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We are in 2015 and I still listen to Usher

It never gets old

AND we’re back for another episode of Tantei Team KZ, the show with an uncertain number of episodes and a rating of 6.08 on MAL. I might be the only one watching and reviewing it, I don’t know for how long it’s going to last for, the only time I’ve been that lost was during Maths exams. But during those times, I read the wording multiples times, I laugh a bit and say out loud:

” Ok, let’s do this”

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Kuroki joins Wakatake, Aya and Kozuka in front of Takane’s house with  more information on the current crime. Apparently Takane works at a security guard firm who’s current client is the museum where the toxic butterfly was robbed. So there’s high chances that Takane stole the butterfly, maybe with the help of some accomplices. He was keeping the butterfly in the garage until they found a buyer. However one of his accomplices was touched by the poison. The Team KZ decide to call an ambulance in order to save Dickbag Takane’s accomplice.

Capture 2The ambulances arrives with the police and takes Takane’s injured accomplice away. The police starts questioning Takane about what happened but like always, he lies to them. He starts by saying that he was asked to watch the house and that the owners told him to use it whenever he wants to. Also, he doesn’t know anything and that’s all his accomplices fault. I can’t remember the names of Takane’s accomplices and I sincerely doubt they will have any importance in this show so I’ll call them Jean and Michel. Jean was the poisoned one and Michel is the one remaining next to Takane listening to his bullshit. But Michel has a conscience and decides to confesses his crimes. He is taken to the police Station but thanks to his confession Takane is about to avoid troubles.

But, suddenly Kuroki has an idea and whispers to Wakatake’s ears. The last one heads towards the policeman and Takane to tell everything. Wakatake explains all Takane’s crimes: he was dumping his shit into his school backyard, he was selling illegal stuff and broke Wakatake’s  phone. The policeman trusts him and decides to arrest Takane. He also asks Wakatake to come to the police station with him to explain everything with more details. But since kids have to be accompanied by an adult, Wakatake asks to call his school teacher, so that he can clear his name.


What a smart ass. You rise in my esteem Wakatake

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Gosh.. He’s actually cute

Kuroki, Kozuka and Aya walk back together, happy that the garbage mystery is over but they kind of wish that Uesugi was there. Aya decides to tell them about Uesugi’s eye disease and the surgery that he might do. Because he is worried about his friend , Kuroki decides to go and see him. Uesugi has a meeting with a famous doctor where he will decide there if he’s doing to do the operation or not. Kuroki thinks Uesugi should do it. Like Uesugi said that’s a strange thing to say out loud, to the person in question. Most people would have said ” ooh… I see, the choice is yours”, too afraid of the guilt to take a decision. Hey! Can someone remind me how old are those kids ? Because they are really mature, way too mature if you ask me… that’s almost scary.

A few days later Uesugi is back from the operation which was a success so the Team Kz is reunited again.

Happy ending

Wait ? that’s not the end ? 


I thought that was a legit end. 

So there’s another episode ? 

Oh well



Apparently it’s finally time for the “Fan Service Episode” where Aya will have to choose to whom she’s going to give a Valentines Day’s Chocolate

Well, I’ll say Sunahara if only he was here



Sans titre


He’s back to kick some asses with a leather jacket and to steal all your daughters and sons

✉ ✍ ✎ ✏ ✐✑✒ ⌨

Don’t ask me why but I really find Wakatake cute now… God…What’s wrong with me