I have to say it was a wonderful surprise to see them continue to expand on the discussion and some of the characters’ Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 10 Img 0024backstory of family. This week they primarily focused on the blood-related relatives that some of the characters have or had. It started off with Biscuit and Takaki being excited about receiving a message from their little sisters, and be able to relate to each others  goals of raising enough money to send them to school for a better education. Akihiro who happened to be walking by when they were animatedly talking about their siblings felt dejected and bitter. He later reveals to Takaki that he too had a brother named Masahiro and parents whom he was close to. His family owned and ran a merchant ship and traveled around to deliver the goods. But they were one day attacked by a group of space pirates, who killed off all the adults (including their parents) and made the children into Human Debis, selling them off to slavery and other places, separating the two brothers. Akihiro hasn’t seen him since, and presumes he is dead.

The secondary theme that played in this episode was: Trust.
Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 10 Img 0015We learned of Atra’s backstory, of how she was an orphan and she worked at a brothel or a hostess bar (one or the other). Because she was young she was in charge of the chores, but she was always abused by the women, or would be a bit clumsy and make a mess. One day when she was ten. she decided that she had it, so she ran away onto the streets, where there she met Mika eating a sandwich he refused to share. The encounter between the two was pretty funny. Atra had a bold response for every time Mika would shut her down with the, ‘still not sharing my sandwich.’ statements. But Mika wasn’t heartless enough to leave her alone, and went to buy food for her with the remains of his money. The manager saw this and learned about her situation and decided to take her in and Atra would help out deliver the lunches to CGS.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 10 Img 0017In contrast of bond they all cherished with their siblings or the trust they have in one another, Kudelia confesses to Atra how she envies her having people around her she can trust. Her family doesn’t trust her, her father even tried to kill her. Kudelia is quite frankly all alone, unless one were to consider Fumitan her sole trusty companion. Upon hearing this, Atra tried to flip the negative to a positive, but it wasn’t working out the way she had hoped, so she tells Kudelia is part of the Tekkadan family now. (Following that, Atra had the most hilarious euruka moment in her mind, envisioning how she can probably be with Mika even if he were coupled up with Kudelia by having multiple wives like Naze.)

And finally, the ominous build up. God, they did a good job stacking up the anxiety levels. It starts off with Naze warning them about the dangers of Pirates ambushes, learning about how Akihiro lost his family because of the Pirates, and then we see Takaki being all enthusiastic about training and gaining new experience for different jobs in order to make lots of money for his sisters, only to be out there on patrol with Akihiro when they attack. Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 10 Img 0029I started swearing the second they started sharing Akihiro’s backstory this was my reaction:

  • Fucking hell no, they are going to fight each other.
  • *In response to Akihiro wistfully agrees with Takaki’s optimistic view of being able to meet his brother again* NOT IN THE WAY YOU’RE ABOUT TO.
  • OH boy the fucking pirates are going to attack
  • NO.

And if that wasn’t bad enough- it is more or less guaranteed that Akihiro is going to wound up fighting against his long lost brother. Fucking hell, I can’t handle this shit. BUT THANK GOD, THANK GOD MIKA SHOWED UP IN TIMELY FASHION. HOLY SHIT, I WAS 80% CERTAIN TAKAKI WAS POTENTIALLY GOING TO DIE IN THIS AMBUSH. Well even if he doesn’t the bigger problem is that he has a Death Flag on him, and that itself is usually difficult to avoid once established.
Either way, had Mika not arrived, both Akihiro and Takaki could have been very well dead. The mobile suits the pirates are using have very hardy armor, barely being  scratched by Akhiro’s attempt to retreat with Takaki. This is a job for Barbardos, and it also screams that Tekkadan are in dire need for modern and durable mobile suits- especially since they are going to be swept up in an inevitable war where they will be fighting for their lives.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 10 Img 0008Before I wrap up this week’s episode there was one more little thing addressed this episode. Teiwzz’s boss appointed an overseer, a business women named Merribit to supervise Tekkadan. She is of course the same woman who provided a handkerchief to Orga when he was hungover. Orga initially tries to brush her off, attempting to act in front of the others that he doesn’t know or remember her. He was quite flustered but managed to figure out later on how to compose himself again. They pointed out today how Orga is just not used to women in general, especially older women. He doesn’t know how to act around them, he appears to have never really thought about them before, simply put, he feels awkward and uncomfortable around Merribit. However I already get the sense Orga may or already is developing a little crush on her, but varying on how things play out, I’m not holding my breath for it.

Next week I get the sense we’re in for potential heartaches, especially if Akihiro really does encounter his brother, but as his opponent and enemy. And say even if they did, and Akihiro attempted to ‘rescue’ him and have him join the Tekkadan family, I’m not really sure how it would play out, and whether it would work out in Tekkadan’s favor.


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  1. K

    Brothel not betrothal. I like this episode but some parts are a bit too rushed. That’s okay since some of the bits are good but it could be better.

    1. Eva

      Thanks for pointing out the spelling error! Fixed!

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