Ah yes, now that we have the full cast here, it appears it’s time for another one of those “All the Cocotamas Go to School” episodes. Because we haven’t had one of those in a while. So, what is the plot of this one going to be? Honestly…it’s probably my least favorite one. Oh well. Let me at least explain.

So the episode starts up and all the Cocotamas are in Kokoro’s bag on their way to school. Kokoro’s friends notice that she’s been acting weird recently and ask if she’s okay. Kokoro just denies that anything is wrong at all…very unconvincingly I might add.

Yep, that's believable.
Yep, that’s believable.

So when she gets to school she puts them all in her drawer. However, after a few minutes, they get antsy and decide to go off and explore the school. (Even though we’ve had this plot a few times before and we know that it never ends well)

Seeing the eggs leave, Kokoro goes after them but can’t seem to catch up. The next few minutes is devoted to them running around and messing with stuff, like a teaching skeleton and musical instruments.

that's not proper use of school property!
that’s not proper use of school property!

A teacher walks by and sees the skeleton bouncing the eggs by itself, but honestly, I don’t know which is a less believable explanation. a haunted teaching skeleton or egg gods playing on it….

Even though they’re supposed to keep themselves secret, they even go as far as SPEAKING INTO THE LOUDSPEAKER

...Yeah. Super stealthy guys.
…Yeah. Super stealthy guys.

It’s at this point that her friends get very very suspicious of Kokoro, but she doesn’t tell them anything. When she gets home she asks the Cocotamas if she can just tell her best friends about them so they don’t think she’s weird or there’s something wrong. The blue one tells her no because part of the contract is keeping their secret.

..You know, if that’s the case, maybe you shouldn’t be RUNNING AROUND THE SCHOOL AND TALKING INTO LOUDSPEAKERS. You know, just saying.

She promises to keep the secret but is starting to get torn up about it because she doesn’t like lying to her friends.

Meanwhile camera girl is trying to uncover the secret because….I don’t know, this episode needed a foil or something.

It's very important this character exists...except not really. And what child owns a fedora?
It’s very important this character exists…except not really. And what child owns a fedora?

So the camera girl convinces Kokoro’s two friends they have to get to the bottom of what’s going on with Kokoro. The next few minutes are devoted to the Cocotamas (back at school for some reason) doing something stupid, Kokoro covering for them, and the friends spying on her. That’s about it.

Oh, forgot to mention. I thought Kokoro’s grandma was dead back in episode 1, but I was wrong, she’s alive as she calls her because she heard she was feeling down. She tells Kokoro that you can trust true friends and they’ll understand.

So eventually the three corner Kokoro and ask her exactly what’s going on. I don’t exactly know WHAT Kokoro says to them as my Japanese isn’t that good (because don’t forget there’s no subtitles) but I think it was somewhere along the lines of “Everything’s fine, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to trouble you, please don’t worry.” This seems to satiate the friends and camera girl doesn’t get her scoop.

somehow I think you'll live
somehow I think you’ll live

The friends are happy again and that’s how the episode ends.

This episode…as I said in the beginning, I didn’t really like that much. Mainly the reason is because the Cocotamas were kind of jerks in this episode. She knew how much trouble coming to school and farting around causes Kokoro and yet they continued to do it anyway. They would promise to be quiet and stay put, but then they’d run around and make a bunch of noise. She had to cover for them and that’s what caused the problem in the first place and gave her all that stress.

Also…WHY DOES SHE KEEP BRINGING THEM? If they were like “Hey, can we come to school?” She should be like “um…no because the last 3 times you done fucked up and nearly got caught.” It just seems like the Cocotamas should be more understanding and less dicks. They seemed out of character this episode and that kind of bothered me.

Not only that, the writing in general just felt…off. They put Kokoro in a spot where she didn’t know the answer and they’re like “Hey, remember that grandma we referenced ONCE in episode one?”


BAM! Problem solving phone call!

This episode just seemed a little mean spirited and lazy. I see the message they were trying to go for. You know, trust your friends and all that jazz, but it seems to be undermined when you trust your group of friends to behave and they fuck around. So it’s like…trust your friends…but they can still be dicks? I don’t know, this episode just definitely felt off. Coming off the previous episodes as I have, I’m not really a fan of this one. Hopefully next week will return to normal and i’ll just remember this episode as “That not so good one” and skip it if I have future viewings of this show.

Episode 4/10