Dance With Devils – Episode 11 [Samba of Jet and Crimson]



I can’t believe we’re this close to the end of the season! *excited dance*

As the curtain rises on episode eleven, Ritsuka is being taken by Jek in a boat to the vampire’s castle, where Lord Nesta is awaiting their arrival. When they reach Nesta’s castle, Ritsuka sees the reflective front doors and has a flashback to when she and Lindo were reading a book about vampires as children, and Lindo tricked her into thinking he had no reflection. But this recollection ultimately serves no real purpose (as far as I can tell), aside from a quick musing on vampires not being able to see their reflections.

Jek takes Ritsuka to see Lord Nesta, who strangles one of his peons to ashes upon seeing Ritsuka’s injured leg. Which is a shame because really, it actually was all Ritsuka’s fault for being a clutx. Nesta tells Ritsuka that she looks like both her mother and her aunt, who were opposites in many ways. Ritsuka’s mother was a warm, kind person who “gave warmth to everyone; however while Marta both liked and resented her sister Maria, she grew up in despair and became a cold person. Nesta and Ritsuka discuss Lindo’s parentage, and Ritsuka gets upset when Nesta starts asking about Lindo and their family’s past. vlcsnap-00007

This only amuses Nesta, who remarks that her outburst is enough to convince him that she really is the demon lord Maksis’ daughter. Ritsuka asks Nesta how he would get the grimoire out of her body, and he tells her that on that very night (just before her 17th birthday), he would take only a little of her blood. Before Ritsuka can say anything else, Jek calls for a banquet to be assembled in honor of Ritsuka.

At this point, I was starting to shake my fist at the screen just a little. Really, Ritsuka? You’re going to naively believe what a VAMPIRE LORD tells you, especially when it’s related to sucking blood? He’s going to exsanguinate you, DUH!

Ritsuka is bathed by two assistants and dressed up in the dark navy dress we see in the opening theme. She’s locked in a room to await the start of the banquet, and while she’s waiting she… converses with Azuna’s spirit? In her mind? Ritsuka vows to end everything that night, but she seems to have forgotten that giving up her grimoire powers will mean the end of her. As in she ceases to exist. Lindo told you that four episodes ago, have you forgotten already Ritsuka?? *facepalm*

So naturally when Jek comes to collect her for the banquet, and she fights back, Ritsuka is caught completely off guard when Jek sneers how Nesta will suck all the blood out of her body. Jek physically overpowers Ritsuka and drags her off to the banquet by her hair.

Back at the high school, tucked away safely in the Third Library, Rem and his fellow devils are looking for Ritsuka. As they ambush Rem with questions, Lindo and Cerberus simultaneously show up. Cerberus reveals that Ritsuka is at Lord Nesta’s castle, and everyone freaks out. I found it amusing that it was Cerberus, of all people, who persuaded Rem to go after Ritsuka. Lindo tags along with Rem, and the whole crew poofs themself towards Nesta’s lair.

Once she’s subdued in front of Lord Nesta, Ritsuka makes one feeble attempt at hurting Nesta, and she fails spectacularly. Using the scissors she found in the room where she was held captive a short while earlier, she gives him a small scratch on his cheek. Hardly worth the effort given what ends up happening with the scissors…

Ritsuka is hypnotized by Lord Nesta, and taken to an altar somewhere near where I’m guessing is the top of his castle. Nesta is moments away from piercing her neck with his fangs when our supernatural gang shows up to save the day. When Ritsuka attempts to flee down the stairs, Jek takes her hostage with those damn scissors. vlcsnap-00039

Cue this episode’s musical number, “Crazy About You.” As always, some of the lyrics are a little awkward due to the long lines, but this song was one of my favourites. I enjoyed the devils making jabs and taunts to each other in between some of the lines, and they all harmonized really well together for the chorus. I just wish the song was a bit longer!

After they’re done pouring their hearts out to Ritsuka, Nesta screams at his vampire minions to kill them all. Dun dun duuuun!

My thoughts: While I like the addition of another supernatural race in this series so that Dance With Devils isn’t all about just devils, I will be honest and admit that I have little to no interest in vampires. Whether it be a movie, an anime or a TV series, I find vampires boring. Plus I kind of have an aversion to blood and gore. >_>;;  So  I’m glad we finally got to see Lord Nesta in all of his hedonistic glory, but I can do without all the bloodlust and bloodsucking.

And as much as I liked the musical song chosen for this episode, its accompanying act specifically highlighted one of the downsides of a musical anime having such a short season. Namely that there’s only so much time per episode, so only certain relationships are going to have any substantial screen time. Shorter seasons works well for pairings or triangles, like with Ritsuka-Rem-Lindo, but having six guys declare their love for one girl despite having minimal interactions with her? It takes a little away from the credibility of the show, at least for me. But maybe I’m taking this all a little too seriously; it is a reverse harem after all.

Lucky Charibo, she gets to cover the final act! Who will come out on top, devils or vampires? And what will happen to Ritsuka? I have my guess ready and waiting, but maybe there will be one last surprise twist?? Go Lindo, I’ve got my pom-poms cheering for you ~ !


4 thoughts on “Dance With Devils – Episode 11 [Samba of Jet and Crimson]

  1. Like you said the song was nice but when all the guys said “I love you” at the end, Ritsuka is playing the duchess, like: “ooh thank you all of you for your kindness, I’m so pleased”. Well, 6 hot guys are dying of love for you.. I don’t know… say something else…
    Pus WTF leowen ? Why are you singing with the rest of the crew? When did he fall in love with Ritsuka?

    1. I know right? I was like, “you’ve had NO interest in her up to this point, so wtf did these feelings come from??” LOL Ristuka being a duchess, yeah her response was a little underwhelming. Mind you she had a pair of scissors held to her throat, so I guess we can forgive her. 😉

  2. True, there’s only so much depth to the relationship you can introduce in a limited episode run. I guess that’s why the director mostly chose to focus on Rem and Lindo for the anime.

    If you don’t like vampires, I’m guessing you may not like Seraph of the End. That said, the ongoing conspiracy theme is the major attraction there. In fact, the author has such a grandiose narrative for the story that he can’t compress into a monthly 40 pg manga, so he has to put his vision into spinoff books instead.
    *The author is Kagami Takaya, author of light novels such as The Legend of the Legendary Heroes. He’s famous for writing sprawling mythologies where nearly every character is tightly connected to it.

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