Ugh. This episode. This one… is a weird one for me. It really is a mixed bag. It’s like…some of the stuff I like…while some of it I don’t. Let me go over the episode and i’ll explain what’s good and what’s bad. All right? All right.

So the episode starts up with Itami’s supervisor being like “Hey, you should go fight that dragon” and Itami’s like “No, that’s stupid” and the guy’s like “Lol, okay, but seriously, Let me know when you want to go fight it. Check on your elf friend.”

The reason he says this is because that dark elf from the previous episodes was a total dick and was like “hey, by the way, your dad’s dead elf girl.” and of course she freaks out and passes out.

Dark Elves. Dicks since....well..since forever really.
Dark Elves. Dicks since….well..since forever really.

However, there’s an issue now where whenever she sees Itami she sees her father and therefore thinks that Itami is her father as she refuses to accept the fact that her father is dead. Because contrary to what Hiccup thinks, dragons are assholes that just want to kill people. Itami however decides to go along with this for now as she’s in a really fragile state and is afraid that if he fucks with her mind anymore, it might collapse in on itself and might go insane. So he then hangs around with her and pretends to be her dad.

Is it...customary for elven girls to sleep naked next to their dads? Is that like.. (shifts eyes) a thing?
Is it…customary for elven girls to sleep naked next to their dads? Is that like.. (shifts eyes) a thing?

Meanwhile, back in ‘people in the kingdom who think they’re relevant’ land, we learn that the guy who got his ass kicked is going to succeed his father as king. Whoop dee doo. I know. However, here’s the weird thing. So we see that the bunny girl who was getting basically raped a few episodes ago actually has servants of her own the best of my knowledge …okay. here’s the plan I gathered.

She has been pretending to be this weak girl to get the asshole prince’s trust. Then after she does, she’s going to use this to take down the guy’s country from the inside. However, she DOESN’T want there to be peace between Japan and her world because she wants revenge on this kingdom, so she plans on having the girl they rescued killed so it will incite anger and cause Japan to attack the kingdom again. Well…..that’s a stupid plan.

Basically she really really wants revenge for….something


Umm…. revenge on who? The prince for fucking her? Enslaving her? The kingdom for killing or kidnapping her people offscreen? I don’t really know. I ASSUME it’s the latter, but all I’ve seen this girl do is get fucked and scream about how they shouldn’t kill the prince asshole. That’s literally ALL I’ve seen of her. I don’t know really know or care about her plans because honestly, I got more shit to deal with lady. I’ve got to worry about them fucking killing Smaug and the elf’s mental wellbeing. I really don’t give a single shit about your random “I just came into the series 3 episodes ago so care about me” vendetta. Sorry. (shrug) I don’t.

Anyway, back to the plot. So Itami eventually sits down with that general guy who got his leg blown off in episode 2 and he’s like “Hey, should I attack that dragon?” and he’s like “eh, listen to your heart.”

very accurate and dramatic reenactment i typed there
very accurate and dramatic reenactment i typed there

So instead of going back to headquarters, he decides to go fight the dragon with just him and the elf. Then finally FINALLY rory shows up and is like “Um… no, i’m coming with you” and even says that if he dies while they’re doing this, then his soul is hers.

Oh baby. That right there is a sexy blood contract...wait..what?
Oh baby. That right there is a sexy blood contract…wait..what?

and the magician girl’s like “yeah…i’m coming too”. And the dark elf is too. So they all go off and the episode ends.

Like I said, this episode had a few good things going for it and a few things…not so much. I like the fact that Rory FINALLY came back and is going to start doing some stuff as she IS my favorite character in the show alongside Itami and I have been wanting them to have more interactions since the season started up.

I REALLY probably shouldn't ship this couple as much as i do...
I REALLY probably shouldn’t ship this couple as much as i do…

I find the elf thing to be a little…weird with the father thing and I’ll be happy when this storyline resolves and she stops being “the crazy”.

Still, that’s not what annoyed me the most. That award goes to the rabbit girl thing. I really REALLY don’t care about this character or what she’s trying to do. There’s enough going on with the plot that I don’t really need a sideplot with her wanting revenge for stuff and trying to kill the girl they just rescued because of it. It’s like… “Wow. you don’t need to be here. Here. take a participation prize and go home.” And honestly, I don’t CARE what her backstory is. I’m sure she has one..but I don’t care. I want to focus on the main characters I met LAST season. I’ll even accept dark elf chick, but really. Go away bunny girl. No one likes you.

You two are stupid and pointless and should feel bad
You two are stupid and pointless and should feel bad

All in all, if we could just ignore her….yeah….that would be great. At least her part was VERY small in this episode. Hopefully we can continue that trend.

Either way, episode was pretty decent. Hopefully there will be more Rory next episode. Yay Rory! Oh well…a man can dream.

Episode 7/10


Seriously…not joking. Go away bunny girl.



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  1. Wanderer

    You’re not really supposed to like Tyuule. I mean, yeah, her backstory (once you learn it) can make you feel bad for her, assuming the anime actually goes into it, but she’s basically just gone nuts by now. Her “revenge” is on everyone. She wants the world to burn.

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