Well finally here we are. We managed to finally get to the dragon battle that we’ve been waiting for…well…a bunch of episodes. But was it worth the wait? Let’s find out.

So the episode starts up with Itami at the camp with the dark elf leaders. They thank them for coming and tell them they know where the dragon’s lair is. With this information, they offer up their nine best warriors that they actually bother to name. Which…is pretty stupid because I named them “The nine dark elves who are going to die”

Seriously. Why? Why even bother giving them names?
Seriously. Why? Why even bother giving them names?

He trains them all with the rocket launchers and comes up with a plan to defeat the dragon.

They head off to the mountain, however, as the cave leads underground, Rory refuses to go because underground freaks her out since it’s the domain of Hardy. So she stays above ground.

Nice way to leave the super powerful goddess behind guys
Nice way to leave the super powerful goddess behind guys

Itami’s plan is to plant C4 explosives and blow the dragon the fuck up. So the group then buries the C4 and just as they finish, the dragon shows up. Because of course it does. Then it proceeds to kill pretty much every dark elf that had a name, but only appeared for this episode and no one remotely cared about.

No! Not...THAT ONE! Her name was...fuck. what was it?
No! Not…THAT ONE! Her name was…fuck. what was it?

Elf girl wakes up and sees what’s going on, and the magic girl is like “I got this shit” and uses her magic to throw a bunch of swords at the dragon which skewer it a bit.

Not gonna lie...that DOES look pretty badass
Not gonna lie…that DOES look pretty badass

The elf girl finally gets pissed off and throws lightning at the dragon which causes the c4 to explode and blow the fuck out of the dragon killing it.

As they leave the cave they see that Rory is pretty badly injured. The reason for this is that blood contract from earlier actually took all of Itami’s damage and transferred it to Rory.

At this time, and envoy of Hardy shows up (who kind of looks like a gender swapped version of Damien from magical diary)

Come on i'm not the only one to see it...right?
Come on i’m not the only one to see it…right?

and has with her the 2 dragon hatchlings from the fire dragon that she trained to do her bidding. Unfortunately for her, that’s when the Japanese SDF shows up and bombs the crap out of them, killing them, and she retreats.

"Stop breaking my stuff you CLODS!" (she's channeling her inner Peridot)
“Stop breaking my stuff you CLODS!” (she’s channeling her inner Peridot)

And the episode ends with the four main characters returning home.

This episode…was actually pretty good. It finally wrapped up that whole Dragon arc that I have been waiting for for a while now. There were no side stories, no cutaways with rabbit girl and her foot licking pig, just straight dragon fight. And I liked it.

The whole thing with Hardy’s envoy (Giselle) showing up at the end was a tad excessive, but they wrapped it up quick enough that it didn’t make a big mess. I’m really glad she wasn’t kidnapped so we didn’t have to have a “Rescue Rory” arc because I want to see her have more screentime with Itami.

more of this..but..you know...minus the injuries.
more of this..but..you know…minus the injuries.

I also thought it was a bit silly to bring in all those dark elves, name them, and just kill EVERY SINGLE ONE off. I mean…you couldn’t have like….2 live? You had to neatly kill them all? Seems a bit odd to me…and too “Hey look! Everyone but a main character died!” It wasn’t upsetting, I thought that was just a bit silly.

However, now that the dragon arc is finally done, I am actually very excited to see what’s coming next. I hope that since they introduced Giselle, it will be a Rory arc. Because I need to see more Rory X Itami stuff damn it! You had your vengeance elf girl, time for some Rory action!

All in all, solid episode, I’d recommend watching it. Maybe from now on they’ll stick to one storyline instead of 5 going on at once…although I doubt I’ll be that lucky.

Episode 7.5/10


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