Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu Episode 4: A Melody of Selfishness and Subtraction

The team is experiencing some bumps in their production with both the story and the art.

You have to remember that Bunta is totally new at all of this so it’s no surprise that he’s having a hard time writing down the plot. So far he’s only been able to write five lines. That’s it, which is basically nothing. His problem was that he was thinking up a grandiose plot, and Kuroda gave him the advice to make it simpler since they’re creating a low-price game. Also, it’s better for him to do something more simple since he’s new to all of this. So taking all of this into thought, he goes absolutely nuts and writes an entire plot in just three days. That’s pretty crazy, but he was able to.

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Very true
He was really proud of his work and everyone seemed to like it, saying it was “pretty good”. Which wasn’t the type of reaction that he wanted. At least it wasn’t bad, but he wanted a more grand reaction from the team. Andou points out that the characters seem pretty weak so he decides to fix things up but he, again, gets stuck. It’s then that Kuroda takes Bunta to a cafe to meet with an extremely well-known writer, Blooter. Which is a weird pen name. Bunta asks what to do when in a slump, and basically his answer was just to write. That’s it. There’s no secret, you have have to write the script. Which doesn’t sound like much help which can be frustrating, but Bunta takes experiences from the people in his life and fixes up his plot and the team loves it. So hurray for that, they have a plot! Being a writer myself, I can really understand that sometimes…you have no idea what the hell to write. You’re going to be stumped a lot, but there really are other ways to help you out. Continuing to write is one way, but like free writing or something. People like to think that writing is easy, but it can be pretty stressful. – o –

So part 2 of the episode deals with Hentai Girl, aka Yuuki. When she read the first draft of Bunta’s writing her imagination got the best of her and she immediately starting drawing some c
aracter designs which the team loved. Again with the second and final draft, she drew even more. But when she staggers in place, the team notices that she looks weak and tired, and she tells them that she only gets about 2 hours of sleep. WHICH IS NOTHING. It’s not bad being passionate about something but it shouldn’t affect your health.

[HorribleSubs] Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu - 04 [1080p].mkv0072She reassures them that everything is fine, but then it really isn’t as she’s looking more and more weak. She’s not drawing anything, and then the next day she doesn’t even come to school at all. That’s what it looks like until she drags herself to the clubroom with a mop. She supposedly had a cold but then it got worse with a fever and she passed out in the club room. We get the drama that she doesn’t want to slow the team down with her lack of sketches, even though she kinda has (but they don’t say that). Kuroda suggests that Bunta’s plot will be better if they cut some things out, and then that’ll ease up Yuuki’s work load. Yuuki was against it at first but then agreed.

Then she gets better. Yay! They leave to get drinks and snacks to celebrate her recovery, but Kuroda decides to stay behind. When the group comes back they catch Kuroda humming a melody to herself, which they all loved and now want to use as the main theme of their game. Kuroda didn’t even realize she was humming, showing an unusually cute side to her. But she’s still whatever to me.

The game progress is slowly moving along. I wonder what kind of plot Bunta came up with since we didn’t get much of it, all we know is that it’s a comedy romance. They’re going to set up a website so we’ll probably see that and get a feel for the game. Though I wish they really went into more detail on how a game is actually made because we’re not seeing much of anything. Though I guess they can’t get started until they have an actual plot, which was barely finished with this episode. Hopefully soon we’ll see Yuuki’s finished character designs of the characters and see the game come to life with Yuuka’s voice and Andou’s programming skills, though I’m sure we’re going to see more bumps in the road with these characters.


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