I will start off by saying this. I do not like this character. At all. I will NEVER like this character. I do not care what they try to do with her, every time she’s onscreen just pisses me off more and more. Cut your losses show and drop her. She’s irritating, a fucking tsundere bitch, and she needs to die a slow horrible death. But enough of that, let’s move on shall we?

Remember how I said last episode that even though it was a filler, I didn’t mind and it was fun? Yeah. This episode brings us right back to the “Stupid useless filler episode” territory. Oh, but this time, it involves SCIENCE! I know….that’s just what this show about magical Yokai needs. Science.

Anyway the episode starts off with Ushio and Tora fighting when Bitch Mcgee shows up for no other reason then to piss me off by her mere existence.

Why are you not fucking dead yet?
Why are you not fucking dead yet?

As they’re walking along, (Tora flies off) Ushio gets kidnapped by some dudes who work for a scientific organization called H.A.M.M.R.

Herd Anti Metamorphos measure research...The fuck does that mean?
Herd Anti Metamorphos measure research…The fuck does that mean? That’s some terrible Engrish right there.

Bitch McGee tries to run away but then gets captured. So Tora shows up to save the day. And then gets captured along with her. (He does this so they will lead him to Ushio)

It turns out these dudes captured Ushio because they want to do scientific experiments on him and the beast spear to figure out how to best defeat Hakumen No Mono. However, they ARE a rogue organization and have approval from absolutely nobody.

They then come up with the fantastic idea to take some of Hakumen no mono’s DNA off the spear and culture it. Because..you know, I can’t see that ending badly.

Oh...oh...never mind
Oh…oh…never mind

Meanwhile while this shit’s going on, Bitch Mcgee sees all the ghosts they’re keeping captive and meets up with one who looks like a little boy and begins talking to him (Because Bitch Mcgee is a fuckface and is only nice to human looking children. Yes. Yes I hate her. I don’t fucking care. I hate her I hate her I hate her)

No! Don't! It's a trap! She'll infect you with her douchebaggery!
No! Don’t! It’s a trap! She’ll infect you with her douchebaggery!

Freeing the kid, the kid then pretty much immediately gets enveloped by the Hakumen no mono monster. haha. oops.

Still a bit full of sedatives, Ushio tries to fight the monster, but it unable to really do anything. So then Tora comes along and that’s where the episode ends.

I really didn’t give a shit about this recap because frankly, I really didn’t give a shit about this episode. For several reasons.

  1. Bitch McGee is a huge part of it. And if you couldn’t guess, I HATE this fuckbag. With…like…Vanadis levels of hate.

This episode involved Science. FUCK science in this show. Who seriously looked at this show about ghosts and monsters and said “Shit, let’s have an episode about scientists”

Our antagonists ladies and gentlemen.
Our antagonists ladies and gentlemen.
  1. They created a monster in a situation where WE DID NOT NEED ONE. This literally created a monster to just be there. For no other reason than to just be there. He was created by the stupidity of these humans and adds nothing to the overall story.

I’m just getting the feeling from this show that they’re using these side stories to pad out the whole “Hakumen No Mono final battle” thing. Because this whole thing has gotten derailed a BUNCH of times. It’s like Naraku from Inuyasha up in this bitch. Oh my god, just fight him already.

None of these characters they introduced were interesting, this episode didn’t need to be here, and it focused on a character that makes me want to slap people silly. I see. We couldn’t have a nice episode about the blonde girl without having fucking TWO about this bitch. That how this shit works? FUCK YOU show.

This two  parter is so goddamn pointless. I don’t even know what else to say. And the fact that this is going to be a two parter is fucking sickening.

Oh no, crying to scientists. I see why this had to be a two parter.
Oh no, crying to scientists. I see why this had to be a two parter.

If this chick weren’t a horrible violent DICK who acts nice when SHE feels like it, and didn’t have an emotional stick up her ass, i might tolerate her. But she doesn’t. Fuck her, and fuck everything she stands for.

Hang on…I need to calm down. Where’s my happy place?


Ah…there we go. So much better. Okay. I’m okay now.

I don’t think I need to say anything more about this episode. I think this picture says it all.

Episode 2/10