Dyspear you sly genius! I love Dyspear as a villain, she tried something new, but you could also say it was the opposite of Close’s methods. Instead of trying to tear apart Haruka’s dream and make her fall into despair, Dyspear decided, ‘Why not just let her live in her dream?’ at the expense of forgetting about the reality world and be trapped there forever. But there were some flaws in her brilliant plan. Go! Princess Precure Episode 47 Img 0004She had a general idea of what Haruka’s dream was, but she didn’t understand why she is so passionate about flowers to begin with, one of her key components of her dream. Today highlighted just that, starting with how she went outside to check-up on her Snowdrop flowers, that bloom even in the cold, fridge season (which ended up being her anchor to reality). Dyspear’s brilliant plan started crumbling Close made an error of judgment by telling her a Princess doesn’t need lessons, and then Haruka became even more suspicious about why the flowers had immediately blossomed. She appreciates the strength and endurance the flowers possess for their growth, and their beauty when they bloom. But even after that plan failed, Dyspear did the same thing again. She gave them what they wanted, Hope Kingdom. In exchange, she will reign the girls’ world. Fair trade, right?

Go! Princess Precure Episode 47 Img 0026But clearly, Dyspear made a conscious decision not play all her cards in this fight. Perhaps her character had no intentions of laying it all out as a last ditch to reclaim her lost territories and defeat the Precures within Hope Kingdom to begin with. Instead Dyspear’s character seemed to have already made up her mind, if they she couldn’t succeed containing Haruka, she would to give them back their beloved Hope Kingdom in exchange for an opportunity to take over the girls’ world.

While Dyspear’s cleverness entertained me, the episode itself felt quite short and underwhelming. It’s not that I had set any high expectations, but I was expecting a little bit more intensity, the fight to be more difficult and drag out for a little longer. In other news,  now that Miss Shamour has no more lessons to teach the girls, they should be more or less ready to become the Grand Princesses (not sure why it was plural this time, was it always plural? I recall them mentioning only there being one Grand Princess…). Having seen nobody become yet, and it might not even happen until the final two episodes (aka: the last minute of the semi-final episode), I am not entirely sure how they are supposed to become one considering it looks like they have fulfilled all the conditions at this point. What else is could be missing? With Hope Kingdom saved, the only way save the citizens of Hope Kingdom is for someone to become the Grand Princess. But since they don’t have that power yet, they are going to go back to the real world to stop Dyspear from taking over that one and defeat her for once and for all.

Mahou Tsukai Precure will premiere on February 7th!


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  1. Kamil

    Great review, can’t believe GoPri will be one soon 🙁 As for longer fight, i like to think, that girls are battle-hardened warriors at this point, ready to take on, how Kirara would put it, “final boss”

  2. Bethany F

    What did you think of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure’s first trailer? In my opinion, I think it was pretty good despite it only being the transformation. I’m glad they didn’t really spoiler anything since I want to be surprised of what happens in the first episode~
    And the All Stars trailer, that new song is nice! Better than Ima Koko Kara already and I haven’t heard it without talking over the top yet XD

  3. Marcos Pinheiro

    The temple is ready. The remaining Cure Princess must save it. And the time has come!
    In my opinion, this episode teaches many things and has good quotes or talks from Princess Haruka/Flora.
    The flowers at the garden, right at the beginning of the episode, really means something, especially for Haruka.
    I really like Haruka’s explanation about the beauty of the flower’s growth, blooming and time.
    She certainly learned about experience and life. ^^
    For once Queen Dyspear made a new and evil cunning plan to defeat Cure Flora, even though it failed and Close even expected that! He sure knows his most hated cure so well. Speaking of which, I’ve had a bad feeling about that bird and then I realized and suspected that he’s indeed him in disguise, again! I’m sure most or almost everyone suspected that as well.
    I expected the battle to be a bit more intense or dangerous, but it’s more or less and still cool. It isn’t so bad to watch though and Flora gives some very good quotes, especially about her never ending dream and yet live with it beautifully and facing some hard moments that will appear. That girl is really someone and a rare incredible Pretty Cure. 🙂
    Oh! Nice to see her new and beautiful attack, almost forgot that! 😀
    Glad to see Miss Shamour surprised about Haruka talks (when fighting against Close), I was like “You taught her very well”. 🙂
    I’m half happy and half sad that she has nothing more to give more lessons to the cures, if you know what I mean, Eva. But, I’m very glad that she finally said that they’ve become wonderful princesses. And they sure did. I like to write for them here ‘Congratulations, Haruka, Minami, Kirara, Towa’ ^^
    And the ending, I knew it wasn’t over, the queen is as persistent as the cures. What a trade Dyspear made, and the plot thickens yet again in this series! Now, a new battle and mission will occur! Or maybe… a war!
    I must write, my eagerness for the next episode is big, Eva! 😀

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