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Will the life taste the same after Sunahara’s departure ? I doubt it. Will the “garbage mystery” make us forget the Aya x Sunahara ship ? Again, allow me to doubt. But now, without further ado let’s find out more about this new mystery.

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Since Sunahara’s heartbreaking departure, Aya has started jogging. I have to say, I’m really impressed by people that are doing jogging few times a week. I personally couldn’t do it, it requires iron will and endurance, two things that, apparently were not given to me at my birth. Instead I was born with a terrific sense of humor, two personas and an impressive ability to complain about my life. Nothing could have been worst (See? I start complaining again, Shut up myself! you’re  so annoying sometimes, no wonder that mom and dad wanted to leave you in a pet shelter when you were a kid. Too bad they don’t accept dumb asses. OOooh BURNED !)



The main reason why Aya started jogging is because she doesn’t want to be a burden for the Team KZ boys, who are really athletic and everything. That’s cute, she really cares about them. But being a burden for the Team KZ is  not Aya’s only problem. Indeed she has pretty bad grades at school and she wishes to be as good as the Team Kz who are  freaking geniuses.

The day of the National Exam results arrives and everyone in the team KZ is in the top fifty except Uesugi. Unusual thing because he usually rank at the top. So all the Team is concerned about him and they decide to fight for the first place in math in order to boost Uesugi. Speaking of the devil, Uesugi enters the room at that particular moment.  No one dare asking him what’s wrong with him and why his grades have dropped down. So they directly move on to the new mystery.

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Yeah, you are pretty much a victim Wakatake

Wakatake explains that the previous day, he had to clean the school backyard because he was on cleaning duty. He did the job properly but the teacher went to find him and asks him to clean again because apparently there was still trash in the backyard. Wakatake is sure that he cleaned everything properly the first time so someone must have thrown new garbage after he cleaned up everything. Therefore, he wants the Detective Team to investigate and to find who the heartless culprit might be, in order to save his  reputation.

Everyone thinks that this new mystery kinda sucks, Uesugi in particular. He’s so sick of Wakatake’s bullshit that he  decides do go home and to skip ALL THE CLASSES! DAMN !

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Ladies and gentleman here you can see the perfect example of a young delinquent. A “thug” as they like to call themselves

I can the see what’s going to happen from miles away… You’re so predictable Anime.

-On that Dark day of … ( Let’s say November) something changed in Uesugi. What have been done could not be undone. He wasn’t aware of it yet, but by skipping classes that day, Uesugi had drown himself into the fatal circle of delinquency. He soon began to not attend classes anymore and to smoke a dangerous substance called weed, also known as marijuana for the experts, with his new delinquent friends on the rooftop of the school. Expelled from the school, he decided to enter a biker gang. Every night he used to ride his black motorcycle with a skull sticker on it, in Tokyo’s street’s, drowning his sadness and pain into sake, playing pachinko until dawn. One night, after a gang fight, he killed a guy. Still under the alcohol influence he decided to confess everything to his dying mother: “You’re not my son anymore Uesugi, you’ve changed so much!  Why? Am I a bad mother? Why did you decide to skip classes that day… Whyyyyyy…” were her last words. Blinded by the pain, Uesugi wrote a suicide note full of mistakes, because he skipped classes that day, and went to drown himself into the Sumida river… What a tragic destiny than Uesugi’s one… Poor boy who wasn’t ready to encounter the hard reality of this merciless world. We should all remember the tragic story of Uesugi, a young boy whose only mistake was to skip classes that day.  –

I always wanted to write dramatic stories when I was younger but my teacher used to say that I was too ” mentally disturbed ” for that.

So Uesugi leave the class. They all run after him, trying to obtain explanations. I don’t really know why but Uesugi almost falls in the stairs. He’s saved by Kuroki who held his hand at the last moment. This “accident” makes Uesugi’s friends even more concerned about him and his health’s state. Therefore Kuroki decides to follow Uesugi, leaving Wakatake, Aya and Kozuka behind. Wakatake the great, still hasn’t forget his mystery and he asks Aya and Kozuka to help him solving the “garbage mystery” another time. He looks so hopeless that they agree to help him without being really convinced that it’s an actual mystery. However, during her morning jogging, Aya witnesses the crime: A old man was actually throwing trash in the school backyard.

So, Wakatake wasn’t lying after all? Who is this mysterious man? Why is he throwing his shit in the School’s Backyard? What should I get for dinner (I have a pepperoni pizza but I wanted to make a salad… oooh there’s some tuna left, sweet…).Why Uesugi has turned into a little thug?  Is the next episode going to answer all that questions?

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