I know what you’re all thinking, and yeah. Yeah. I’m still doing this show. 59 episodes later and i’m still here. I may have lost my co-coverer of this show, but here I am, still trucking along, 59 episodes later with no end in sight. And a filler arc no less! Can’t you feel how epic this is? No? Well too bad. Because it’s time for another recap! Whoo! All aboard the excited train!

So the episode picks up with Duckface fighting Giev, now with his black trigger. and by fight, I mean Giev shoots out some trion soldiers out of his arm like they’re fucking pokemon and just kind of stands there doing absolutely nothing.

Truly this man is a fierce warrior shown by his ability to ...um...stand there.
Truly this man is a fierce warrior shown by his ability to …um…stand there.

Meanwhile we get a flashback showing one of the asshole scientists telling Giev to kill Xeon and destroy or retrieve Lillith.

…What is it with me and asshole scientists this week? Is like…..scientists bullying people in Japan a thing now?

Anywhoozle, Wet Blanket gets his Trigger back (oh thank god. Because he’ll be so useful with it) and they run with Xeon to catch up with Duckface. But not before stopping and talking to Xeon about how they’re not freaked out that Lillith is a trion soldier because their buddy Replica is also a trion soldier. They say that they trust Xeon and he gets that “Oh my god! People trust me?! Have I been wrong all this time?!”

You know, THIS look
You know, THIS look

And then they are attacked by giant wall Trion soldiers.

Ah. Must have been commissioned by Donald Trump. Ah! See What I did there? I can be politically relevant!
Ah. Must have been commissioned by Donald Trump. Ah! See What I did there? I can be politically relevant!

Xeon escapes but Wet Blanket and Chika are left behind. Xeon catches up with Duckface and takes over the battle for him with Giev and Duckface runs back to help out the other two. Unfortunately, Xeon isn’t as strong, and against a black trigger, gets his ass handed to him. That’s when Lillith shows up and just like…..owns all of Giev’s shit.

Pfff. What good's a Black Trigger when you have Mary Sue Power?
Pfff. What good’s a Black Trigger when you have Mary Sue Power?

Oh, and Konami saves Wet Blanket and Chika. YAY KONAMI!

I will never NOT use an excuse to show Konami
I will never NOT use an excuse to feature Konami

And the episode ends with Giev and Lillith having owned each other and them both looking pretty much the worse for wear.

So here’s what you missed in this episode. Giev gets defeated and has to run away, Lillith gets hurt. That’s..basically the size of the episode. There. I saved you 20 minutes.

This episode had more going on than last week, but, that isn’t saying much. Albeit very shortly, Konami got to do something. So there’s that, and that’s always appreciated.

I kind of still want to know about Giev’s background though because he keeps acting like he knows Xeon. So… that backstory would be kind of nice as for some reason Xeon doesn’t recognize him.


Considering the trailer for next week’s episode though, I guess I should be glad that this episode has SOMETHING to do with the plot. I mean, it wasn’t a BAD episode by any means, and it was a little more than THERE, it’s just hard to invest myself in this plot. It’s a filler arc with really no interesting new characters doing stuff I don’t care about. So when something DOES happen involving these guys, it’s just with stuff I don’t really care about. I’m kind of just in a holding pattern waiting for them to get to A ranks and save Replica. I mean…come on already Manga-ka, DRAW FASTER! oh. AND PUT IN MORE KONAMI!

For what this episode was it was good. It had some nice moments where Xeon realizes that the gang aren’t bad people and they do trust him… it had some okay fight scenes, and it had Wet Blanket saving Chika’s life which I’m sure scored him some points in the “Will get to bang her someday” category. Because we all know this is where that’s headed. And if you don’t…. you obviously haven’t seen much anime.

Dude. He so totally wants her.
Dude. He so totally wants her.

So….Yeah. I give this episode a 6/10. If you want to watch it, go for it. It’s not bad…it’s halfway decent. Just…don’t expect anything Earth shattering.

Episode 6/10

59 episodes….Jesus, man….





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  1. exof954

    She’s underage. And that doesn’t really mean much, but when even a Shougeki no Soma crossover chapter is freaking out over doing underage porn, then I’d say you need to wait a little bit.
    Off point, basically a ramble and totally unnecessary. Sorry. But it helps to keep the filler arc off my mind.

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