The awkward moment is when you owned the game since November, but HAVEN’T HAD TIME TO PLAY!
; ____ ; *SOBS* Norn9 is a game I have been following for a very long time, so when I heard about the series getting an adaption I was absolutely ecstatic. Of course once Norn9 Var Commons was licensed by Aksys Games and released BEFORE the anime I went bonkers (not sure how different it is to Norn9: Norn+Nonet Last Era though, as I know it has been released in Japan). I actually thought I would have had finished the game well before the anime adaption aired, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. But as result of not having the time to play the game, the second I started watching it, the voice in the back of my head was screaming, “DAMNIT I NEED PLAY THE GAME! I FEEL LIKE I AM SPOILING MYSELF!” and really, I do feel like I am going to be seriously spoiled, especially if they actually decide to go down one of the canon routes- which is most cases in rare for Otome Game adaptions. But other than my fangirl’s inner turmoil, the premiere managed to live up to the hype I had built up for it.

Norn9 Ep 1 Img 0002First off I absolutely loved how simple the entire episode was until the very last second when they were attacked. It was fantastic because I didn’t see it coming, I was in a trance state of mind. I genuinely thought it was going to be simple episode, period, nothing more, nothing less. Furthermore, you have to give a lot of credit to the stunning original soundtrack (instant 10/10). This is what hooked me into Norn9 before its first game in Japan even came out. I remember being on its website playing the sound samples of the soundtrack over and over again. Heck I even bought the soundtrack! It’s that good. It was responsible for making this episode beautiful and serene as possible. And the thing is, it just shows you the power of music, the impact it can have. Without a strong soundtrack to be the leader, this episode could have very well fallen flat on its face.

Norn9 Ep 1 Img 0015But perhaps the most impressive part about this premiere was how authentic it was. Until the very last second, there was no drama, there was no surprises no outrageous or exaggerated introductions- some shows are prone to do. The introductions were more or less were like normal conversations, certain characters’ unique characteristic making a standout and most importantly and most appreciated, the boys were not fawning all over the new girl. The only one who flirted was Kakeru- or so that’s what the characters claim, but I didn’t even blink because I didn’t consider his actions as such. Perhaps it is because I am so used to the characters who go over the top with their stupid corny pick up lines. So you can imagine I was quite pleased by the lack of such behavior. The entire cast so far is a promising bunch. It is difficult at this point of time to determine whether or not they will be solely focusing on Koharu’s route for the adaption, or will be intertwining all three of them into one. It is also worth pointing out that it is too soon to determine which would play out better, adaption-wise.

Norn9 Ep 1 Img 0008Koharu is a girl who until very late into the episode did not remember her own name. At this revelation I thought to myself, “GIRL! WHY DIDN’T YOU WRITE IT DOWN?!” but I digress. Now she doesn’t have an amnesia, but she either only remembers certain things, or chooses to remain silent. I think it is a little bit of both after she found the courage to open up to Kakeru, explaining she isn’t as pure as he thinks she is. We saw in her memories she had used her powers but then there was a massive fire, hinting perhaps she has the ability to wield fire, just as Kakeru has the ability to control and heal plants. Her ribbon in her hair is also a special gift in her memory, it makes me wonder if she fails to remember it was her parents who had given it to her before tragedy struck (I think they were caught up in the fire) or perhaps it was the said traveler whom she appears to be the most familiar with at the moment with her memories.Norn9 Ep 1 Img 0017 So Koharu has been wandering around and given instructions by a traveler that when she is seventeen, in the spring a ship will come to pick her up. The said traveler had also given her the uniform they wear on the ship, further validating she was in fact the one to be picked up. We learn though the ship she is picked up by is especially made by The World, as a place for those who have special powers to reside until they arrive to their destination. We later learn they will be dispatched to different nations and could potentially become enemies. This is one of the reasons why one the guys, Senri, prefers to lock himself in his room. He prefers solitude, and fears making friendships that will only be temporary.

I find this revelation quite intriguing because I wasn’t expecting it. It makes sense for Senri to be wary of creating bonds when he knows they will be sent their separate ways. This was also the part which delved into the story that was only simmering at the surface for most part of the episode. It plot’s elements were a lot more subtle than in your face, which was important in order to preserve the serene atmosphere but not take away the weight and importance of this revelation.

Overall I am really looking forward to how this adaption will unfold. They already have my attention and affection for both the story and the characters, hooked with the original soundtrack and the animation quality honestly turned out a lot better than I had initially anticipated it to be. The Opening Sequence was also in a world of its own- absolutely stellar! Can we also take a moment to appreciate how well they adapted the original characters designs? They did such a fantastic job! In fact I am so pleased with this premiere, I decided to use my shotgun on this title! So count me in for the coverage! I can’t wait to see next week’s episode! Until then…I will be playing Norn9 Var Commons in attempt to get as far as I humanly through the game before the next episode.

Possibility of Blogging: Guaranteed – SHOTGUN  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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  1. Fuyutaiyou

    Youuuuuu! You’ve got the game but you have not played !? I have no money to buy it but if I did, I would play it instantly ;A; On the other hand, the anime adaptation is going to be AWESOME (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

    1. Eva

      The mistake I made was playing Code:Realize first before Norn9 (which was stupid decision on my part because C:R is coming out in the Spring and Norn9 aired this winter), and when I was playing Code:Realize I had time on my hands.

  2. phoe-enix

    *sobs* the first time I found out the game’s gonna have an anime adaption I was all teary-happy then when the studio was announced I was teary-worried (Kinema Citrus brings back bad memories for me) and now that I’ve watched the first episode I can’t be teary-whatever because EVERYTHING’S SO GOOD AND SWEET AND OH THE PRETTY VISUAL AND AMAZING MUSIC *coughs* can’t have tears obstructing my vision XD
    This might be the adaption that can be on par with its source material, which I rarely see on the case of otome game anime adaption.
    Anyone know the translation of the Swedish song at the end? My favorite part of the episode I’ve rewatched it so many times now XD

    1. Asiltos

      I couldn’t hear it so well but it goes something like this. VERY SPOILERY if you ask me. I love the song though but can’t find the singer/song.
      As I came home, there was
      The sun
      We were drawn to each other.
      Untill you disappeared..
      Another path, a wind
      In the trails of loneliness,
      and/as the time perishes,
      get to heal my wounds.
      A new day falls down.
      You stand beside the end of the road,
      holding your hand, stiff, around me.
      And/they takes up battle with the world.
      The ice? has
      untill I somewhere glimpse the morrow,
      which heals.
      My advice, now, is stay (behind),
      In the dreams love has never left me,
      but broken hearts don’t dream.

      1. Asiltos

        There are some empty spots there as I didn’t know what she was singing, but that’s the gist of it.

      2. Eva

        Thanks Asiltos! <3

    2. Eva

      While a studios’ name often fall to “troubling” reputations when the productions don’t go well, often times it is at fault of the Director or/and Screenwriters. But right now, looking at the staff involved with this project, I don’t have any concerns, I think the team they have together right now can do a good job.

  3. sliverroses

    Anime maybe quite different from the game, since Sorata, an important character in game, didn’t appear in anime. So I don’t where the plot’s gonna heading to, or how it’s gonna fill all the plot hole. But right now I’m really enjoy first ep, especially, it’s music!!!

    1. Eva

      Yeah I am wondering about that too now. But otherwise most of the key elements are the same, but perhaps they will throw Sorata in later and re-arrange it so the group will meet him later while in the city to restock on supplies, maybe?

  4. Hannah

    Interesting thoughts! Personally I didnt really care for Koharus voice actor, but hey watcha gonna do :/ do you by any chance know the name of the song that was played when they fell into the water? Love at first “listen” <3

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