Remember how I said last week that this whole “losing his spear” thing was going to be a mild annoyance and was going to get it back rather quickly because this Kirio character felt like a filler character? Yeah. This episode? Exactly that. Pretty much everything I said last week. No real surprises. Shocker.

Still, it is my duty to review it, (i mean hell, i’ve already done 22 of these) So, let’s do this.

So the episode picks up right where the last one left off. The rock guy is stopping Ushio from getting the spear. The two others chosen for the spear tell him to go after it. He does and encounters the priests who defected as well as Kirio. He tries to stop them but the spear gets dunked in the liquid stone anyway.

Now i'm no biologist, but if you were that close to molten rock wouldn't you be like..on fire?
Now i’m no biologist, but if you were that close to molten rock wouldn’t you be like..on fire?

Oh yeah and Tora can’t help because he’s busy fighting Kirio’s scythe spirit.

The spear now frozen in carbonite, the woman is free to reveal that she is, surprise surprise, evil. This reveal is stupid because you know from second one she was an evil demon, but Kirio didn’t know that…and…I have to admit, it’s fun seeing Kirio’s view of life being crushed in front of him.

tee hee. It's funny because I hate Kirio
tee hee. It’s funny because I hate Kirio

So after a bunch of talking back and forth with the spear in the concrete, it finally breaks free of it and Ushio then proceeds to beat the demon’s face down with it.

Pfff. nice face
Pfff. nice face

Seeing she’s losing she brings in the two from earlier as hostages, but he quickly dispatches the stone golem thing. So the demon turns back into a human and tells Kirio that she wasn’t really betraying him and he needs to help her. But of course Kirio isn’t THAT stupid and –




(Facepalms) God fucking damn it Kirio.

So yeah he tries to fight Ushio telling him that he won’t allow him to kill his mom. The demon tries to escape, but is blocked by a force field.

She then decides to try to kill all the rest of the priests including Ushio’s dad. FINALLY fed up with her shit, Kirio kills her.

Seriously? You're going to try to betray him TWICE within five minutes of each other and then you're SHOCKED at this?
Seriously? You’re going to try to betray him TWICE within five minutes of each other and then you’re SHOCKED at this?

Kirio then whines and cries so Ushio decks him in the face and basically tells him to stop being such a douche.

I enjoy Ushio's participation in this scene
I enjoy Ushio’s participation in this scene

and Kirio goes off with the scythe spirit to go mope. And that’s pretty much the end of the episode.

As I have said in the past. This little arc was stupid and accomplished nothing. Priest guys were upset that the spear didn’t stop the big baddie. Other option becomes useless. Spear saves the day, they believe in it again. That’s pretty much everything.

Everything in this arc FELT like filler. Even if it wasn’t ACTUALLY filler, it felt like it was. The character Kirio was pointless and shoehorned in, The woman was pointless other than to fail at getting the spear and then dying, and the only thing I could see it doing was solidify the bond between Ushio and Tora more which the series has been doing all along.

and hopefully they'll never be seen again
and hopefully they’ll never be seen again

The problem with this episode is I don’t really want to talk about it much. It doesn’t even deserve the time it’s taking me to type this. It’s pointless, it didn’t add anything, and the Kirio character is an annoying piece of crap who I never want to see again. We already HAD an episode with him bonding with the spear and all he did was do it AGAIN. This just seemed like a lazy way to pad out a few more episodes. Seriously, this whole Kirio arc thing? Just skip it.

Episode 4/10