You know, last week I thought this series had an epiphany. I thought it learned its lesson. But…I was too quick to hope. Yeah..the show sucks again. (Sigh) Last episode left me with such a refreshing taste in my mouth. i was so happy that the show turned itself around. I should have known it wasn’t going to last. Ah well. at least I still have Shingeki No Kyoujin Chuugakkou. At least THAT show doesn’t suck. Oh well, let me start this recap up.

The episode starts with Iyashi having no money like usual. While in the park he sees a girl with a guy but she apparently is dating him as a rent-a-girlfriend service. He then gets the idea that he and the food shop owning guy should dress up like girls and be rent-a-girlfriends….it ends as well as you’d expect.

Ugh. Do they SELL eye bleach?
Ugh. Do they SELL eye bleach?

The sextuplets show up and make fun of them for doing this. Pissed off, the two of them run off to the guy who doesn’t wear a shirt who invented pills that can make anyone into a pretty lady. The two take these pills and decide to get revenge on the sextuplets. They offer a very cheap rate for sextuplets and with their new looks, trick the six into renting them.

Seriously, first an injection that can help you read minds, now a pill that can make you into a pretty young girl? Why isn't this guy making millions and world famous?
Seriously, first an injection that can help you read minds, now a pill that can make you into a pretty young girl? Why isn’t this guy making millions and world famous?

The rest of the episode is basically these two pulling the six along and having them rent them, taking them for all they’re worth. When they’ve sucked them dry, they decide to stop taking from them and they’re going to give up the act. However, their greed overtakes them as the boys come back with a briefcase of money, having worked themselves crazy to get enough money to have their company again.

Umm.....What's the moral here?
Umm…..What’s the moral here?

They agree to one more date where, during dinner the pills wear off and they’re exposed for who they really are. And of course the six get their revenge, having them give all the money back.


What exactly is this episode trying to say? I’m not quite understanding what point they’re going for. Sure it’s for all the wrong reasons (aka wanting to get close to pretty girls) but they all got jobs and worked to get money for something they wanted. And they’re rewarded by learning they were tricked. This really isn’t going to help anyone learn any sort of lesson. In fact, this will probably make them regress as they’ll think “Oh, well see working is pointless since the things we work for are just lies.”

This episode really  brought this show back down to the status quo level. I don’t know WHO directed last week’s part 2 but they really need to have him and the writer sit down and do more. This isn’t funny. This isn’t entertaining. This is annoying and it gave me a headache. I kept checking the time hoping there’d be another story after this one, but no, it kept dragging, and dragging until I realized that THIS was all the story I was getting. And that didn’t leave me with a good feeling.

oh amusing
oh boy…so amusing

There was no development made here for ANY characters involved and I don’t want anymore to do with this episode. There’s nothing really else to say. Assholes tricked these guys who actually for once in their lives worked for something. Then the assholes get their comeuppance. The end. Fuck this episode.

Episode 3/10


P.S. I really disappointed in you show.

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  1. Hang in there! 2 episodes left (maybe)! I can’t seem to find a total number of episodes anywhere, but I hope for both our sakes it’s over soon. You’re suffering more than I am though, since I dropped it already. I’m just tired of seeing 9/10 reviews on MAL. Dx

    1. babibola

      forgive me to say that..
      this anime is 2cour show..

  2. TheVoid

    You’re just going to have to accept this is a comedy show that’s not for you. You just don’t like this kind of comedy and that’s it.

    1. Berry

      Everyone has a different sense of humor and this may not appeal to everyone. Personally, I really like this show and I thought this episode was funny. I don’t think there’s supposed to be any morals, it’s just a gag show with ridiculous situations and dumb characters. It’s a gag comedy, you’re not supposed to take it too seriously, the only exception being the stories we got with Ichimatsu and the cat, and Jyushimatsu with Girl-chan. Idk that’s just me.

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