눈_눈 Wow, talk about a complete let down.

After all the anticipation and build up, this episode fell flat on its face- and I was not impressed. Well, except for that the one moment when Shut had the opportunity to be a badass, and punch Close in the face (long overdue). He was the sole highlight of the episode for me. Some of you might be surprised, especially since Yui played a major role in this episode, and I have been a huge fan of hers, rooting for her since the beginning. And yes, with all due respect Yui played a huge role in assisting the Precures, but what turned me off was the ‘cheap’ execution.

Go! Princess Precure Episode 48 Img 0013First off, it doesn’t help at all when I was laughing my ass off because of how overly-dramatic and stupid it was. It really ruined the ‘grave’ mood, and stripped every ounce of Dyspear’s threatening presence. The fact Dyspear didn’t even get a head start despite her clever plans, and being unable to ever have a decent fight at all today- she was outmatched by a bunch of kids thanks to Yui’s speech. Like really? REALLY? Look I love Yui, but I wanted something special for her. Yui been through this shit at least three times, and she finally broke out on her own- so she knows how this works. But the others? They don’t, because they never tried nor shown the strength to be capable of doing so in the past. Providing heartfelt speeches of hope is typical and expected, but regardless of the arguments, it is still beyond me how she is even able to reach them and help them break out.

Why did it become so easy to break free all the sudden? Well, it’s pretty obvious.
They wanted to create this big, “OH NO! THE PRINCESS RODS BROKE, THE PRECURE ARE IN TROUBLE! NOW LET’S HAVE YUI SAVE THEM BY RESTORING HOPE IN EVERYONE’S DREAMS!”, but instead it merely served for convenience sakes, and to buy time so that the girls will then obtain their Grand Princess powers next week. And that is exactly what it felt like. Not something special, just a tool of convenience.
With that in mind, you can count on me not holding my breath for anything amazing to happen in order to ‘awaken’ the Grand Princess…

Look, if they wanted to make the Precure actually look like they are in deep trouble, they should have made it HARDER for them. They are the guardians of dreams, and they are now at the semi-final stage before they fight the big bad boss! For the love of God, at least make it a legitimate and believable challenge for the semi-final fight! Go! Princess Precure Episode 48 Img 0019And the biggest joke of all? The episode didn’t even focus on their struggles because their Princess Rods / Violin shattered while they were up against Cloth-Lock almost immediately. Which was fine, but they ended it right there and instantly moved on to attempting to make Yui the shiny savior. I would have preferred to see an actual fight, to watch the girls struggle be beaten (that is of course, a personal preference). Instead, I wished Yui could have had contributed in a more special way. I honestly was hoping she would be bestowed a wonderful reward for being able to break out of the prison of despair. She has been through this so many times, and shown such resilience and fighter within her!

And don’t even get me started on Cloth-Lock…

It is unfortunate that I was not able to enjoy the episode, it just wasn’t my preference- but if you did, I am happy for you!

Go! Princess Precure Episode 48 Img 0027Next week, Dyspear will be taking on her true form? Wow, that’s fucking creepy. Decisive battle? And birth of grand princess will all happen next week’s semi-final episode! (It is supposed to have 50 episodes this time, right?) Hard to imagine how fast January flew by. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact it is almost February already… Anyhow, hopefully next week’s episode will be a lot stronger and more enjoyable for me. I would hate to end this series which has been for most part so good, on a bitter note.

Random Note of the Week: Everyone sees Dyspear attacking the town, ALIEN INVASIONNNNNNN!!!!!!! … WHY ISN’T ANYONE SAYING THIS!?!



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  1. elior1

    eva from what we seen in the preview it looks like there is something special about yuii with the light around also i dont know if you noticed in the preview but it seems there is a key in her hand like the princesses

    1. Eva

      I didn’t catch that in the preview, but I’d rather not get my hopes up just in case.

  2. Marcos Pinheiro

    Well, to be very honest, I’m opposite of you, Eva, because I enjoyed and love it a lot!
    And I conclude that this is one great episode in my opinion, and to me it turned to be another one of my favorites of the series as well. That’s my truth. And this episode presents many awesome moments!
    Furthermore, Yui and Shut are the true stars of this episode! ^^
    Now then, about this episode. I was anxious to see the team transform in front of every member of the Noble Academy, ‘now they know’!
    I was hoping and imagining that Yuuki would figure or Haruka reveal her Cure identity to him someday in the future. And now it happened! And yet, he’s smart to realize that Yui was concerned for Haruka and the others and he asks her if she knew all along. I’m glad he did that, because Yui can explain what happened very well like a storyteller for them.
    And everyone, not just me, knew that Reiko would be so surprised that her beloved Pafu can talk and fly! XD
    At first, I thought Stop and Freeze would control the new creature or even cause trouble to the princesses, but I got very surprised that Prince Kanata and even Miss Shamour decided to deal with them instead! Way to go you two!
    The Cloth-Lock proved to be different than I’ve imagined. I thought it would be like the shadow of the true Lock we saw many episodes ago. But no, it was acting different and not so like itself. That was another surprise.
    Sincerely, I got worried that the people and Yui got trapped in those Dyspear Cages! And boosts the Cloth-Lock even more! I was like ‘Oh crap’! And then I was rooting a lot for Yui to resist or awake inside the cage like the last time!
    I once called Yui as ‘the presence of bright hope’ months ago. I don’t mean to brag, but this episode proves me damn right! 😀
    She’s more than meets the eye ever since the very first episode! To me, I write she’s fantastic and the best Pretty Cure Helper!
    And she is one of my favorite characters of the whole Pretty Cure franchise as well! ^^
    I laughed a lot with happiness when she broke free of the cage! I was like ‘Dragon’s caramba! She did it’! Plus, I really loved her lines that she must fight as well to make her dreams come true and not wait to be rescued.
    Even though, Yui got caged four times and the others didn’t as much, it was her determination and those ‘rainbow powders’ that made all of them open their eyes and remember their dreams. And we all remember what are everyone’s dreams thanks to the episodes ago. Well, not everyone, but almost everyone.
    This never happened before, and yet I think Yui is the first to have realized the Dyspear Cage weak spot. I presume that if someone with a strong and determined heart call out for the imprisoned to wake up, without this someone being distracted or attacked by fiends, the imprisoned might hear and then wake up and then try to break free like Yui did.
    And when they all broke free of despair, I felt like it’s going to be like a war.
    A war of Dreams and Hope against Nightmares and Despair.
    One moment that I like very much is when Yui tells to the Pretty Cures that she realized that they all must fight to make their dreams come true and defeat the power of despair. And finally, I was so glad and happy that she said that is thanks to Haruka and the others who gave her and the others the courage, because I was thinking that Haruka is the one who awakened Yui’s sleeping courage back in episode 11! And then, Flora thanked Yui for giving the team’s courage too! Not to mention that is almost the same when she thanked Yui for getting rid of Haruka’s timid self in episode 11! 😀
    One thing is certain, those Princess Pretty Cures aren’t completely on their own anymore. 🙂
    Another moment which I also like very much is, of course, Shut’s payback! But his attempt to protect the princesses from Close and give him ‘mighty payback punch’ was really unexpected to me! And I love it! XD
    And Shut made a very good talk to poor broken Cloth-Lock and gives the Pretty Cures the chance to release him.
    I felt kinda bad for the Cloth-Lock in the end, and also for Kuroro who felt sorry for him and even asked if he can be saved.
    At least, Shut made Cloth-Lock realize that he must change like he did and be free of Dyspear’s grasp.
    Bravo Shut! 🙂
    Wow, I sure wrote a lot, hahahahah, but that’s all I honestly wanted to share here. ^^
    And now, two more episodes to go everyone!
    Keep it up, Eva!
    Go! Princess Precure! 😀

  3. Keiko

    What an another massive explosion episode for GPPC! Its intense has just gave thrilled and chilled spots to my nerves and this also has to be one of the most intense episodes in the entire Pretty Cure series. Therefore, the Princess Cures’ identity expose to the whole Noble Academy is MORE shocking and wackier than the ones of Fresh and Doki Doki.
    On the other hand, smart Yuki-kun is smart due to some points: 1. He already knows and learns the fact that Haru-Haru and Flora are just the same person, plus also even calls the latter her own Cure name; 2. He spots Yui-Yui not surprised about the Princess Cures’ identities since the mere fact that she’s also their helper all of the time; and 3. He sees Kanata in his prince outfit through knowing of being Towachi/Scarlet’s big bro and Puff and Aroma flying. Also, I even laughed and shocked about Reiko and Ranko’s reacts on the main mascots, so for Shirogane-san, Mochizuki-sensei and the NA student council. More importantly, Yui-Yui explains the whole sitch about her adventures with Haru-Haru and co and yep, I have to agree that she can tell everything and deliver some info in an honest way to the other peeps.
    Meanwhile, Dyspear gives us more shocking thrills when her shadow appears on Earth then turning Noble Academy into the second (and more terrifying) despair castle yet I was like “Holy heavenly mother of donuts!” Not only that, she even used the ragged cloth form of Lock with her spell and turn into a mindless creature. For Kanata… HECK YES!!! He blocked Stop and Freeze’s beams with his staff and told the royal heroines to go after Dyspear and Close. I thought he’d be fought alone with those two Daft Punk-esque agents, but hey Ms. Shamour’s also the party too which to me that’s really awesome! To evaluate, Kanata is A LOT MORE useful and much better than his past two predecessors Joe and Blue-sama, and much as the same as the Garden of Light Queen, Princess Filia, Coupe, Aphrodite and Mephisto and Royale Queen. Plus, Ms. Shamour’s already pulled both a Coupe and a Davie.
    Did ya see what I see? It’s the mindless cloth!Lock gone crazy and forced to fight the Princess Cures until the punk-looking Close marks the spot… The NA students and the two headmistresses? Shimmering my nerves! It’s just so like most of the Cure seasons but in GPPC, one who’s trying to resist against the darkness that is Yui-Yui. Now speaking of her… Dang it, not possessing into the despair again and again (and STILL surpasses Seiji’s record of being trapped)!!! >o< I mean I was so overreacted and shocked about Yui-Yui being trapped for the fourth straight time in her Cure season as well as the Princess Rods and the Scarlet Violin have broke to bits that made our Princess Cures almost in hopeless mode, but holy smokes! The Cure helper was able to used her willpower from the last time with her lines that she must have to fight in order to fulfill her dreams and not wait to be rescued by someone else. And with those… IT'S OVER 9000 thanks to the tiny light bits from the wrecked weapons and BANG YES, she's breaking the despair cage on her own! And like I commented before: (pardon for the intense caps lock) THIS IS SUPER SOMETHING COACH CHINEN TO SEIJI DIDN'T HAVE!!! :'D It also showed that Yui-Yui doesn't need to be a Cure for real, but to be that one in her own special way (and it's also at the end line of the All-Stars New Stage OP song) which is the best to teach kids, and all of us rather. And just like our current Ms. Universe from my home country that is Pia Wurtzbach, Yui-Yui is confidently beautiful with a heart. More than that, I appreciate her courage and yes she's the emergency guide no more. Yui-Yui steps first into the despair cage-trapped Yuki-kun and reminds about fighting for our dreams, to which Haru-Haru's childhood bullied friend noticed and restored his own senses. The same goes to Ranko and the others thanks to the mascots' backup and BANG again!
    Another amazing moment in this ep is Shut's full redemption and One Punch to Close's face, which indeed I am so happy to the fact the Mad Hatter of the Cure series has been followed the footsteps of Kiriya, Hikaru Kujou, the Kiryuu sisters, Bunbee, Wester and Souler and to an extent, Regina, in receiving a heel-face turn. But at the same time, I felt so sorry to Lock (cloak form) for being suffered and of course Kuroro, being in the same level as Wolfrun to Phan-Phan, goes on a request to purify his dark alter ego with a Grand Printemps. And to top of that, it's also an unexpected reunion of the now defunct Dys Dark Musketeers, in the finale fight. Speaking of Shut, I even agree on saying to cloth!Lock, to the fact that no matter if we are living beings from inside or outside Earth, we can do the change and do things right, which is true. In other words, through our own hard work and within divine intervention, we can achieve positive change and even giving another chance to correct our mistakes.
    And now… After three years of getting the Cure leader-only upgrade during the season finale aka the now infamous Shibata curse, the streak has been finally broken just like what I mentioned on Yui-Yui; and the Princess Cures are the first to have an all-out season finale upgrade under the new production management in the Cure series. Also, getting wondered about Dyspear's back story as well as the mysterious key that Yui-Yui found in the second despair castle (and finally there goes a chance-of-a-lifetime interact with Kanata, something that Seiji and Blue-sama ain't have), so I might get some good combination between a Cure helper and an extraterrestrial aide, plus Yuki-kun and the NA students too. Then super excited for the Grand Princess forms, yet I'm betting as hell that the golden Dress Up Key would be these.

  4. littleshogun

    I tempted to said bad review to you, but I knew review should be reflect what you feel and of course your opinion, so I’ll try to elaborate here what’s my opinion.
    For Yui, I think it’s fulfilled what I want from episode 41, and to be honest I didn’t expect Toei to did that, but they did it and kokoda said that it was her best moment in this episode, just because in the past PreCure there never will be victim released at final battle. Oh apparently the destroyed weapon was what allowed Yui and other people to break the cage, although you said it was convinnience actually it was the first time Toei choose to destroy the weapons here, since from what I recalled usually PreCure weapon never destroyed.
    About cloth-Lock, don’t worry you didn’t need to elaborate because kokoda also think it was a plot device. Although if said Lock still alive at this point possessing Kuroro, I could see Dyspear will punish him for trying to betray her as shown in episode 30 like that, making Lock mindless and had him guard Dyspear. Well either way it works in the end and we see Shut punching Close, which I knew it will your favorite moment, eva.
    But my favorite moment was not Yui break the cage, even if I give some elaboration. Why? Because my favorite moment was at the episode beginning when PreCure choose to reveal their identity. No matter what the reveal moment always my favorite in any anime I think, which bring me back at episode 19 of Full Moon o Sagashite when Mitsuki decided to reveal her circumstance and I watched that episode several times (By the way fid you watch Full Moon, eva?).
    @keiko Since I’d read episode 50 spoiler, I’d still wary about final battle. Let’s see it later.
    And since I still personally not said new year to you, so I said Happy Belated New Year eva, and looking forward to your MahoPri review. Random note – Is there any member here fan of Yui Horie?. If yes well your lovely seiyuu will voiced one of the cure, Rico aka Cure Magical. Sorry if my comment here offend you, and that’s all for my comment.
    PS For link at Live Journal, I would suggest you better add episode 50 of GPPC and episode 1 of MahoPri. You know just to make i more meaningful for last episode and first episode review. You didn’t need to follow my suggestion though.

    1. Eva

      Yeah it is ultimately matter of preference. I knew as I was writing this it was going to be one of those major unpopular opinions, but what can I do? It’s just how I feel. It is not like I’m tearing apart the entire series based off one-episode I didn’t like. It’s good that the majority of the fandom was able to enjoy it though.
      I’ve watched Full Moon o Sagashite many, many years ago, pretty much a sobbing mess when I was done with it, LOL! ALL THE FEELS!
      Rest assure I will be sharing my final impression for GPP and the premiere of MahouPri link on livejournal when it airs. Only required to be done once a year after all. 😉

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