(Blows dust off of Gate) Oh yeah, Gate, I remember this thing. I hope you enjoyed your season long vacation because it’s time to go back to work Gate. And after watching this episode, it kinda felt like I never left. Which is nice, because it didn’t fall into interseason garbage where it stinks when the new season starts off (at least not yet) So, for the first time in months, let’s review a Gate episode.

So the episode starts up with our main character about to have a get together with the senators to talk about peace. However, that’s enough of that as we immediately cut to a prince dude (aka Wah Daddy’s brother) having rough sex with a bunny girl. Wow. Not even five minutes in huh Gate? Just…right off the bat? It’s like “Oh, i’m just going to enjoy this-

Gee, I wonder if he's meant to be a villain..
Gee, I wonder if he’s meant to be a villain..


Honestly, watching this, I was caught off guard. I was like “wh..what just happened?”

Also…if you couldn’t tell….this guy’s a villain.

My god. he's even talking to his royal adviser naked
My god. he’s even talking to his royal adviser naked

Basically the adviser tells him about the meeting with the senators and the prince says he’ll go check it out. Meanwhile the Japanese ambassador along with the princess get involved with all of the schmoozing with the senators.

and dressing up snazzily while doing so
and dressing up snazzily while doing so

Meanwhile while that’s going on, Itami shows the senators exactly why fighting Japan is an absolutely terrible idea by showing off their weapons. I gotta say, love the facial expressions.

That's the "What the fuck were we thinking?" expression
That’s the “What the fuck were we thinking?” expression

Of course, after that, the senators have no real desire to fight. But, the prince having caught wind of the party causes Itami to send off the senators so that he doesn’t find them and the princess can put off the party as just a regular garden party for some nobles. With no proof, the brother accepts this and leaves.

So, next scene. Hey, remember that girl who worked with Itami but is also kind of a medic? Yeah, well now she’s working in the slums. Doing what? If you guessed, giving birth control to non-human female prostitutes, then you are absolutely correct.

Not...exactly..sure..HOW you would have guessed that, but you would be right
Not…exactly..sure..HOW you would have guessed that, but you would be right

Once again cut away to (yeah this episode’s really on the move) to that dark elf we met before who wants the army to help kill that dragon. She’s pretty pissed at herself for having insulted Itami in that earlier episode and is pleading for one of her acquaintances to tell her how she can make it up to Itami. The girl responds with the fact that the three girls (aka the elf, the magician, and the goth loli) mean a lot to him and he would like them protected.

Another show with a harpy girl? Man.....what word do i use here? lucky? maybe?
Another show with a harpy girl? Man…..what word do i use here? lucky? maybe?

The episode ends with the angel…prostitute coming back to the clinic with a bird girl who is shaking and one of the army guys realizes that this means an earthquake is coming. As they try to evacuate everyone, the earthquake arrives. and end of episode.

This episode…was a little bit all over the place. However, I guess it had to be as to remind us exactly what has been going on. I mean, it isn’t like this episode came straight after last week. We had a whole season to forget what the hell is happening.

Other than that, nothing really feels like it’s changed. The characters have stayed the same, the animation is still just as nice, and it’s continuing a plot that needs to be continued.

The one thing I don’t like to this season so far is the addition or naked mcasshole. You can tell IMMEDIATELY when he’s introduced that he’s just…an evil asshole. I mean there’s going to be no arc for this guy, he’s just going to be an asshole.

Gaze upon my evil nakedness old man! GAZE UPON IT!
Gaze upon my evil nakedness old man! GAZE UPON IT!

The other thing that was mildly irritating is that Rory, the elf girl, and the magician girl kind of had NO screen time this episode. I think I saw them for like 5 seconds at the end, but otherwise they really weren’t there and it would have been nice to see them back in action. Oh well, I assume that will be next week.

Speaking of villains though, that asshole king DOES show up for like 5 seconds just to go “There will be no negotiations. We will conquer. MWAHAHAHA!” and i’m like… “Dude….what have you been smoking? Did you not see the horrible terrible slaughter last time? Did you just like…ignore that? This guy’s like the Black knight of this show.

It’s just a flesh wound!

Either way, once again, Gate has proved that it’s one of those shows that you really can’t just watch like one episode and then put down. It’s one of those ones you have to watch in a row. That’s the only real negative thing about this show. The characters are still solid, the music, animation are all still good, and there was no country bashing THIS episode.. so you know…that’s good. Overall, solid episode, but I wish it did more. Oh yeah. and less forced sex. I could deal with less forced sex.

GODDAMN IT WHAT DID I JUST...wait..is he maniacally laughing while balls deep in her? Goddamn it Gate.
GODDAMN IT WHAT DID I JUST…wait..is he maniacally laughing while balls deep in her? Goddamn it Gate.

Episode 7/10


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