“I think people can get used to any kind of environnement” 


I find this episode weaker than the previous ones.

The first part was filled with some useless dialogues and only the last part was interesting to my eyes.

Buuuut, let’s see that in more in detail shall we ?

This week’s episode opens with Haruhiro talking to Moguzo who’s cooking everyone’s breakfast. Their conversation isn’t really important but it gives us some clues about Moguzo’s past. Since he has the impression that he loved to cook for people before, I’m guessing he used to be a cook ? But he’s also good at sewing, and crafting… So I guess his true identity is the “ultimate Middle Age Dad”. Also from now on, instead of calling the MC by his real name, Haruhiro, I’ll be calling him Haruhibro, cuz he’s some good Bro material.


The second scene shows us the guys apologizing to the girls for seeing or not seeing them taking their bath in the last episode. The only one who isn’t apologizing is Ranta aka King Shameless. I’ll pass on his reasons who are crude and not so interesting after all. The consequences of the boys peeking on the girls is that now, the girls can’t really trust them anymore and therefore, the party mood is kind of ruined.  Add to this ambiance rain and you’ll have the perfect recipe to make a nice happy mood worthy of the greatest’s high school prom ever. Then, because of the rain, but also because they still suck and can’t attack more than one gobelins at time, they don’t catch anything that day. Same thing during the next day, the day after and the day after the day after. They suck so bad that they can’t even buy proper underwear. Therefore, they have to remove it during the nights and put it back during the days. Haruhibro wonders if it’s the same thing for the ladies and after looking at boobs girl’s ass he concludes that, indeed, they do remove it during the nights.


I… I don’t know..

I’m not very fond of fan service but… as long as it stays kind of subtle I’m not going to say anything.

But dam Haruhiro, you have some serious issues with your hormones.

Well at least, he’s aware of it and wants to warn the girls about the way they are dressed in order to protect them from King Shameless and maybe from himself. I don’t really agree with my bro on this one, he should be able to control himself but his intentions were honorable so I’ll let it slide.


A few days after, they go to another city called Damuro to hunt more gobelins. Even if they tend to attack mostly loners they are now able to handle bigger groups. They can pull off some pretty good combos, develop some strategies and they start making maps of the areas. Killing more gobelins means earning more loot and more money to buy food, equipment and also, let’s not forget: Underwear.  That’s the first thing that Haruhibro buys with the money he earned while Ranta and Moguzo are busy eating. As for the girls, they are checking jewels because you know, us girls, even in some kind of fantasy world where a simple underwear costs an arm and a leg, the first thing that we want to buy is jewels. Fuck upgrading our weapons or learning new fighting skills, we want jewels. Let’s notice that we are shown everybody’s occupations expect Manato.




Anyway, the boobs girl still hasn’t spoke to the guys yet, she’s still shy about the bath stuff, thing that, I can’t really understand. I mean, it was Ranta’s idea to see them right ? He was the one who climbed up te wall and who was kicked out by Yume. The other guys didn’t do anything, so why being mad at them? So yeah, Boobs girl is shy and doesn’t even want to talk to Manato. Fine, don’t talk to him, he’s to good for you anyway.

I have the feeling that Boobs girl and Manato might be the couple of the show but since I have some reservations about Manato, I’m not sure the ship will ever sail.  Also, based on what we saw, she seems more into him that he’s into her. She kept on looking at the broach he gave her during the last part of the episode, it’s clear that she has a crush on him. As for him, I dunno… There might also be Yume X Haruhibro but since Ranta is now showing some interest in Yume that might become a love triangle. That sounds really crunchy to me. Although I’m not the biggest fan of love stories, I prefer them talking about their feelings rather than about underwear.


There’s definitely some stuff going on with Manato, that poor guy sure went through a lot in his life. That’s quite interesting though. To me he looked like the kind of popular guy, nice to everyone and that everyone likes. But apparently, he has the feeling that he wasn’t such a friendly guy before.



Because I haven’t read the novel I don’t know what’s up with this dude and I might sound like an idiot, suspecting him of something but… gnnnnnn… He’s fishy…I can’t get this idea out of my head. I’d like to call him Manabro but… I’m not sure if he’s a true bro.  Anyway, Haruhibro tells him that who he was before doesn’t really matters anymore and that he’s happy he had he chance to become friend with him.


Oh yeah I forgot, according to Haruhibro, it’s been 23 days that they are in the World of Grimgar and they start getting used to it. I can’t say it’s a great thing but if that can help them to suck less that would be nice. Also, based on the preview, there will be more stuff linked to Manato, there’s a plan showing him with a sad smile on his face and another one where is weapon is lying on the ground like it has been abandoned here by his user.


Don’t tell me there’s nothing going on with this shot



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  1. Vantage

    That wasn’t cool. This week’s goblin was sleeping, for fuck’s sake. It probably had a wife and kids back home, and they’d have been thrilled to see the four silvers it had earned today after a hard day’s work. Then out of nowhere, some retarded human fucking stabs it in the neck and another one smashes its skull in. I swear, each goblin they’ve killed was just minding its own business to begin with. #GoblinLivesMatter

    Also, I want to do unspeakable, 18+ things to Yume. I don’t care about Shihoru.

    1. Charibo

      Such cowards. They killed all the gobelins in Ortana and ruined the ecosystem so now they have to change cities to destroy more and more. That’s the human nature for you. Also, the creation of my protest movement is almost finished, I’ve made t-Shirts, mugs and pins. So buy my merch è_é

      Shihoru is plain, she’s the kind of character that is present in every anime and I usually hate them. I don’t even bother to remember how to write her name anymore.
      But yeah, Yume looked great in her new outfit too. And the sad look on her face when Manato approached her and Shihoru makes me want to hug her :3

      1. Vantage

        On the sole basis of character designs, I actually think Yume looks plainer than Shihoru. Of course, Yume’s perfect ass and her fluffy Kansai accent puts her miles ahead of Shihoru in the best girl department, but I have to admit Shihoru is objectively attractive. My problem with Shihoru is that she does things like say she’s fat when she’s really not. Or how, even though everyone else is so poor they’re struggling to afford underwear, she spends money on accessories for her hair just because she wants Manato’s dick. She just rubs me the wrong way, and even if Yume wasn’t lewd she would still be better than Shihoru by default.

        1. Charibo

          Well IMO based on the character designs I still prefer Yume. Maybe it’s because she has red hair I dunno. Also, Shihoru reminds me too much of Ryou Fujibayashi from Clannad that I used to dislike too.

          That might be too soon to say it, but I feel like she’s going to be a burden for the team. They all suck but, god, she’s really useless, even Manato is more useful than her with his healing spells and he can use his gay stick to do psychical attacks. All she can do is being the Moe witch of the team, I mean… She has a witch hat … COME ON. If we’re going to do this give Manato a holy cross, demons horns to Ranta, a Robin Hood’s hat to Yume and a Mask to Haruhibro.

          For her broach, like I said, I don’t see the point of spending money on jewels so… Well now her broach is her precious, I hope she will act all “gollum” with it, that would be fun. And finally I, really couldn’t care less about boobs in general, so she has nothing that could possibly attract or please me.

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