Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 89

Wow, we knew the Synchro Realm was beyond stupid to begin with, but my god, what gullible fools they are! Everyone saw the Obelisk Force flying through the air, and is the first thing that comes to mind? Oh they must be entertainers! Oh yeah, sure they are! Entertainers running around the streets in shady uniform and creepy masks, hopping and dashing around roof-tops, shooting up flares and such- yeah, sure, totally not shady stuff going on. YGO ARC V Ep 89 Img 0017At this point even if Academia was initiating the invasion, these idiots wouldn’t even realize it until they are taken over. I bet they would think that people being turned into cards is a magic trick! And the board! Don’t even get me started on those morons. Thank god Reiji is now taking into consideration of what I had hoped of him last week, of using this opportunity to determine whether or not they should form an alliance with the Synchro Realm, because right now the board of morons are more impressed with Jean’s one man army Sergey. Like wow, this Jean just tried to overthrow you guys and you’re fucking impressed now? These idiots don’t want to do shit, and I honestly can’t wait to see it come back to bite them in the ass. I sincerely hope Reiji will come to the conclusion they are not worth forming an official alliance with, maybe pick up a few strong friends they made along the way, but that’s about it.

Oh, and aren’t they in for an extra special treat? According to the preview, Shinji who has been sent underground, surely wasn’t going to stay silent while he was there! Oh no, he has been organizing and riling up the people, calling out to start their revolution right at the worse possible time. And frankly speaking, this is exactly what I was concerned about so many episodes ago. The timing of this happening is at its worst- and at this point, I do wonder if we will actually see the tournament finish. It’s just going to get super ugly at this point because this is how it is going to escalate:
Commons Rebellion VS TOPS/ Jean’s Security Force VS Lancers VS Obelisk Force

So right now, the two sole parties that are fighting everyone/anyone who gets in their way, are the Lancers and Obelisk Force, both outsiders of this realm. However there is a major concern of mine regarding the Commons Rebellion and the Obelisk Force. The worst possible scenario to happen is this:
The Obelisk Force or Yuuri decides to exploit this opportunity by making a deal with the Commons Rebellion of: If they find Yuzu and/or Selena and hand them over, they will support their fight against the TOPS and Jean’s forces. I mean, these guys are fucking idiots who will take a hold of any opportunity they are provided, and I have little to no doubt Shinji would say, ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’
And then later get betrayed by Academia.

YGO ARC V Ep 89 Img 0026With the chaos unraveling, the Lancers are now forced to take action. With the Obelisk Forces all over the city (well over twenty, that’s for sure), Tsukikage, Reira and Selena knew it was only a matter of time before they would be found. Selena told them to leave her behind, but Reira takes a stand, telling Tsukikage he will protect her and buy them time to inform their allies underground. He proves to Tsukikage he can hold his own, and Tsukikage goes off but is trailed by the forces, making it impossible for him to go straight underground, fearing he would lead them to where their hideout and Yuzu is. He is forced to fight, and almost loses, but thankfully- Sora, (bless this kid, I am so proud of him! ; ___ 😉 jumps into the fight and helps Tsukikage defeat them, and basically saved his life. I was crying tears of joy because that was no easy decision. He just revealed right then and there that he has officially betrayed Academia! But the icing on the cake was having the Obelisk Force have a taste of their own medicine.Although the grudge will remain, Tsuikage is thankful for Sora’s help, and it was great how genuinely happy Sora was to do so.

YGO ARC V Ep 89 Img 0014And then we have our courageous kid Reira! Damn he is strong! He was able to stand his ground against a number of Obelisk Forces, but then as he was becoming more and more worn out, his post-traumatic stress kicked in, and he couldn’t do anything. Luckily Yuuya was not only able to snap out of it, but arrive at the nick of time to take over the fight. Thank god for D-Wheels! Oh and the flares, but it’s like a double-edge sword because now Yuuri and every other Obelisk Force member knows the location too, so they need to move fast, FFFF——!!!!! JUMP ON THE D-WHEEL AND SPEED AWAY!

YGO ARC V Ep 89 Img 0005Although this was quite an intense and fast paced episode, the beginning was absolutely priceless. Yuuri tries to bait Yuugo out by saying he will tell him where Rin is, if he in return tell him where Yuzu is, but Yuugo thinks Yuzu is dead, so he tells him Yuzu is in his heart, and Yuuri is like WTF, and had the best reaction! I was laughing so much and so hard, I had tears in my eyes! Yuugo is definitely Yuuri’s ultimate weakness, because he was like, ‘Fuck this shit, I’m out.’ He absolutely does not want to wait his breath or time with Yuugo and in a way, can be (humorously) interpreted as running away!

That is all I have to say about this week’s episode, it flew by like the wind! Excited and anxious for how everything is going to blow up next week, lets see how Yuuya can handle the Obelisk Force on his own, since this will be the first time taking them on, without being in the Berserk State!


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0 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 89

  1. That brief shot where Ancient Gear Bite Hound got attacked by Sora was priceless lol. I had to rewind just to make sure I saw it (Its eyes went 0_0 when it got hit by the missile). I’m kind of curious what the Obelisk force looks like underneath those masks, because I’m pretty sure they’re doing it for effect, but its amusing (and somewhat creepy) seeing their goggles move around like eyes.
    Last Fun Fact: Apparently Yuya’s VA sings the Luck & Logic opening song (that show as it is happens to be pretty enjoyable).

  2. Yugo: Hey there kidnapper, I’m Yugo!!
    Yuri: Heh, are you a FUSION user too?
    Yugo: (Pissed) NOT FUSION, IT’S YUGO DAMNIT!!!!!
    Yuri: Tell me where Hiragi Yuzu is.
    Yugo: (Brief flashback of Yuzu’s “death”)… Yuzu… lies within MY heart!
    Yuri: (Troll face) HUH?? Are you an idiot?
    Apart from the priceless dialogue of Yugo (Fusion) and Yuri, this episode only served to piss me off about how MORONIC these Synchro fools (Commons, Tops, Council-fools alike) viewed this Academia invasion as “entertainment”!! (But the Obelisk Force numbers were so few) Hooray for Sora finally got the balls to stab Academia’s back, but doing so actually waved his death flag 🙁 Reira, once again this kid did a great job finishing some of the Obelisk punks off (which even Tsukikage couldn’t), but seeing him catching up his old memories… thank god Yuya entering this dogfight could well signal the fast progress of the relatively slow Synchro arc!
    Next episode: Finally some Lancers we haven’t seen in a while (The Man Gongenzaka, Neo New Sawatari and Kurosaki) will be ready to kick some ass, but SHINJI OMG here goes his stupid “revolution” crap again, oh great so they’re organizing a massive riot starting from the underground and eventually ally themselves with Academia to topple those Tops and Synchro Apocalypse looms with this revolting revolutionist wannabe kick-starting it!!

  3. Yuri’s facial expressions were actually hilarious to me! I’m glad i’m not the only one who saw it!!
    Don’t even get me started on the board! They’re just a bunch of idiotic passive old timers who couldn’t tell a good alliance from a bad one! I swear that they have hearts made of ice and Jack Frost himself painted those annoying-as-hell smiles that are constantly plastered on their faces.
    It’s one of those smiles from people who’ve never been punched in the face. And i really want to do them a favour and give them one!

  4. eva i look foward to [spoiler]yuya vs barret as well because yuya never dueled against him. the only one who dueled him was reiji[/spoiler]

  5. Well if there’s an invasion, 20~ masked costumed people arriving in bright orange gliders aren’t really what I’ll be thinking of being one. You can see the MC being confused as hell about what it was before deciding not to bother thinking about it much and chalked it as yet another one of Roget’s extra “entertainment” routine after the surprise Yuya vs Crow. They’re still morons but if I were them I’d be confused too.
    But yeah fuck the council.
    Shit is hitting the fan now, let’s see if Synchro can do something to redeem itself in these last ~11 episodes of it.

  6. I honestly liked all the Yuri expression, kinda of wondering despite the fact that he’s a serious threat they’re trying to make him more human.
    The board are as I always said a waste of thought. They pretty let all this happen sense day one after already knowing that Jean is from a different world but let him rise to a position of power because he gave them “a new toy”, they constantly bitch to Reiji when things go wrong for them, always underestimate his team, plus their fully okay with Slave Labor. By all means I don’t blame him for having second thoughts on helping these people because Jack, Crow, Yugo, ENJOY, the kids, and sometimes Shinji offers a hell of a lot more compare to them. Bonus if White Taki pulls a Palpetine because he’s becoming far too suspicious.
    As for Shinji, I believe it’s likely setting up on if his revolution gets people killed/carded and that leads him responsible. But then again this is Shinji so who knows which direction that will take.

    1. OH dear lord, you just made me consider another dreadful possibility. Academia recruiting the Rebels and providing them “carding” device to trap the TOPS in cards. That would be seriously messed up. X____x|||
      But otherwise yeah: Shinji > Stupid Board

  7. Meh….I’m willing to give the average citizen, Tops or Commons, the benefit of the doubt since it’s unlikely that they’re in the loop about the existence of other dimensions let alone about Academia and the war going on. If anything, its the board that’s at fault. A fucking army is coming and they don’t do ANYTHING to let the people know it’s not a show so they could, oh i don’t know… Evacuate? At least KNOW about the danger? Begin taking up arms to defend themselves? If people continue to act stupid after that, THEN they’re complete idiots. For now all the idiocy is on the board and it’s going to be entirely their fault the City is going to fall. Hell, I may not like Reiji’s actions during the MCS, but at least he was taking initiative in keeping the Maiami City safe >.>

    1. Well it’s not like nobody tried to warn the citizens. :\ When Yuzu tried the crowd would shout, “WHO CARES, SHUT UP AND FIGHT”
      They would only be taken seriously if they were victorious. It also flew over their heads during Shun VS Dennis duel, when they were shouting the entire time about Academia, about the abduction of his sister- I mean, during the MCS tourment Shun VS Sora, at least the audience were scratching their heads trying to pin-point what the heck they were actually talking about. As of right now, I don’t think anyone will be evacuating until it’s too late because the board is too lazy and stupid to do shit, and Jean wants to try and handle it quietly as possible, but the rebellion is going to make it all more complicated.

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