How many Clowns do you see?

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I have to say, I’m not all that fond of the new Qs. I’m actually reacting to them the exact same way that I did with the original set comprising Urie, Shirazu and Mutsuki – I found them a little bit weird, and I wanted Kaneki back. In both cases, Kaneki is probably closer than we think, but unlike with the original Qs, I’m getting the feeling that these guys may not be sticking around for all that long. Not all of them, at least. You see, I’ve taken to playing a couple of fun games whenever Ishida introduces a new set of characters. The first one is called ‘guess who’s gonna die’ and the second is ‘guess the clown’. Our candidates this time round are semen demon-chan, bishie-kun and mop head. I’m calling it now – semen demon is going to die some sort of anti-climactic death. I’m not going to get attached to her, whatever her name is. I’m not going to fall for that again, oh no. Not after Hairu ;_;


Bishie looks like the perfect Clown candidate. Which leaves poor mop head, forced to walk home after Urie wouldn’t hand over his car keys while he went to say mean things to Hinami, as the likely survivor. Are these guys even legitimate Qs? As in, have they undergone the operation or are they just in the Qs squad without having any artificial kakuhou implants? I know the CCG had reserves with high compatibility for the surgery, but it’s a little weird that they managed to produce so many in a short amount of time. And Haru isn’t even among them. Urie seems intent on commemorating Shirazu though, in naming his new SS-rate Noro-based bikaku quinque ‘Ginkui’.


Speaking of Urie, I find it really odd that he seems to have completely cast aside all his character development and has instead returned to being good old Promotion-kun. He’s even completely sucking up to Matsuri now, even though he hated his guts after Shirazu died. I don’t even understand what Matsuri is trying to achieve by becoming leader of S3. It’s true that S3 is the most accomplished squad in CCG, but surely that’s only because of Arima and his achievements? Matsuri makes it sound like S3 is somehow inherently superior to all the other squads, when really I don’t think there’s been any indication so far that it’s lauded for its own sake. Arima’s reputation will surely follow him wherever he goes, and Matsuri would gain nothing.

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_re 59 Img002It’s time to talk about Urie and how he’s bullying my darling Hinami. That’s unforgivable. It’s been, what, a year for her now in Cochlea? All the light has gone out in her eyes, and I’m pretty sure she’s been told that she’s scheduled for disposal. Urie seems like he’s buying her reluctant cooperation with empty promises to tell Kaneki that she’s been asking after him. I have a feeling he’s been telling Kaneki absolutely nothing.

What is Kaneki even doing?! I know some people think he’s staying away from Hinami to stop the CCG suspecting him once he conducts his Cochlea breakout party, but let’s face it – the entire CCG already knows that Haise has a ghoul for a surrogate little sister. If she suddenly escapes, Haise will be the first person they question, which is why I’ve always said that him releasing Hinami would also be the point he betrays the CCG.

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As for the very last panel, it’s actually hilarious that Kaneki and Furuta now look like the best of friends. To be honest, they probably already know everything about each other – except maybe the fact that Furuta might be Souta on Kaneki’s part. In the first place, they’ll be able to easily smell the ghoul on each other. As for why he’s visiting Eto… I mean, he’s definitely not out to expose her. He’s visiting her with the one guy in the entire CCG who will keep his secret and work with him to cause internal havoc everywhere – there’s no way he’s come to finish her off. And it’s been months – why wait for her to fully recover before dealing the finishing blow? In all likelihood, he’s probably come to request the aid of Aogiri to conduct his Cochlea breakout party, as I’m sure Eto has many ghouls she’s keen on releasing too. It’s absolutely evil that we’re being made to wait two weeks to see their conversation.

In other news, I watched Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto a few days ago! I don’t really feel like writing up a separate entry for it, so I thought I’d just mention it here. It features a pre-development Tsukiyama in high school, so it was a very different experience from the Tsukiyama we’ve recently seen in :re. A bit nostalgic, really. And I loved seeing Matsumae animated and voiced! I miss based maid.

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  1. Plinfan

    I actully dont belive that Urie is just turning into promotion-kun again. Im sure he is just playing the loyal lab-dog for matsuri and has plans on his own. His development is shown when he talks to Saiko and the fact he named his new quincke after Shirazu. Also he isnt bullying her, he even says that he pittys her because she is cousen to be executed. The way I see it is that Urie actully did told Ken that she asked for him and he didn`t care. Ken is wierd right now, I sure hope he is planing to rescue her. Abondoning her is bad enoth.

    1. Vantage

      I hope so. He seems to be treating the new Qs the same way he treated Saiko and Shirazu before he came to care for them, so I’ve been seeing a lot more of the old Urie than I’ve been used to lately. And I have no idea what Kaneki is up to. If he remembers Tsukiyama, he should remember Hinami too and I’m pretty sure he’s not going to leave her to die like that. It’s hard to tell what his post-Lunatic Eclipse personality is like, because all we’ve been seeing of him in his Black Reaper mode recently is one or two panels at the end of every chapter.

      Also, this double issue is very painful. I woke up today expecting spoilers, then realized I had to wait another week ;_;

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