From the get go, they weren’t simply raising Biscuit’s death flags, but whipping it in our faces. The second they bought up Biscuit’s sisters, the moment he and Orga couldn’t have the conversation they wanted to have, and made the promise- EVEN THOUGH THE GOLDEN RULE IS TO NEVER MAKE PROMISES LIKE THAT BEFORE A BIG BATTLE AGAINST A STRONG OPPONENT. NEVER. It’s not just a writing rule, it’s a life rule. The second Merribit told Orga he has lots of time I was flipping tables going, “NO! NO HE DOESN’T! HE NEEDS TO SAY IT NOW!” We take life and time for granted, it can leave any of us at any time. And for Biscuit, that was today.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 21 Img 0026This is going to be a big blow to Orga, because Biscuit was the one of the very few people he relied on, sought feedback from and looked to have his support on plans he is lacking confidence about. It will be difficult to fill in that gap, to find another person he can do the same with. On top of that, Biscuit was killed but he just barely saved Orga’s life. He put his life over his own, knowing Tekkadan needs him, yet Biscuit had no intention of dying either. He didn’t want to die, but his instincts were to protect Orga at all cost, and he did. The result of his death was being too close to the fight against Carta and her special team, and were seen and overheard. Had they been out of sight, they may have been able to survive together. But now that Biscuit is dead, there is no fucking way Mika is going to let Carta live, so I expect her to be a goner by next week.

I am sure Biscuit will not be the only causality involved in this fight. There will be a few if not many other lives lost in the process. Since it has all gone quiet, this may signal the battle has concluded, especially if Carta has indeed, fallen. Once the battle is over, the team will need time to grieve, but Biscuit and whoever else had fallen probably won’t be getting the beautiful flower treatment for their funeral.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 21 Img 0000Although Kudelia was not in the spotlight today, we did see her taking advantage of all her tools available. She resorted to using Montag (Fareed), literally treating him like a servant by telling him to send them a ship so they can get off the island. She also will be now be participating not as Tekkadan’s client, but now as their business partner.
It will be interesting to see how Kudelia’s role in this fight will evolve. While she is the spokesman and is the face, the body of Hope that is leading this fight, I wonder how else she will grow in order to become stronger.

And finally, while the episode had a sad ending, there were some humorous moment, such as Akihiro shooting at Carta and her men while they were posing and making this speech that nobody cared about. It was so funny how Akihiro was like, “Was I allowed to shoot?” afterwards and Mika quipped, ‘Of course’! They are so funny! I appreciate little bits of humor sprinkled into the fights like that. It makes sense because Carta is simply a crazy character, and this is something we would expect out of a crazy woman like her.

RIP Biscuit


A/N: (02/28/2016) Just wanted to give a heads up of – due to Severe Weather in the forecast, some of my entries this week may come out a later than usual.


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  1. Shadow

    Biscuit was one of my favorite characters in the series! Please, don’t let Orga be next…

    1. Eva

      *SOBS* Biscuit and Orga are my favourite characters…. but I don’t know if i would be able to continue watching without Orga. ; _____ ;

  2. zztop

    Do you think they can resolve everything in 4 more episodes, or will they likely be doing a Season 2 later?

    1. Eva

      It is impossible to wrap up the story in just 4 episodes, and I am fairly confident we are definitely going to get a second season. About a month ago, I learned how it has been listed as “season 1”. It’s just a matter of when the second season will come out. Though there has been no news, I wonder if they will continue straight into the spring season.

      1. Risanai

        I don’t think they will continue this in Spring. Especially since Sunrise will be doing the Unicorn tv series in its place for two cours.
        However, Gundam 00 was split to two seasons, and it continues on Fall after it ends at the start of Spring. So I’d say, it’s pretty likely that this would be continued.

        1. Eva

          *nods* Agree, I realized that once I learned Gundam Unicorn was going to air a TV-Edition in the spring.
          I loved Gundam 00, but the second season was agonizing no thanks to one STUPID character. It was still a great series though. I just hope this series will have a strong second season.

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