Do you have the feeling that we’re reaching the end? Because I don’t… I don’t know how many episodes is this show supposed to last for but if it’s 12 episodes, that would be really strange… The “garbage mystery” is still going on and we still don’t know what’s wrong with Uesugi.

Are you palms sweaty ?

Your knees weak ? 

Your Arms Heavy ?

Is there Vomit on your sweater already ?

 Mom’s spaghetti ? 

Let’s go !

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Episode 10

In this episode, Aya managed to learn more about the bad guy who was dumping his shit into Wakatake’s school backyard, by following him to his house. She also learnt his name by reading the name tag on his house: Takane. To obtain more information about that Takane fellow, she calls Kuroki and his Mafia Network, even if she knows that he’s not taking part of the investigation. Kuroki is not answering the phone so she leaves a message.

The next day,he is waiting for her at the school gates. Wow, that’s so cliché… Calling her back was too complicated?

Okay, okay… I’ll stop focusing on little details like that I promise

The shampoo girl is jealous of Aya because Kuroki is hot, but honestly, who gives a damn f*ck about her? Anyone ? Yeah nobody cares.


Kuroki and Aya sit on a bench in an park to talk. He tells Aya that the Takane guy is a troublemaker involved in all sorts of crimes. He also lets her know that Uesugi has asked for her phone number so he might call her to talk about his problems. Because they might be stuff that he cannot tell Kuroki since they’re both guys. Wow, the level of maturity here is really high and I’m not joking this time.

Also, Aya says a really interesting thing: “Our lives are a product of our everyday experiences”. So she’s helping Wakatake with the garbage mystery because she truly believes that by solving this case he will be happier. This case might not seems important at first glance but for Wakatake it really matters.

The day after,before school, Aya, Kozuka and Wakatake decide that they are going to take pictures of the bad guy to have a proof of his crimes. But they were a bit too far so they can’t really use the pictures. But they did see him selling trash to another men and doing stuff in the garage next to his house.


It’s almost time for school so they decide to go back home, but before leaving, Aya hears a strange noise, like an animal growling from Takane’s house. She’s really scared of it but the other guys tell her that it’s probably nothing so Wakatake walks her home.  When she arrives her mom informs her that Uesugi went to their house to talk to Aya but since she wasn’t here, he left. So he might have seen her with Wakatake and she’s afraid that he might get the wrong idea.

Episode 11

Aya calls Usegi to apologize for not being there when he came to visit her. There’s nothing to apologize for Aya, that’s not really your fault if the guy pops out without warning you.. But, Uesugi decides to pulls the Emo act, saying that it’s nothing and that he doesn’t have anything to ask her. God Dammit Uesugi U emo liar.

Thanks to Kuroki they’ve learnt that the house next to Takane’s is empty. So he was using the garage without any permission. The next morning they go to Takane’s house to take pictures, again. They succeed this time, but the Takane fellow tricks them and crushes Wakatake’s phone on the floor and leaves with a mischievous laugh. Such a bad guy, better than the villain in the new Star wars if you ask me *ahem*


They find strange stuff on the floor so Kozuha takes it to analyze it later.

Uesugi finally came back to see Aya. He gives her Math books and says that he’s quitting the team without any good reasons. Aya doesn’t really understand why but she tries to make him stay. That’s when he finally confesses that he has vision troubles. That’s why he had a bad grade at the math test, because he could barely see anything. He might do a surgery with only 40% of success where he could lose completely his eyesight.


Well that escalated quickly…

I feel bad for making fun of him in my previous review now…

Anyway, Aya understands everything and starts to cry saying that she will support him. Uesugi seems pleased with her reaction and call her an “angel” out of the blue.


Then, Kozuha calls Aya with the result of the analysis made on the stuff they found on the floor. It’s a part of a really toxic butterfly that can be used to produce a powerful poison. Plus, there was a robbery at the museum several days before where a specimen of this kind of butterfly was stolen. Because it’s really toxic, Kozuha makes the link with the poison, and the strange growl that Aya heard in Takane’s house. Bad guy Takane might be keeping someone in his house and poising him with the butterfly’s poison. So they decide to go back to Takane’s house this night to save the guy.

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The interesting thing with this show is how they mix daily-life problems such as garbage dumping, bike robbery and bad grades with way bigger problems. I think it might be related to what Aya said in the episode 10. Everything matters in a way. For some people a stolen bike isn’t such a deal but if it’s your bike that changes the things completely. I have the impression that any little problem can lead to a bigger one with this show.

I don’t know if next week will be the final episode of the series. I hope not. Because if so, I really want to see how they’ll manage to solve the garbage mystery, Uesugi’s vision troubles and they’re going to give this show a proper ending in only 9 minutes. Also, I’m waiting for Sunahara’s come back, I want to see him again, no matter what.