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” Tell me why we are, so blind to see, that the ones we hurt, are you and me “

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Aya is sure that Sunahara has his reasons for being in the gang and wants to help him. Surprisingly Wakatake agrees, and decides that this will be the new case of the team KZ. Their objective : rescuing Sunahara from the gang and stopping their actions.

Wakatake you’re such a bro, I like you even more

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” I wouldn’t mind giving chocolates to Sunahara” …. MMMMHH not sure it’s a good idea to say that Aya

Kokzuka and Uesugi are going to investigate the incidents caused by the gangsters while Kuroki and Wakatake will search info on the gang’s members. As for Aya, she’s charged to contact Sunahara. Wakatake thinks that the best way to do it is to give Sunahara a Valentine’s chocolate, so he won’t be suspicious. Aya agrees and adds that she would not mind giving Sunahara chocolates . Everyone makes a worried face like ” ooh shit Sunahara is going to steal our gurl”.

But the best reaction goes to Wakatake that doesn’t really understands what’s going on. He’s suprised that Aya wants to give Sunahara chocolate because she refused to give him some in the previous episode. That’s funny, he’s not even jealous, he just doesn’t understand why. Such a innocent fellow. You have so much to learn Wakatake. But I kind of want Aya to give him some chocolates now. Also, all the crew is shocked that Aya has already Sunahara’s phone number.


I like where this is going

So, Aya buys chocolate for Sunahara  and even writes him a card with her feelings on it. Wow, they didn’t ask you to do that did they ? Then she calls him for the first time. His response ?

Capture 6

I lost my breath for a moment when I heard your name “





” and then you mentioned Valentines day and I stopped breathing entirely”






But then he plays the ” Staying around me is a bad idea, I’m too dangerous, sorry” act, and  he refuses the chocolates. Well at least he said that he was happy, everything isn’t lost. A few days later at Wakatake’s house, Kuroki appears  dressed like a delinquent from a bad action movie for no real reason and does his report on what he learnt via his mafia Network:

The gang is involved in some blackmail cases, robberies, bank transfer frauds and other big stuff like that . Apparently they don’t have  any leader and they receive their orders by phone from a guy name Phantom X that only important members are allowed to meet.

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Is that you Miruki Zoldyck ? Did you bring Kirua with you ? Please tell me you brought him

As for Sunahara, he doesn’t live with his parents anymore but with  some distant relatives that own a company: Uhehara Painting Contractors.  Knowing the name of that company is quite useful for Aya because then, she decides to go to see best guy Sunahara in order to give him her valentine’s chocolates. On her way she meets with some suspects dudes hanging out in a dark little street, probably smoking chocolate cigarettes and dealing Pokemon cards. They start to get mad at her for no reason but Sunahara arrives and protects her. However, he seems quite angry that she did not listen to him when he told her to  stay away from him.

There’s also a random guy named Onozuka that tries to pick a fight with Sunahara and to steal the chocolates. Because that dude looks really angry, Sunahara orders Aya to run, what she does but crying at the same time. AAAANNND THE END


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Kozuka, ranked #3 in my subjective best guy classement

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  1. KRIM

    Haha omg, I was waiting to see your review up here after I watched the ep and screamed about it on my twitter where none of my friends cared. XD JUST NEEDED TO BE ABLE TO SHARE MY SCREAMING WITH SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTOOD!! This ep was so great. I lol’d a ton at the moment when all the guys were butthurt about Aya already having Sunahara’s number haha. And Wakatake such a clueless dork STILL not getting why she said she wouldn’t give him chocolate after last episode haha.

    BUT THE CROWNING MOMENT OF AWESOME WAS DEFINITELY THE PHONE CALL. OH MY GOD. I was watching in bed but after screeching and jumping up and pounding my mattress with hands and feet, I had to get up and jump over to my computer desk so I could go back and watch it over and screencap it all and post it on twitter and scream some more haha. So amazing. So then OF COURSE the show had to cockblock me by following that crowning moment of shipperdom with Sunahara telling her not to come haha.

    BUT THEN SHE DID ANYWAY and I was so excited and cheering for her haha so of course it had to go all pear-shaped. Oh man. SHE CRIED. POOR AYA!!! I’m definitely leaning more and more toward Sunahara being in the gang undercover or something, though …maybe it has something to do with the aunt/uncle he’s staying with? They were obviously near their house or w/e when she came to bring the chocolates, and he seemed pretty familiar with that jerk, so maybe he’s a cousin or something? Maybe the secret person running the gang is actually his uncle or something?? I guess there are the two options that either he got forced into it somehow, or he’s trying to bring them down, or both. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW!!! It’s so torture that the eps are so short every week haha.

    1. KRIM

      P.S. Forgot to say, your art is cute again! I vote for Wakatake next haha.

    2. Charibo

      LMAO ! YEAH ! The guys are beginning to realize that Sunahara is DANGER, he’s going to steal Aya one day or another although he already stole her heart. Dayum, that sounds great.
      I felt sooo bad for Wakatake like “NOOO you twat, you don’t understand, she wants to give Sunahara chocolates because she likes HIM NOT YOU”. AHAHA I FEEL SO BAD FOR HIM. I think she said that she didn’t want to give him chocolates because he did ask for her chocolates but not in a romantic way. He wanted more chocolates than the year before so she got the impression that she wasn’t special to him or anything. Well, that’s how I understood.

      OMG THE PHONE CALL ! My first reaction was to stand up and to do the VICTORY SIGN, followed by a mischievous laugh like ” FUFUFUFUFUFU FINALLY, SUNHARA YOU FILFTHY SMOOTHIE, TOO SMOOTH, WAY TO SMOOTH SUNY HONEY”. And then I searched the internet to find a GIF to illustrate my reaction. I already had that holy sweet Kirua gif è_é So I took the advantage of the opportunity to place his cute face on my post.
      But now, the Sunahara X Aya ship is definitely sealed .

      As for the relatives being part of the gang, that’s definitely a possibility. I’d like to think that because this show is short, everything that happens as a relevance to the plot. Also, don’t know if you remember bu during the Pork Mystery, Sunahara explained that he punched the lazy ass driver and that why he had troubles with the justice. And then he goes to see his father to tell him about the pork/beef stuff. But we never saw the full face of his dad, only a little bit. And I find the face of the driver really, really, similar to the half face of Sunahara’s dad. It’s been bothering me since. And I hate that feeling. Honestly I don’t think I’ right, because when I activate my ” Sherlock” mode everything proves me wrong but still. I’D LIKE TO SEE SUNAHARA’S DAD PLEASE. JUST TO BE SURE

      Screaming on twitter about that shows is a lost cause, except your followers no one will see it ::(((
      I think they don’t even have a official Hastag for the show. While posting our reviews we try to use the official hastags… but since the show doesn’t have one I tried stuff like #tanteiteamkzjikennote which is awfully long. However there is some discussion posts on MAL for each episode.

      And for the Art, thanks again 😀 I think I already did Wakatake twice, but one time on MS Paint with only my computer mouse ( so hard) and I’m not happy with the second one. I posted then on my previous reviews if you want to see them; I dont know when though. But I might do another one CUZ WAKATAKE IS AWESOME . I DON’T MIND PEOPLE BITCHING ABOUT HIM. WAKATAKE I MY HOMIE ! AND HOMIES HELP HOMIES, ALWAYS !

      1. KRIM

        Haha yeah, Wakatake wanted chocolates just to get a lot of chocolates. And then ttly couldn’t understand why that would make Aya not want to give them to him. Such a clueless dork.

        Seriously Sunahara was almost TOO SMOOTH on the phone there. I mean, really, what 7th grader is ACTUALLY that smooth? REALLY.

        Hmmm maybe. I’d have to go back and rewatch that episode. I think I figured at the time that they weren’t showing his dad’s face because it just “wasn’t important,” but I guess it’s possible the dad and the delivery driver were related…? Hmmm idk. I think they do usually do a good job of making everything within each individual arc relevant (so yeah I think his relatives he’s staying with will have SOME connection to this), but have they really brought back stuff from a past arc so far? They seem mostly pretty self-contained to me. OTOH, it’s true they might have hidden his face for a reason. I guess I can’t recall any others they hid the faces of even when that particular arc was complete…

        #ttkzjn for a hashtag? Haha. Oooh, I’ll have to check out MAL discussion too, see if anyone is saying anything interesting there, heh.

        And oh haha, I’ll have to look at your old ep reviews to see the Wakatake ones… XD Really my top request would be Sunahara and Aya holding hands or something lol. But I didn’t want to suggest more than one character at once since the two I had seen that you’d posted so far were just one character at a time. 😉

        1. Charibo

          Every time an episode is aired I go and check the MAL discussion after reviewing it . It helps me to feel less alone ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ Although their reactions are not as extreme as ours. Sometimes I wonder why am I so excited about this show.

          Ahaha no, 7th graders are not usually that smooth. At least I hope so, that would be almost creepy.

          For Sunahara’s dad that’s why I’m so suspicious, why hiding his face ? I don’t think it’s because they’ve been lazy to draw him. And he had the same color of hair/clothes as the driver. Gosh, If somehow I’m right I’ll be so happy. Also they didn’t brought back any stuff from previous arcs expect SUNAHARA. that can be a first though. I felt like the end of the Pork mystery was a bit rushed and strange. We never knew what Sunahara told his dad nor what he asked Aya to wait before telling everything to the police.

          MMMMMH YEAH, SUNAHARA X AYA for a drawing sounds like a good idea. I’m not great at composition so this drawing might loo k a bit derpy but OH WELL OH WELL IT’S WORTH IT. I’m thinking of a valentines chocolate theme .. HUMHUMHUMHUM ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧

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