“Once they’re gone, they will not return”


Are you ready to embark for a episode full of epic quotes?

I hope you have some paper cuz you’ll need it to note everything.

The episode stars with another flash back when Mary’s party was killed by a giant white monkey. I can’t remember the name of the dude who was in her previous party but he explains that Mary might have lost a part of herself down there. Which could explain why she’s not laughing nor smiling anymore.

I Cri Evrytiem

Then, the other guy, Sinohara I think, starts saying philosophical stuff about death and friendship such as Please treasure the comrades that you have now, once there’re gone they will not return.” which in my opinion was a poor attempt to imitate the quote master, Emiya Shirou, known all around the world for his famous: “People die if they are killed”. I’ve noticed quite a few times that in this show, there is a lot of people trying to copy him and too say deep and meaningful stuff too, but they fail quite miserably. No one will ever be able to surpass Master Emiya.

Do not even try to

After hearing this story, Haruhibro realizes that Mary is like them and therefore they should make the first step and talk to her in order to be friends. Because if they don’t make the first step, she won’t either. Everyone agrees except Ranta, who apparently chose this moment to continue his teenager’s crisis. I’ll quote him there” We have to be nice to her because she had a rough past ? You’ve got to be kidding”. vlcsnap-2016-02-21-21h12m30s302

I-I-I … Well done Ranta, you left me speechless. Such logic … I… Wow… I have nothing to say… this guy…

Also, he thinks no one can understand him and that everyone is never paying any attention to what he’s saying. OH WELL! THAT’S SURPRISING! If you always say super smart stuff like “knowing her past does not change anything”. I really wonder why nobody is willing to listen to you. Beats me… the nerve of some people I swear… not listening to Ranta… wow… How dare them! Anyway, Ranta’s emo intervention makes Haruhibro realizes that again, he wasn’t paying enough attention to his comrades’s feelings, so he apologizes. If he had been more careful maybe he would have noticed Ranta’s emo tendencies and took all his Panic At The Disco’s CDS before it was too late.

The following day, Haruhibro decides to have a talk with Mary to tell her the truth about Manato. His speech really gave me the impression that my bro had finally realize what was wrong with them and their behavior. Seriously, this makes me happy. It’s been 3 episodes now… God.. Thank you… Haruhibro… Ok, ok he didn’t realize everything buuut he’s on the way…and we all know that Haruhibro is not the sharpest pencil in the world so we should all rejoice. That’s why I decided to honor the hero of the day with a little picture, also quoting his smartest sentence to date: “Manato died. So he’s not here anymore” .

Thank you for selling me dreams Haruhibro

After that, they all continue to live their life and to kill more and more gobelins till the point where they are even called “the gobelins killers”. Everyday feels the same since they go to the same town to kill gobelins and more gobelins but at least they are earning some money, which allows them to buy new equipment. They also learnt some new skills and they’ve become stronger which isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s episode 7 now, seeing them doing different stuff would be nice. Mary is slowly opening  and sometimes eats with them but she isn’t smiling yet. I’m sure it’s going to happen, she’s going to smile one day. Eventually, if she doesn’t die before aha…

Holy sheep of fanservice I wasn’t expecting that

One interesting thing to mention is the fact that apparently Haruhibro has developed some kind of supernatural ability. Sometimes he sees a strange light that helps him killing  gobelins more easily. Is this relevant to the plot? Is this going to be important? I dunno. Haruhibro made it sounds like it was some kind of trivial stuff but I do not believe him. Also, my bruh is still having visions of his gay crush Manabro, during the nights, even if he seems to be over his death now. However, I don’t really understand the utility of Manabro appearing in front of Haruhibro. I’m fine with Haruhibro talking to him and stuff, but yeah… is this really relevant?

Overall, I don’t have many things to say about this episode. It was fine… nothing more. I was happy that they understood where the problem was and that they started to get over Manato’s death. Also, strengthening their friendship with Mary was nice, although everything happened during another insert song. By the way, the insert song was fine but definitely different from the first ones. I won’t say that it didn’t fit the atmosphere at all but it was more a song that I would have seen during battles rather than in the middle of an episode,starting a bit out of the blue.

Next episode it looks like they are going to fight the gobelins which are responsable for Manato’s death, the ones carrying Haruhibro’s previous knife. So that’s revenge time right? I just hope they won’t do anything too careless and won’t end up loosing something important to them. Like their life… because when you die, you don’t live anymore. See, I can make my own epic quote!


They have changed the ending a bit by putting this picture at the very end. Does that mean anything? Is that a clue telling us that everybody is going to die expect Haruhibro and Mary? Is this the new ship ready to sail?

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  1. kofmaster

    I lol’d at the Shirou stuff xD Lets see… i think was an average episode, still funny though.

    WTH with that “GOBLIN GOBLIN GOBLIN GOBLIN monologue” for a sec i tought was watching that “badger badger mushroom snake” video lol.

    Fun Fact, I think that giant Kobold looks like Atroce from Ragnarok::

    During this episode Ranta broke my patience … seriously Ranta please look for another party.

    About thatr shinny ligh can be a Grimgar mechanic. We know Grimgar is not a game but still have some mechanics and that was like a “Press X for critical hit”.

    Epic Quote: Choose one no need to be shy, I was laughing seeing their faces, i need an awkward moment counter xD.

    I’m ready to ship haruxmari :v

    1. Charibo

      Emiya Shirou always there deep down in my kokoro, never forget you man
      For the Kobold you’re true they do look alike. I don’t know what I said “giant white monkey” that clearly looks more like a wolf than a monkey. OH WELL
      I get the feeling that Ranta is now willing to make some efforts. Well, he’s going to stay an over-confident douche but yeah, if he tries, I might stop bitching about him X)
      I’m sure we’ll see the white light stuff in the next episodes. But I agree, it definitely looks like a video game mechanic.
      I’m gonna try and collect more epic quotes. They are one of the best things in anime, I just love epic quotes so much

  2. Shiki

    I’m sorry to sink your ship but.. remember where ranta is ranting (wow bad pun) and asks mary out of which 3 she would choose? her answer is moguzo because he is big and lovely and stuff

    Actually that white line which is like the ability of death perception from shiki in the kara no kyoukai series with the difference that it only appears randomly and nobody knows til this day where exactly it’s coming from.

    Prepare for the struggle in next episode

    1. Charibo

      Nooooo my precious ship! I don’t understand! I thought that 100% grimgar gurls would do Haruhibro… Does that mean that I am the one with bad taste in grimgar boys? è_é
      Gosh, I’m not ready, I don’t want anybody else to do… I’m going to cry for sure T_T Just hoping everything will be fine… But I’m sure another death is coming… I feel it

      1. Shiki

        Everyone has different taste. “just because I’m right doesn’t mean that I am right”. but common.. mogzo is like a giant teddybear and even his name sounds like it ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
        So because this is the anime version and they left that information out, let your ship sail and there is going to be enough wind for you dreams

        1. Charibo

          I see what you did there ᶘ ͡°ᴥ͡°ᶅ
          Although I do believe it’s ” Just because you’re correct doesn’t mean you’re right”. Master Shirou strikes again… Damn u Shirou. Imma going to build him a shrine in my cave and surrender my soul to satan to be as cool as him.
          True that Moguzo looks like a teddy bear, plus he’s good at sewing, cooking and crafting loads of stuff. Perfect waifu 10/10 will marry. But I hope he’s also a good warrior since u know ” The warrior class is made up of warriors” that would suck if he was bad at doing his job ʕ◕ ͜ʖ◕ʔ

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