Finally! I finally get to say goodbye to Xeno mcloser and Lillith! Finally! Honestly, these guys felt like filler from day one and they left NO lasting impression on me. Of course, if you’ve been reading my reviews, you pretty much already know this. Still, it’s good to be able to say goodbye to these idiots. These stupid..immortal…filler…idiots. So, that being said, let’s review the final episode of this arc and kiss it goodbye.

So the episode starts out with the transformed Giev taking in Lillith and he transforms into a giant monster. Since he’s done this, the little white robot figures that they can’t return with Lillith anymore, so the only real alternative left is to have Giev self destruct and take Lillith with him to make sure she doesn’t fall into anyone else’s hands.

Please, I would PAY you to see Lillith dead.
Please, I would PAY you to kill off Lillith’s character…if you can call her that.

Meanwhile, Xeon’s being a complete and utter dumbass. Like usual. Wet Blanket is like “Hey, you know how we’ve helped you all this time? Well I want to help you again! and Xeon’s like “No! Lillith is mine! wah wah wah!” and freaks out and sends his trion soldiers against the group so they won’t interfere with him trying to rescue Lillith on his own.

Wahhhh! Don't try to stop me! Lillith is mine! You can't have her! wahhhhhh!!!
Wahhhh! Don’t try to stop me! Lillith is mine! You can’t have her! wahhhhhh!!!

Lillith tells them that if they manage to get away, she can probably contain the explosion so no one else gets hurt. But Wet Blanket’s like “Lol, no, we have main character powers. So we’ll fix everything.”

I am filled with anxiety wondering if no one will die in the show where nobody dies.
I am filled with anxiety wondering if no one will die in the show where nobody dies.

So between the three of them, they manage to defeat the little white robot and the reinforcements arrive to contain the self destruct explosion after they rescue Lillith.

Yeah. I did combine the entire finale into one sentence. Know why? Because that’s exactly how much I cared. I knew exactly what was going to happen and they didn’t throw me for ANY twists whatsoever, because once again, this is World Trigger, aka, Baby’s First Shonen.

The arc ends with Xeon and Lillith getting aboard their spaceship and heading out of their dimension.

I love how much of a filler character this guy is. When Wet Blanket says “maybe we’ll see each other again” Xeon even says “no we won’t” Like he KNOWS he’s a filler character.

How very meta of you, Xeon
How very meta of you, Xeon

And thank god, that’s where the arc ends.

I rushed through this because honestly, I really really wanted this arc to be over. These two characters, in a word, sucked. Xeon was an asshole whose only lesson he learned through the entire thing was to maybe trust people if you have no other choice, and Lillith was a doormat you enjoys being a doormat.

These two characters didn’t develop seriously at all, and they felt like such a forced filler addition, they actually hurt my face.

I get that sometimes filler is a necessary evil to give the Manga-ka some time to write more manga, but this was just patronizing. It was like “how can we make this the most common denominator of filler in which nothing changes, no lasting characters are introduced, and we’ll forget everything the moment it’s over? I know, this arc.” This arc was so painfully terribly obviously filler that I feel that if it had gone on much longer it might have actually killed the series.

that face right there? that's what I felt this whole season
that face right there? that’s what I felt this whole season

I never really felt that anything was at stake here. The only reason they didn’t turn these two over to HQ to get loads of new information and tech was because Wet Blanket thought it “wasn’t the right thing to do.” And surprisingly, HQ allowed it. Which I think was weird writing at its best, and bad writing at its worst.

Konami was in this arc a LITTLE, but not enough to justify this entire season. Then again, NOTHING in this season was justified, as we were left off directly in the middle of a tournament when they kind of just… went off on a tangent because they could. Awesome.

If you couldn’t guess, I was not a fan of this episode, as I was not a fan of the entire filler arc. That was a very long distraction from the plot at hand. I’m going to chalk this up to a really really long commercial. …Now where were we?

Episode 4/10