Eto a qt.

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If you were impatiently waiting for more V scenes featuring Arima and Furuta, you’ll be disappointed. But we got an Eto chapter instead! If that hasn’t made her death flag even bigger than it was before, I don’t know what will.

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Young Eto was such a qt. It’s interesting that, although she was still strong enough to have a kakuja at that age, she wasn’t as nihilistic as she is now – was there something that happened in the meantime? Did Noroi die after this? When she says she wants to get strong enough to beat ‘them’, does she mean Urie’s father and Kuroiwa? Or does she mean V? I wonder if we’ll eventually get extracts from Ukina’s journal. The only time she reminded me of the current Eto was when she passed by Anteiku and saw Yoshimura through the window. If she’d decided to go in at that time, this entire story might have turned out differently.

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Although she had some sort of small following even in her pre-Aogiri days, it looks like Eto led a really harsh life growing up – but the strange thing was that she didn’t seem like a ghoul at all whilst doing it. I don’t know why, but I completely forgot she was a half-ghoul until Shiono found the skinned face marinated in blood in her fridge. Eto looked like a human street urchin who stole from others to make a living, and who one day decided to try writing a manuscript and submitting it as a way of making money. She could have just killed and eaten everyone she wanted to, and taken their possessions after making a meal out of them – but she didn’t. It felt like she lived more as a human than as a ghoul before Aogiri. I guess this is Ishida’s way of reminding us that she’s a half-ghoul in the end, and that she’s supposed to be (but ended up not being) someone with a connection to both the human and ghoul societies.

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I love how that one single page with Kaneki and Eto staring at each other left so much implied but unsaid. Eto turned herself in to save Shiono (it’s also odd that she seems to have a such friendly relationship with a human, but I guess he did help her out a whole lot and stayed with her even after finding out she was a ghoul) but I think she knows what Kaneki wants from her. Kaneki can’t directly do anything to Cochlea, right? But here’s Eto, an SSS-rate ghoul who’ll probably be placed on the S-rate floor instead based on the information Kaneki’s given to the CCG. All she has to do is conduct a massive breakout, and coincidentally rescue Hinami along the way as payment for getting all of her captured Aogiri ghouls back. Hinami is actually supposed to be in Aogiri too, so really there’s no reason for Eto to refuse. They’re just using each other for mutual benefit!

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All that had to have happened after the Rue Island speech, right? It’s still slightly confusing though, because Hachikawa was listening in on it and his panels have come after Eto turned herself in for some reason. Hopefully he didn’t actually tell Takizawa he was second-rate out loud, because there’s probably nothing else that’ll infuriate him more. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait even longer to have a fight featuring him reuniting with a CCG member he knew more than just in passing – someone like Akira, Amon, or Houji. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Hachikawa’s going to get absolutely rekt though, not only by Takizawa but by Shikorae now too – that ‘Chuu’ pun was quite funny. I laughed, at least. It’s an Ishida joke, everyone!

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  1. TheVoid

    After this chapter I honestly believe there is no way the breakout will go the way either wants in the end, simply because they’re both using each other to their own advantage and it would seem too smooth to go both their ways. That or Hinami gets killed because of Aogiri, which would pretty much sever any hopes Kaneki would be a OEK.

    1. Vantage

      I want it to, because I want Hinami to be saved at all costs. Even if Eto dies, so long as Hinami is saved I’d be okay with that. But the Western fandom have generally been terrible at predicting Ishida’s plot, so I do agree with you. If Hinami gets killed, I don’t think I could take it. First Hairu, and now Hinami – it’s like Ishida is tormenting the fans who have exquisite taste in best girls.

      inb4 Arima wasn’t at the meeting because he moved up Hinami’s execution date and killed her in secret

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