Soo… So SHORT! Like the wind, time flew by so fast!

It was a very tempered episode. It may have felt like nothing big had happened but there were a couple of them.
The group meets Makanai, the old man Kudelia was supposed to meet in hopes for support in negotiating the Martians’ rights. But there’s a problem. Makanai no longer has the power, he was exiled from Arbrau, so basically their efforts was all in vain. He then tells them there is still an opportunity, that is if they can help him get back into power. Orga doesn’t like the plan and tells him they won’t do it, but then Makanai’s mood shifts and threatened their security, saying they could let Gjallarhorn in anytime. He wants Tekkadan to help him get into a meeting. The problem however is because he is exiled, getting him back into the region will be difficult, even more so since his rival Henri Fleurs has Gjallarhorn’s support. Other than that, Makanai had told them (though I am only taking it with a grain of salt), the Dorts Reform was a success.
Is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time actually believing that? I need the characters themselves to see concrete evidence of it. Who knows, maybe it really did happen because of Kudelia’s influence when she gave the speech, but otherwise I am very skeptical how Gjallarhorn would actually appeal to the Union’s demands…

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 20 Img 0015We then learn Biscuit had received news his brother had committed suicide. As result it creates tension between him and Orga. But to be fair, the tension isn’t or at least I don’t think is something to be concerned about. It has only  happened because Biscuit didn’t tell Orga the reason why he suddenly wanted to go back to Mars, how he doesn’t want to take the dangerous paths, how- if necessary- he will then quit Tekkadan, something which hit Orga really hard. This causes Orga to be upset with how they had not only fought, but he might lose someone whom he had always relied on. It was Merribit who shared the news of what had happened to Sawarin. On the other end of the spectrum, it was Nadi Yukinojou who helped Biscuit to talk about the fight he just had with Orga. Both of these adults helped provide clarity to the boys.

But now Tekkadan is now facing a bigger problem. Not only they have been more or less pit into a corner and have to cave into Makanai’s demands (other than the fact, after seeking advice from Naze, Orga has decided they will accept it), their promised safe-haven was just tossed out the window the minute Carta located them and used her authority to over-rule the Oceanian Federation. (It probably has to do with the fact she is part of Gjallarhorn’s Seven Stars.) Now Tekkadan has no choice but to prepare for a massive rematch, but this time, taking place on Earth.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 20 Img 0020The highlight of the episode for me was the hilarious reactions and first impression of Fish. Atra worked really hard with the help of the ladies to cook it. Nobody wanted to eat it though because they were freaked out by it, and Mika- MIKA ABSOLUTELY DID NOT WANT TO EAT THE FISH. I laughed so hard when I heard in the background, him commenting how it stinks, and Atra told him to shut-up, it was so cute.

Also even more good news, Eugune is safe and sound, but on the other hand, as expected Ein is in critical condition, basically almost dead and Gaileo isn’t having any of it. When seeking advice, it is Fareed who tells him to have him undergo the Alaya-Vijnana operation, and tells him (not us) about its ‘true strength’.
… I wonder if we can even trust his word on it at this point. Everything feels like a trap and Gaileo and Ein are just about to be played as more of his pawns for whatever his grand plan is…


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