Matsun, Nacchan and Keiichi are called to the office of Keiichi’s brother cuz they have bad grades. Indeed, they are at the bottom of the exam list and therefore they have to take special classes. Apparently it’s not the first time that they are in this situation and Keiichi’s brother warns them that if they don’t score at least 50 they’ll have to retake the year. I’ll be honest, Keiichi and Matsun actually look like bad students but that’s surprising for Nacchan ʕ◉ᴥ◉ʔ

 Tsuyopon offers them to study at his place because he doesn’t want to be alone next year. He’s also inviting his girlfriend, Yukiko aka Yukurin, (who’s really into cosplay) to help him teaching those dumbasses basic stuff, even if apparently he plans on breaking up with her.


Anna is also invited because she was in the TOP 20 at the final exams. Furthermore, with another member they can do one-on-one tutoring. So the parings go: Anna and Nacchan, obviously, Keiichi and Yukiko and finally Tusyopon with the dumbest aka Matsun. I’m glad they didn’t invite Mari by the way. She will be ruining everything, like she always does.

There’s some funny little scenes during their study session, especially the part when Keiichi was showing his whip to Yukiko and making dirty allusions. That part was hilarious. That’s my Keiichi. I love this filfthy jerky smiling sadistic asshole ʕ◕ ͜ʖ◕ʔ


At the end, Nacchan walks Anna back to the station and they stop by a konbini where they buy food and drinks. It’s the occasion for  Anna to thank him for today since it was the first time she’s been into such a big group of friends, which was really fun. I mean her only friend being Mari, she’s probably not laughing every day…

Nacchan tells her that being with her today was nice. That makes her happy and she finally tells him the same thing at the station which makes him, blush really hard.

Nacchan is just perfect, he’s just so awkwardly cute and one of the best shojou heroine in the history of manga/anime ( even if Mikorin from Gekkan Shoujo Nozakin-kun stays my favorite).

Go for it Nacchan! 

Also, when Tsuyopon was talking about breaking up with his girlfriend it was because she dyed her hair in orange. She explains him that it’s for her next cosplay but  Tsuyopon is “moe” for black hair so he wants her black hair back. Honestly, Tsuyopon is too much of an enigma for me, I feel like I’ll never be able to understand his way of thinking but Yukiko does, and she can handle him pretty well. So that’s fine by me. Go lovebirds, go leave your lovely otaku life ◟ʕ´∀`ʔ◞


So, that was a cute and fun episode but I’m still angry. 

The anime has not yet explained why Keiichi is carrying a whip nor what is interesting about his personality. And he’s not the only one. I don’t remember hearing any explanation about Matsun’s behavior nor that Tsuyopon is an Otaku,. So all the references, like him making a mecha chocolate in the previous episode or using the term “moe” are coming a bit out of the blue. We are just left here, having to guess everything. It feels like we had no character introduction at all and that we are supposed to know the characters and their personalities before even watching the show. Well, in my case, I understand those allusions and why each character behave this way cuz I’ve read the manga, but… I mean.. GOSH, explain things ANIME.

I have the feeling that this anime is directed to the people that have read the manga beforehand and thus, already know everything. That’s a bit sad though. I guess that giving the short amount of time that they have each week they can’t tell everything but come on! Explaining two or three little things shouldn’t take that long. And if so, you can always get rid of some Mari’s scenes, nobody wants to see her ʕ; •`ᴥ•´ʔ

I’ll leave you with this keiichi drawing cuz he’s the best.

It’s as simple as that ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧


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  1. Nikolita

    Or they could just, you know, have regular length episodes. >>

    I might pick up the manga after, depending on whether I like the anime enough or not.

    1. zztop

      I think shorts are a type of compromise; for people who want to make an anime adaptation of a work, but they don’t think the content can get enough attention to warrant full episodes.

      Ranbow Day is listed at 24 eps, BTW.

      1. Nikolita

        That’s a good point. I guess we’ll see if having more episodes compensates for leaving out a bunch of background information.

    2. Charibo

      I don’t want to sound like an Anime Hipster by saying that the manga is always better but in that case… The manga is better XD

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