting!”
    But then Haruka thinks of a very good idea and everyone helps to present the Fashion Show for Kirara at the Noble Academy!
    That show is really awesome, enjoyable and funny to see! I had a lot of fun! And we can see people that we haven’t seen for awhile, like Ranko (I had a feeling that she’ll show up to Kirara in some episode since 12, hahahha)! SO COOL!
    And oh my God, Karin performed beautifully on the stage and surprised me! And more importantly, she’s the one who made Kirara remember about being a model just like her mother and bring her back too!
    Well done everyone! Well done, Karin! 😀
    The battle is cool and good, and I like that Zetsuborg (not to mention that I love dragons and dinosaurs)!
    And good thinking Eva, your text made me think that Queen Dyspear really failed twice to stop the two temples to be saved. Now only two left. I’m also wondering what she will do for them. Let’s see what happens in the arriving episodes.
    The situation of Kirara leaving to Paris for her fashion business really made such an impact! She will go away to Europe without the team and this is really something to happen for a Pretty Cure! Even though she’ll leave Japan for her dream, she’ll absoultely never lose the connection or break the link of powerful friendship she has with her friends/team! The Princess warriors better defeat the Dys Dark forces before Spring for the sake of Twinkle’s dream!
    And I agree of what you wrote about this matter as well, Eva. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the next two episodes focusing on Minami! I’m eager too see what dream will Minami decide!

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