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As expected of Assassination Classroom, we have to start off with some fun. Which I don’t mind sometimes, but with the first episode of the new season, I thought that we would get a little hint at least what we would be expecting from the new season. We kind of did, but they only lasted for a couple seconds while the rest of the episode was fun events happening. Well, I’m kind of used to this with this show. Though I did like this episode, seriously it was funny.

The first half we start off immediately after the scary events that happened at the finale of the first season. After Takaoka being defeated and everyone getting over their little illness, the group decides to make the most of the little time of their summer trip. This will probably be the only time they’ll ever snag this trip so they really have to live it up. Especially Koro-sensei, because he spent most of it in that little bubble thing. Because he’s an overpowered jerk. So he proposes a test of courage which he set up in a cavern by the beach. He made everyone pair up in boy-girl pairs, and he’d play the part of the ghost. At first glance this seems like an actual test of courage, with Koro-sensei innocently scaring the kids, but of course that’s not what it is. Koro-sensei wants to hook them up with each other, trying to make couples out of some of them. Sensei is the type of guy to love drama and gossip, and he wants the kids to get together so he can make fun of them, or to make a novel. But of course the kids saw through this and instead scared him in the cavern.

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 01 [1080p].mkv0045He may not have sparked love among the students, but he and the kids saw someone in love after the test of courage. The busty Irina, clinging onto Karasuma. She’s always been trying to get his attention, and hey, we find out she has a thing for him. And I don’t blame her, he’s really hot. Everyone seems to like Karma, but I have my eye on Karasuma-sensei. Even if he is a square. So, upon learning this, showing just how sleazy they are, the group decides to help Irina-sensei get with Karasuma. They talk about clothes and try to get her dress more neatly, but that didn’t work out. RIP to Kanzaki’s dress being stretched out at the chest, she won’t be wearing that anymore. Then comes her cooking him a nice dinner, but they’ve only seen Karasuma eat only burgers and cup ramen. Then they bring up Karasuma’s type of woman, but…he’s just weird. Really, all the problems come down to Karasuma because he really is a square.

Either way, they all help her out and Irina is really touched. The girls help her with hair and clothes, while the boys help set the mood of the dinner. They made it so the students would take over the dining area and kick the teachers outside, and outside was a table for two on the beach, in front of the sunset. Sounds romantic to me! As both teachers sit there, Irina notes how amateurish everything is compared to all the high-class places she’s been in, but because the students did this for her, she loves it. And them. Aww, see, she’s not a Bitch-sensei, she’s a…something. Anyway, the dinner is a little awkward because the only thing Karasuma talks about is assassination. Seeing as the dinner was going nowhere, Irina grabs Karasuma’s napkin, kisses it, then presses the kissed part on his lips. She tells him she likes him, then leaves. AWW DARN IT! She didn’t say love, she said like. So dammit. Also, Karasuma is a fucking idiot because he thought the kiss napkin thing was a new assassination move or something idk he’s stupid.

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 01 [1080p].mkv0077
So then that finishes and then we get the second half, which is easier to describe. There’s still some days left of summer vacation, so Koro-sensei tries to round up as much of the students to a summer festival. It’s a decent turn out, and the kids are having fun. But because their assassination skills are so good, they dominate all the festival games like the shooting gallery, the water balloon thing, and the goldfish scooping. Then blah blah, they all have fun and watch the fireworks together, ready for the second term to start.

Some interesting things happened. At the end, we saw Karasuma in his meeting about Koro-sensei, the 10 billion yen reward still standing if he were killed. But that reward is only for someone that kills him by themself. Seeing as how Koro-sensei can be cornered with a group assassination, if a group kills him, the reward will be 30 billion yen.

Also, while sensei was finding people to go to the festival, he really was desperate and called up Irina’s teacher. After declining, he hung up the phone and a man walked up to him. And shot and killed him. Uh oh. We didn’t see the guys face, but since he was in the opening we’ll be seeing him later on.

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 01 [1080p].mkv0090

The plot of Assassination Classroom is the same. Kill Koro-sensei before the school year ends or else he destroys the Earth? Why would he do that? We…still don’t know yet. All we know about Koro-sensei so far is that he was a human experiment that went wrong, which turned him into this yellow octopus thing, the lab he was in seemed to have exploded, there was a female scientist he seemed to have loved, he blew up a part of the moon, then came to this classroom of unloved students to be their teacher, and unless he’s not killed before the school year ends, he’ll kill everyone on Earth by blowing up the planet. Really, that’s all we got from the first season, and see this is my problem with Assassination Classroom.

Why be a teacher? Why make wonderful bonds with your students, just to be killed, or kill them? Why blow up the planet, what’s his problem? Why all of this? And what happened in that lab? I don’t mind episodes like this because they can be fun and funny, while some can be pointless and boring, and those kinds irritate me we can use that time to learn more about the mystery of Koro-sensei. Also, the premise is another thing. Seeing how overpowered Koro-sensei, killing him looks basically impossible. The kids have tried so many assassination attempts, but none of them worked. The one in the summer trip was extremely well-thought out and clever that it looked like it was going to work…until sensei turned into that indestructible bubble thing. And that’s pretty frustrating. To see failed assassination attempts one after another will get old fast, I feel like there’s no point in watching. There’s not much else. Because the end of the school year is going to arrive one day, then what? They die? The manga is still going and I don’t know where the anime is in the manga, but I’m going to guess that when the school year does come to an end, something is going to stop Koro-sensei from destroying Earth.

Will we learn more about Koro-sensei, and will the plot actually have more substance? Those are questions I’m asking myself as I enter this second season. Don’t get me wrong, Assassination Classroom is still enjoyable. It’s hard keeping track of the names for all the students, but I like them. Some of them have gotten some nice development, they’re all funny, and I’m rooting for them to prove everyone wrong in the snobby main school. Koro-sensei, while frustrating, is silly. And Irina and Karasuma make the cast more fun too. It’s a funny show, but I’m just afraid where this show is going to go. Because it’s either A) Koro-sensei not being killed and destroying the Earth, thus killing the kids he loves which I don’t understand (most probable), or B) the students somehow actually kill their beloved teacher that’s raised their grades and self-esteem for hella money, somehow showing no guilt? That’s what I don’t get. They all love each other, but either the teacher or the students (and everyone on Earth) is going to die. But they all like each other. I don’t know, am I the only one that has a problem with all of this?

Anyway, I’ll be watching this to see just what will happen, and since I covered this last time, I’ll be covering this again. See you next week!

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of blogging: Guaranteed

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They’d be cute together. Ah…maybe next time.


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