Is it possible to write my response to this episode into words? Because my response to this episode was something between strangled noises of sadness and high pitched whimpers of distress. Neither of which I think can be expressed properly through words.
THIS, this is what I was watching this show for from the beginning. A deep Mystery of a man that steals a certain butterfly shaped bones. Character connections and disconnections that leave me weak at my knees.

I think my only complaint about this episode as a whole is that it came a little too late in the series. Perhaps if this was the mid-way point of the series, rather then the second to last episode. It would feel a little more satisfying.


That being said. What did go down in this episode? Well, quiet a lot actually. It shows us that the girl that was missing for years was dead, strangled to death by one of her friends. I mean, she was suicidal to begin with and was going to kill herself anyway. Either way though, no matter how you spin it. She was murdered.
Can I just, stop to say how sorry I feel for Isozaki in this episode? Finding out that his student was dead. That three of his students were suffering so badly from home issues and in pain and he didn’t notice.

The sadness and regret painted all over his face kill me. Though the thing that kills me the most this episode is the moment that when Sakurako is insulting the girl for being obsessed with Hanabusa. Saying he would never love her until she was just a thing of bones. When the girl goes to stab Sakurako and Shoutaro pushes himself in the way.


The look on Sakurako’s face. The way she screams his name and tells him not to die. Then the hospital scene. When she, tells him she never called him by his name because she didn’t want to grow too attached. Because she never desires to see his bones. THIS WOULD OF BEEN THE PERFECT HALFWAY POINT. Having her turn away and leave him behind.
From here, I feel like the mystery behind Hanabusa will either be far too rushed or left unfinished. That’s what only leaving one episode when getting to the core mystery leaves us with.


I enjoy the way that they paint Hanabusa in this episode. As a man who does not commit crimes himself but profits from them. I believe I made the comparison to Makishima already. He would make an interesting cult leader. Leaving these girls thinking that they love him.
That he loves them. When he couldn’t care less. He actually had one of these girls thinking that he was an angel and that she was too have wings that would set her free. We aren’t going to have enough time with him as the villain. No matter what they do with it now, they’re going to mess it up and that makes me sad.

I mean, that could open us up for a second season. However, I don’t know. I feel like we could of made this series another twelve episodes and made it much better then it is now without having to have a second season.


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  1. I completely agree. This episode is what I expected and wanted from the entire series. While the episode was great, the fact that it shows up so late in the season makes the pacing feel uncharacteristically fast. We had two or three filler episodes that easily could have been dedicated to this painter guy. I’m not sure how everything will wrap up concisely in the last episode (which incidentally came out already).

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