Ajin Episode 6: I’ll Murder You As Well

Wow! By far the best and intense episode of Ajin…so far, at least. This episode was just so exciting I could barely eat my ice cream because I just couldn’t keep my eyes off. Now my ice cream’s all melted…

Okay, a lot of good things here. First off, I just knew we couldn’t fully trust Satou. Well duh after having Kei purposely captured and tortured of course I couldn’t trust him, but now he was after Kei’s life. Oh goodness. This all started when the two were finding a way out and they came across three researchers. Satou kills one and attempts to kill the other two but Kei stops him. He grabs the machine gun (or whatever) and shot and “killed” Satou. And that angered him. Kei then hides off with the other two researchers and makes a deal with them, that he would act as a decoy and let them escape, in exchange that they would find an easy escape route for him. And the rest of the episode is this.

[DeadFish] Ajin (2016) - 06 [720p][AAC].mp40024But we learned a lot of good things this episode. One, Ajins technically can die. And it seems like the researchers Kei was helping already knew that for some reason. Satou got angry after Kei shot him and he said he’d murder him, and he was being serious. After seeing how much fun Satou has killing, I’m not totally surprised he knew about this. But depending on what your definition of death is, Ajin sort of can die. As explained by Satou, when an Ajin is killed its body parts are brought together, but when one piece, a large piece, is too far away the body will just regenerate a new one. Such as, if the head is sliced off and too far away from the body, the body will just create a new head. Will the new head have the same memories and personality? That’s where the real question lies. It’s really interesting and now I do wonder that. Thankfully we didn’t have to see that, but it makes me wonder how many times Satou has done this to someone to know how this all works. Also, I should have seen this when learning the weak spot of the black ghosts is the head, it’s the same with Ajin. There are still many things we don’t know about the Ajin, and the professor that arrived kept talking but was silenced to keep details to himself. So with learning this, they still kinda can’t die, but a possibly new personality could take over the body when the head is cut, so there’s that. It would be cool to see that later on.

The head seems to be really important, other than the regenerativeness. When Kei and Satou were battling each other on the roof with their Stands, ah…ahem, I mean with their black ghosts, their heads collided and Satou was able to see a bit of Kei’s memories, and Kei was able to see a little of Satou’s memories. And interestingly, Satou’s memory was of an African soldier, that time when the first Ajin were discovered in Africa. Hm, what on earth could that mean?

Another thing I liked this episode was Kei himself. Well, I don’t know if I can say I like him, I kind of have to agree with his sister. He’s…trash. I still feel bad for him for all the things that happened to him, but…hm. I just really like that we really got to see Kei’s personality because so far I felt he’s been pretty bland and that Kai took the spotlight instead, but since Kei is all alone now we get to see who he really is. And I have to agree with how his sister described him.

[DeadFish] Ajin (2016) - 06 [720p][AAC].mp40046

Logical and heartless is exactly how I’d describe him. A couple episodes back when we saw the flashback with his mother telling him to stay away from Kai, we saw that Kei didn’t mind and that he only hung out with Kai because it was sad seeing him alone. I thought it weird because for these past episodes I thought that Kei really did care about Kai. He even left him so his life wouldn’t be in danger anymore. But when Kei and Satou passed the corpses of the security guards, Kei didn’t really react much. He pointed the irony that their job is to protect but they were killed, but his facial expression didn’t really change.

[DeadFish] Ajin (2016) - 06 [720p][AAC].mp40052We really saw this behavior with him a lot this episode. When Satou killed one of the researchers he didn’t lash out, he was just “Oh? You’re killing them?” He did realize that the other two were defenseless and Kei stopped Satou saying “Well, you don’t have to kill them you can just break their arms or something, y’know?” Like…okay? He won’t kill them but he’ll wound them enough so they won’t hurt him. Later on when the one researcher that was unusually kind and helped him got shot, Kei was basically like “Oh, he died? Oh well.” Like holy shit man this guy was honestly helping you, he wasn’t tricking you, he was seriously helping you, and that’s how you react? And when he realized the man was actually alive, you could see Kei practically roll his eyes and force himself to help the researcher like damn you’re alive, well I guess that means that I do have to help you. I mean Kei even says he doesn’t give a shit about people and you really did see that this episode. He’s a little cold. He’s so weird. It’s just interesting that he did show worried emotions for Kai. But not this time. He’s…trash.

I can’t wait for next week, I can’t even imagine where Kei could go this time. Also, is it bad that I don’t totally hate Satou? I mean I know he’s a really bad person, but…he’s really cool. Super badass, like whoa.


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  1. Kei reminds me of Izumi how emotionally closed off he is but I think that maybe he doesn’t really feel for other people like he lacks empathy

    • Berry says:

      Izumi from Parasyte, right? Yeah I can really see that, but Izumi actually cared for people. He cared for their safety and protected them, while Kei over here is like “Ahh they died. Oh well!” Kei lacks empathy and just doesn’t seem to care for people at all.

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