This episode was quite chaotic. Very little progression has been made as it had been shifting back and forth between two on-going events, the riot in the underground prison facility and Yuuya struggling against Barrette. I wouldn’t say this was a strong episode, but it was most certainly entertaining to watch. I can’t tell you how many times I laughed my head off. Shun being a total badass by channeling his inner Yusei and soloing the guards simply by literally kicking their ass. He only resorted to his duel disk when they were cornered, and solo’d them there even though Sawatari was with him. The minute Shun heard about Academia invading, there was no stopping him. In the mean time, thanks to the riot which Shun had started, Shinji and his comrades made themselves took a hold of the opportunity to try and take over the facility. Tsukikage had assigned Gongenzaka to stay put, hoping Yuzu would do the same since it’s the best place to hide. But Yuzu has other plans. The minute she saw the opportunity, she took the initiative to try and figure her way out, but not with much luck though since she was mostly wandering around. Gongenzaka eventually managed to find her, but they were separated once more because of the stampede of the now free men. If Yuzu can’t find Gongenzaka, she probably won’t wait for him and begin her search for Yuuya on her own.

Though there were little progress, there were little things I did appreciate seeing. In particular, I was pleased to see Yuuya attempting to think rationally. He was absorbing the information from his opponent, hoping to figure out a way to overcome the hurdle.

YGO ARC V Ep 90 Img 0008

While he didn’t think is all the way through, at least he tried. But what I especially loved was how he reacted to drawing his father’s card. He was like, ‘I AM GOING TO PROTECT SELENA’ *DRAWS* ‘GOD DAMN IT.’ This scene was so entertaining to me because Yuuya was genuinely conflicted about the card. He knows better that this is not the situation to try and make everyone smile, far from it in fact. He is no longer the naive idealistic boy he used to be. Though he didn’t say it, his face literally screamed, ‘NOW’S NOT THE TIME, MOM, DAD!’ I could not stop laughing, it was so funny to me. And really, it will be interesting to see how or if the card will be used- especially given what we are in store for next week.

That’s right, almost every major player is going to be at the scene. Yuuya, Selena, Reira, Sora, Yuuri, Barrette, Yuugo,- not to mention Jean is most likely going to make a desperate attempt to jump in too, maybe even personally go in himself. And if that isn’t crazy enough, Yuuya or somebody is going to go Beserk! There is definitely a potential for the dragons to go crazy like they had during Yuugo VS Yuuto fight, but I’m hoping that won’t be the case, because I really don’t want to see Yuugo go. Either way, it is going to be quite a showdown!

Note of the Week: ‘Raise the flag of rebellion’, LMAO Someone’s been listening to RAISE YOUR FLAG! song.


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  1. Risanai

    So in Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans, a character played by Yoshimasa Hosoya (Orga) led his merry band and got themselves caught in between a conflict between the oppressed class and their oppressor with the oppressed trying to start a revolution, and had the girl he needed to protect disappear in the chaos.
    In Yugioh Arc-V, a character played by Yoshimasa Hosoya (Reiji) led his merry band and got themselves caught in between a conflict between the oppressed class and their oppressor with the oppressed trying to start a revolution, and had the girl he needed to protect disappear in the chaos.
    the similarities are uncanny.
    Anyway, about the episode itself, I find myself really enjoying it throughout. The events underground was pretty good, and honestly it somewhat redeemed Shinji in my eyes. He’s pretty competent and doesn’t seem to be that bad of a guy if not being blinded by rage. Shun’s a big badass this time, and damn, I’m so worried about Reira throughout the episode. And with Yuya going berserk while being chained on the next…hopefully nothing bad happened to the poor kid. Or to Sora, since he’s been raising his death flag like crazy as of late.
    Other highlight tho…that moment of Shun brofist with Crow and the fact that he worked along with others willingly now. It’s sooo sweet.

    1. Eva

      Hahahaha! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed the similarities! XD Pretty funny how accurate the timing is too!
      I agree, Shinji was way better this time round. If only he knew it was Shun causing the riot, LMAO!

  2. Ken James

    Doesn’t it get even sadder when mob separates Yuzu and Gongenzaka? I’m that wouldn’t happen with Yuya and Yuzu.
    I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if funnily/tragically with Yuzu’s bracelet separates her with Yuya after reuniting.
    I know I may be wrong but doesn’t Yoko and Yusho seem like a little bit of a bad influence on Yuya right now? The moment he brings up EGAO World he has their words used against while he tries figuring out a way to protect Reira(who’s suffering from huge amounts of PTSD) and Serena(who’s been heavily drugged) and fending off a fresh trio of Obelisk Force. Yuya’s never getting a break from this. But in the end this is what makes Yuya even more of a favorite to me because of the kind of conflicts he’s up against and how he tries facing them. I think the only problem with Yuya is that most of the times when he does go for Entermate dueling he tries too hard in making a performance that it’s obvious he’s faking and not being 100% true to himself.
    It seem a bit strange with how evil Academia’s shown to be that the first sight of traitors(Serena and Sora) come in instead of wanting to card them they just choose to arrest them instead? I understand that Serena’s valuable to the professor so he’s definitely not going to card her but with Sora I figured he wouldn’t hesitate. I guess the Professor must be more intimidating as I thought as least to them.
    So much shit’s about to go down next week I honestly can’t wait!!! We’ll finally have two of Kensho Ono’s characters briefly meet and talk face-to-face, Yugo comes in to duel Yuri and Yuya going Hulk while channeling in his inner Berserk to break through chains!!

    1. Eva

      I don’t think Yoko had ever imagined how extreme of a fight Yuuya was being dragged into. Even in this situation, I don’t think she would tell him to make people smile. It’s just a matter of bad luck and timing on Yuuya’s part to have to draw that card in such circumstances. But it is precisely because it is drawn in this situation is what makes it so interesting. It can definitely help Reira with his PTSD, but it is unlikely to affect Academia’s goons- who might just end up spoiling the whole spectacle.
      Next week is going to be INSANE!

  3. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

    First that hilarious jail break, now this? Man Shun could’ve just go punching those Academia faggots instead of proper dueling, but YUZU why the heck you made such reckless decision to look for Yuya yourself?? SHINJI good lord he did trigger his “rebellion”, much appreciated for (unwillingly) helping some Lancers to escape to the surface, but I still don’t deem you worth of repentance XP The underground mess was very enjoyable (yes, nice to meet ENJOY with his disciples again), Yuya, you should take note on how to be “fun” and “make everyone smile”, oh wait you can’t, that Smile World distracting you so much you didn’t even know that you can pull out Odd-Eyes Rebellion to OTK Barett!! Serena, how long are you gonna sit there, the effects of tear gas should be wore off already!
    OMG YUYA, YUGO & YURI on the same scene next week?! Not to mention the spirit of Yuto too, all four will go on their Berserk states again?! Alright Serena, please show us how your bracelet can remedy this situation becuz apart from Yuzu none of her counterparts are so convincing with their own bracelets! (*And the writers definitely want Yuya and Yuzu to be separated as long as possible, they’re a bunch of sadists really)

  4. The Uncreative

    This episode was really entertaining. Other highlights for me were Yuya comforting Reira with a hug, Serena refusing to go with Barrett, and EVERYTHING with Shun and Sawatari (in particular, Shun remarking that Sawatari was of absolutely no help whatsoever, and Sawatari responding to Gallagher and co. being electrocuted with “oh, flashy!”) sawatari i swear to god
    I did laugh at the EGAO scene, too! I do like how the card has come to represent Yuya’s inner conflict – if I remember correctly, the only time he has actually used Smile World in Synchro was in his very first duel with Security. Yuya has not been able to be himself or follow his ideals due to everything that’s been happening to him. And of course it appears at the most crucial time – will Yuya (after all that’s happened) be able to follow his promise to his mother and to Yuto?
    I’m also worried, though. As another comment here said already, Sora has death flags all over him (Yuya going berserk in the preview doesn’t help matters). But it’s not only him; the underground guards mentioned more than once the existence of a reeducation facility, a place that’s supposedly even worse (unless it’s just, well, the prison). What if one or more of the Lancers or the Commons get captured?

  5. Elvis

    haha i love how barrets like im taking you back and Selena says “piss off” well thats what the subs said for the one i watched ;D
    ok so i play yugioh wayy too much and the second Yuya played his pendys im like yep odd-eyes rebellion first turn kill and he summons everything needed for it but he freaks out cause of barrets 2 traps all he needs to do is go into odd-eyes rebellion and hes home free if i heard correctly the 2nd trap only negates dark rebllion xyz dragon so he can just use pendy effects and bring out odd-eyes rebellion ):

    1. kamiyami

      Excatly. he could just OTK him right there, but oh well….. for the plot sake

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