I promise you, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode!
This is all I wanted to see: Dyspear being a threat, ambitious, being the badass and intimidating villain she truly is. (There were some seriously eerie moments created solely by her voice). It was so wicked to see her transformation, (it was kind of intimate to see how ecstatic Close was to return to her soul) and her powers going beyond taking over the city, but the world! That was pretty epic! Better yet, because Dyspear was born from despair, once she is cleansed she is gone until the next opportunity arises- it doesn’t look like she will be in for some special redemption process  like we have seen with other villains. However the preview did have a glimpse of darkness, looking more like Close than Dyspear- so we will have to see what will unfold in next week’s celebration and farewells.

My favourite part of this episode was how they surprised me with using what I didn’t think was anything important, at the time. Those small glowing sparkles we saw go into everyone last week to help them free themselves from being imprisoned were actually fragments of the shattered Princess Rods.Go! Princess Precure Ep 49 Img 0023 It pleased me to know they were thinking a lot deeper into the event, and used very small and subtle details of and how it was going to contribute to the next event, which took place in this episode. I also appreciated how for once the Precures were not fighting on their own. Yui, and the the students of Noble Academy made the effort to contribute to the fight, to stand their ground and not let Dyspear walk all over them. They were the ones who restored hope in the girls when they had just suffered a big beating, devastated, and were at the verge of losing hope. It was refreshing to see.
The fragments of the rods had turned into keys, otherwise better described as the power of their dreams. They used this to contribute to the fight by protecting the Precures until they could reach the doors which had finally been revealed. The precure keys were finally used to unlock the said doors, where there they obtained the power of the Grand Princess. But let’s be honest here, it was kind of both funny and weird to see the doors going into Dyspear!

Go! Princess Precure Ep 49 Img 0028I am sure it wasn’t just me who was very surprised to see how simple the Grand Princess gown were. I was honestly expecting to see something a bit more extravagant, especially when you consider their previous power up’s designs. This is probably one of the simplistic design of the final power up I have seen in a long time. Of course don’t get me wrong, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I actually like it a lot. The only thing I don’t like is the yellow- only because I am not a fan of that shade of yellow (but I think is supposed to be gold…), ahahahaha!

Finally, I guess the one thing I want to say is this: It is a pity how powerful and intelligent villains like Dyspear only get one episode to truly shine. I see this a lot in many series like Precure, and I wished they would at least have two episodes, just so we can appreciate their strengths and abilities as a villain. Of course it ultimately comes down to how to avoid dragging the fight on for too long to the point it becomes boring. So at the end of the day, we simply have to appreciate the one epic episode they get!

Go! Princess Precure Ep 49 Img 0007
Thanks for being a wicked villain Dyspear!

Next week is the final episode! It is time for the girls to pursue their dreams, part ways and bid their farewells. It will be a bittersweet one, I am sure.


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  1. Marcos Pinheiro

    Another amazing episode! And I also enjoyed a lot and love it a lot! And this episode presents many hopeless moments, great moments and awesome moments! 😀
    The true form of Dyspear, with fused Close’s powers, is really creepy, intimidating and even more Maleficent like! Not to mention that her gargatuan size makes her even more scary! And her eyes! Oooooooohhh…
    Her powers were like, ‘she’s unstoppable. she’s too strong.’ And when she took the caged victims into the Door of Despair I got sad and didn’t expect that to happen. It was like ‘The DysDark Strikes Back’, again since episode 38.
    And then, ‘The Return of the Princesses of Dreams’! 😀
    The friends of Pafu, Haruka, Kirara, Minami and Towa acted cool for them and I liked their lines of speeches. And not just them, but everyone stand up against the mighty Dyspear with their hope and trust in their dreams along with Yui.
    Love Yui’s lines before the attack and the burst of the ‘dream light’. 🙂
    I was surprised about what really were those ‘rainbow powders’ in ep 48 and yet they all have become!
    I must write that I found those keys cute looking and not bad too.
    Yui, Yuuki, everyone sure helped and saved the cures from despair this time!
    And I’m glad to see that happening!
    The Princess Pretty Cures will never be alone for sure! 😉
    I agree with you, Eva, about the doors going right in front and close to Dyspear. I think it really is kind of both funny and weird. ^^
    The princesses running scene is really cool!
    It has many cool moments in it as well.
    Her ‘Academy friends’ giving energy for them to reach their doors.
    Again Miss Shamour and Prince Kanata protecting them, and so are Pafu and Aroma.
    Shut and Kuroro working together, AAAAAAHHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH, it’s one of the greatest moments of this episode!
    I was like ‘AH! He’s back! And with two pair of eyes now! Oh! Now he’s fully Kuroro now! And Shut is assisting him too! So cool! Way to go you guys!’ XD
    And of course, their final transformation!
    I liked the Grand Princesses! They look so beautiful and grand! Not to mention, powerful too!
    I also liked their final attack against Dyspear! To me it was very cool!
    What an ending, but the preview tells us that there’s one DysDark member who doesn’t quit easily!
    And did you (Eva and viewers) notice those Stop and Freeze pillars didn’t disappear after the final attack? Indeed it’s not over, yet.
    I know I wrote this many times and in certain episodes, Eva, but to me, it’s happening! I really have a list of favorite episodes of this series and this ep 49 is another one! This series is so great! 😀
    Now for the last episode! I’m sure I’m going to miss this great season when I watch it. ^^
    We all are wondering how will you write about ep 50, Eva. Can’t wait for it too after I watch the episode. 😉

    1. Eva

      //And did you (Eva and viewers) notice those Stop and Freeze pillars didn’t disappear after the final attack? Indeed it’s not over, yet.//
      Yeah actually I was scratching my head about that. I wasn’t sure what to think because I wasn’t sure if they were there to begin with. We’ll have to wait and see if it is a sign of something else to come, but otherwise I don’t think it’s something major. If it is, there better be a good explanation for it.

  2. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

    Overall another amazing episode, but that finishing move “Grand Liberation” was… rather mediocre really, just “unlocking” the heart of Dyspear and that’s done, but one good thing is for once ALL Precures of Go Princess Precure got the final power-up and the tiles they’re afteriong all this time (Grand Princesses), unlike the two horrid Doki Doki & Happiness Charge where two shit protagonists (Mana & Megumi) received their final buff-ups while the rest were spectators! At the end, friggin’ CLOSE just won’t give up huh?! Everyone will go their separate ways, but… dat preview of Haruka & Kanata mirrors episode 1 where they first met, sweet I’m eager to wait the closure of their own drama!

    1. Eva

      I agree, the final attack was pretty mediocre, but at this point I didn’t really care too much for it- probably because I had lowered my expectations dramatically and wasn’t expecting much out of the Grand Princess as of last week.

  3. Keiko

    In the style of an immortalized line from Romeo and Juliet: “Princess Cures, o Princess Cures! Thou halt finally break the Cure leader-only season finale upgrade curse that a lot of people utterly disappointed from the Doki Doki and the Happiness Charge seasons much for TWO HELL YEARS in the Pretty Cure Series!”
    To be honest I have to tell all of you, the Pretty Cure fans, that the second-to-the finale episode of GPPC was actually more meet than my usual expectations. Dyspear’s colossal titan-sized shrub monster form was just too damn creepy, including the eyes, with a touching fuse of Close’s powers through the ever-so creepy loyalty-to-a-master hug which made her to be more Maleficent in a nutshell, our dear Princess Cures trying to use their Premium finishers at the gigantic baddie (and Kanata uses his usual staff powers to boost Scarlet with an upgraded Scarlet Prominence); but when Dyspear wasn’t hit by the combining Premium finisher powers was like she doesn’t hurt at all and I was like, “What the heck?!”
    For the freaking despair cages, I was so shocked that the Haruno family, Rin-Rin, Stella-san, Baurollo (who I even call him his real life counterpart Karl Lagerfeld), Manager Tachi… Dammit! All in all are trapped in those cages and sucked into that despair door. Even though Kanata and his HK subjects are trying their best to protect the Noble students as well as attempt to do a final Grand Printemps… Shimmering my nerves again, Dyspear is way too strong to beat! It looks like it’s really the end of the world when Haru-Haru, Minamin, Kirara and Towachi get deformed to their muggle forms with an attempted terrible temptation at Dyspear. But when Yui-Yui is about to attacked by the witch’s clones (and I am so overreacted and screamed for her)… HOLLY SMOKES! The cool golden light was emerged from her body and unleashed itself into a key born from the fragments of the Princess Rods and the Scarlet Violin (so as Yuki-kun and the co have these too). Because of this, the Princess Cures have received full resilience thanks to the NA team’s power of dreams, in which I called the “Noble People Power Revolution” (kinda reminds me of the EDSA People Power that toppled the Marcos dictatorship in my home country, the Philippines, almost 30 years ago but an enlighten twist).
    The stock re-henshin is turned into a Temple Run-styled one when the clones are about to attack the Princess Cures. But hey, there’s Kanata and Shamour taking their staff attack; Puff and Aroma doing a double forehead punch, Shut’s black rose technique and… (pardon for the caps lock) THE REDEEMED LOCK, WOOHOO!!! >o< Very funny also for Dyspear to see her now ex-generals are in the Princess Cures' side, but Kuroro insists by introducing his own name (and a nice combat style, too). Ugh, Yui-Yui too! She keeps praying for her Cure partners to make to the four royal doors below the mighty Dyspear. And I'm super agree on what Kanata is saying that the Princess Cures are just keep fighting for the dreams of everybody. Of course, Flora says the henshin phrase and inserts her standard Dress Up Key… Oh goodness, the Grand Princesses are born! Well, I must say that they're so elegant and gorgeous (oh, those words again! XD) though their outfits ain't look like princesses anymore but rather… QUEENS! Love also their staffs and lace halos… Another innovation for an all-Cure season finale upgrade and like I commented from the last time: The Princess Cures are the first to have those under the new production management in the Cure series, and this is also actually the first since the Ultra Smile Cures to do so. Well honestly, I just love the Grand Liberation finisher and the golden DUK that we've had been talking about for almost a year has been finally come out and turned into a giant golden key, hitting Dyspear's keyhole chest and BANG, BULL'S EYE! Everybody is so proud about Flora and the others defeating the wicked witch, but wait… Where's Close? And what 'bout Stop and Freeze in monster forms?
    Oh boy, I get a feeling that there'd be a rematch of episode 11 of GPPC but with a damn frickin' twist! Plus the Dys Dark back story, the complete rejuvenation of the Hope Kingdom, the gang return to their normal states and… I wonder if the staff would put Yui-Yui's storybook of the Princess Cures in the finale episode? D'oh, I'm still not ready for the goodbye! I'm gonna miss the whole gang when it's over. 🙁

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