And so we’re back to some more wacky GATE adventures. And honestly, quite a bit happened in this episode. I keep forgetting that in this show, stuff actually happens. I’m watching so many shows where there’s 17 kinds of nothing, that I forget that stuff actually happens in some shows. Well, I’m not going to explain everything that happens with this preamble, so let’s get going.

So the episode starts up with the king’s idiot son taking the place of the king now that he’s out of the picture. And yes, I was shocked too to find out the king isn’t dead, he’s just unconscious from the poison. You know, kind of an Arl Eamon from Dragon Age thing going on.

to be fair, killing THIS guy's son would no doubt fix everything.
to be fair, killing THIS guy’s son would no doubt fix everything.

The idiot prince holds a rally saying how they shouldn’t make peace with Japan and fight them. Which is still really stupid. Nope, hasn’t changed. It’s still really really stupid. I guess they missed the part where Japan could just bomb the fuck out of them. Japan at this point is trying very very hard to be peaceful with these people and this prince is just making the stupidest fucking decisions. If Japan wasn’t being so peace oriented, this would be over in literally one hour. they’d just go in, bomb the fuck out of everyone, and take everything.

He has a meeting with his new generals saying how they’re going to defeat them by using underhanded tactics such as dressing up like the Japanese and killing civilians. Dude. You don’t seem to understand. This isn’t like the Americans vs England in the revolutionary war where guerilla tactics will work. You are guys with swords and bows and arrows versus jets, tanks, carpet bombings, drones, and guns. The fact that this guy is trying to fight is not only stupid, it’s asinine.


The princess tries to talk him out of this, because…you know, it’s stupid. But he doesn’t listen because he’s an idiot. And this makes rabbit girl happy. Because of course it does. Seriously. Fuck bunny girl.

Meanwhile, enough of that story as we cut back to Itami and the group who are in the magic town with Lei lei. We take a little break though as the older magic lady tells them how she has been studying the different races for years and has determined that there’s different races on this planet because every now and then the gate would open up leading to a different land and different races would come in and breed with the locals.

That's some picture book lovin' right there
That’s some picture book lovin’ right there

After this story, Leilei’s sister gets jealous over all the things she’s accomplished, (including Leilei thinking she’s in a relationship with Itami because she spent 3 separate nights sleeping near him which in this world means they’re in a relationship apparently) and challenges her to a magical duel. They fight for a while in what is actually a pretty cool battle, but in the end, it turns out to basically be a tie.

They both lose their magical shields and that’s when an assassin shows up to flat out murder her.

Assassin's Creed 8 is a lot less focused on stealth
Assassin’s Creed 9 is a lot less focused on stealth

The assassin gets killed before he can kill her however, but the guard who saves her talks to Itami about how this won’t be the last one and how she’s important because she was the only human involved in the killing of the Fire Dragon. So Itami says they should run. …and that’s pretty much the end of the episode.

With the exception of the prince being a fucking dumbass, and bunny girl’s involvement, this was a pretty good episode. A lot happened and the pace moved pretty well.

Really the only gripe I have is that Rory isn’t doing more. I feel like the elf girl had her arc, Leilei’s getting her arc…Where’s Rory’s damn it?

Seriously. they a couple yet?
Seriously. they a couple yet?

I seriously hope they just bomb the crap out of prince guy and bunny girl. Because here’s the problem i’m having. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from any other of our world countries. They’re kind of out of the story at the moment. So the only real problem is with the prince of the other world. And the ONLY reason why he and his army are still breathing is because Japan is being nice. It’s not really a conflict when the only conflict is whether or not our side should just bomb the shit out of them and call it a day. There’s nothing PHYSICALLY stopping Japan from winning, it’s more diplomacy. Which…is an odd way to deal with things. You don’t normally have a protagonist force that is NOT the underdog and yet make them more sympathetic and easy to relate with than the underdog. I like this about this show.

Do I feel the magic fight between the sisters was a little forced? …yeah but at least it looked cool.

they should just settle this over some quidditch
they should just settle this over some quidditch

It was neat how they explained that the gate pops ups a lot and this isn’t the first time, as well as giving us a breather (for at least half the episode anyway) as everytime I see that bunny girl and prince I honestly just want the SDF to bomb the shit out of them.

All in all, I don’t know how many more episodes this show is going to go, but i’m still liking it, and I want to see where it’s heading…although Bunny girl needs to just go die.

Episode 7.5/10 (Needed more Rory x Itami)


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  1. Shiki

    Forgot to mention but there was a part where leilei got ill so itami, dark elf and rory decide to go to some ruins to bring back medicine and end up in a labyrinth with a monster watching it (sounds familiar right?). rory gets eaten, dark elf decides to be itamis slave but he beeing rightous hates that and scolds her and finally they kill the monster and safe rory from dying in a different sense since she obviously cant die.. worst fate for her in that moment: ending up as poop xD

    maybe its only me but.. just when i thought there cant be anything as annoying as bunny girl, we get a granny that tries to break a record by saying “ara” and a good-for-nothing sister that is so jealous with so little self-esteem that she is trying to ruin her little sister that is trying hard.. yup i dont like those two. but common leilei why not use your mega-cannon and blow away the ground >_<

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