“It’s not just your fault, right? Because we are friends. The six of us were all friends”


The episode opens with Haruhibro listing what they had to pay for Manato’s funeral. I dunno if it was a thought on the cost of life, I see it more as a way to say that money becomes meaningless when it comes to death. However, they need money to stay alive and also need it to die “properly”. I really don’t know where I’m going there, this might be a bit to philosphical for me. Anyway, the best scene from the beginning was Ranta getting punched by Yume. Go for it gurl. Next time aim for the vagina so that we make sure that he won’t be able to reproduce.


All the guys go to the tavern to drink and to discuss what they should do next. Ranta wants to quit and somehow blames Haruhibro for Manato’s death. According to him, Manato used too much magic to heal Haruhibro that’s why he didn’t have enough to heal himself.

Ranta you bitch.

Haruhibro is the one who’s grieving Manato the most and you accuse him of his death? What kind of friend are you?

Plus, Haruhibro was hurt because he tried to protect Manato from the gobelins in the first place.

Watch your mouth son.

Don’t say shit about Haruhibro, especially unfounded stuff.

Moguzo is finally showing his balls by smashing his fists on the table and telling everyone to shut the fuck up and to stop fighting. They all realize that what they are doing is quite meaningless and that they can’t carry on without Manato, who was doing everything for them. They don’t even care about their classes anymore, they all want to quit but can’t since they need money to survive. At this moment, Kikkawa, aka Drunky Foxy comes to them. Drunky Foxy explains that the priest is the one always targeted cuz the ennemies know he can heal the party. Apparently, that’s basic strategy. Moguzo then, realizes that he wasn’t protecting Manato but that it was the other way around. So yeah, Manato was always putting himself in danger then… But did he know about it ? I’m not sure.

My “best girl” flag is ready

Drunky Foxy knows another priest who’s name is Mary and the least we can say is that she’s quite cold. Haruhibro and co find her not cooperative at all since she refuses to go to the front lane and doesn’t want to heal Ranta’s little wound . So they are complaining: “Manato would not have done that, Manato was nicer, Manato….”


Seems to me that they’ve learnt nothing from Manato’s death.

Didn’t he die because he was in the front lane instead of hiding? Because he used too much magic to heal some wounds?

Well, even though Mary has no reasons to be that cold, she’s actually doing her role as a priest.. that’s maybe how she managed to stay alive until now.

So it’s time to stop bitching about her and to realize that she’s not the one who’s doing it wrong.

Too hot, Hot Damn, call the police and the fireman

A few days later, Reiji comes into the tavern and gives them a gold coin as a gift compensating Manato’s death. I do believe it was a genuine action and that Reiji just wanted to be nice to them. But, Haruhibro has some pride and refuses the coin since he thinks that using Reiji’s money to buy their official badges would not make Manato happy.

Haruhibro also wants to apologize to Yume and Shihoru since they’ve invited Mary in their party without telling them. Yume is mad at him but not for this reason. Then, they have a long crying embrace, where they are, guess what ? Crying Manato.

The one who’s crying the most is my bruh. It’s okay to let go Haruhibro. I think he was carrying the guilt of Manato’s death. Like Ranta said, Manato may have used too much magic to heal Haruhibro and that’s why he wasn’t able to heal himself. Although I understand why he can think that, I strongly disagree. I’ll side with Yume, it was everybody’s fault.

There’s also a flash back with music which almost got me, I almost cried again. You should all be proud of me, seriously. That was hard not to cry… God dammit, I’m such a pussy. But yeah, when you’re happy you laugh, when you’re sad you cry. I do believe in genuine feelings so although the title sounds like a bad inspirational quote written on a shit scenery picture, I do no give a fuck. I agree, crying doesn’t mean you’re weak. Also, the more you hold back, the more you’ll have to deal with when the time to face your problems will come. I think I heard this philosophical stuff somewhere but I can’t really remember…sorry.

Wow, Bold

Anyway, respect for Haruhibro for staying calm while Yume was leaning on him saying stuff like ” ooh it’s so nice when you hold me like that”. He didn’t even react…

I mean, is this the same guy ? The guy that was excited just by looking at Shihoru’s boobs in episode 1 ? Now the gurl is leaning on his crotch saying sooome reaaaaallly bold stuff, and he’s like ” yeah I know”. When did you become so manly Haruhibro? Where did your hormones go? More seriously, I think it has to deal with their current emotional state, after crying that much, they were just there, hugging each other without any other intentions.

While Haruhibro exposed his feelings and cried, Shihoru was still grieving Manato’s loss in silence. I’m starting to worry about her now. She looked really depressed and I guess she wanted to be alone. I don’t think that’s a good idea though. She’s only talking to Yume so I hope Yume will be able to support her the best that she can. She did a great job with Haruhibro so I’m sure she can help Shihoru to overcome this difficult moment. I do feel you shihoru. I’m still sad when I think that I won’t see Manato again… I didn’t even see his abs… Such a waste

Last scene is Shihoru seeing Haruhiro and Yume hugging each other. Of course, she thinks  that they are doing something else…

I’m too afraid to write what I think she thought they were doing, cuz if I’m wrong…

I don’t want to be judged

So … you know…

Think what you want, have your own interpretation…

I‘ll leave it there

See you next week 

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  1. kofmaster

    I was laughing the whole episode… those guys really sux lol
    I mean…

    Happy Warrior Guy:”As a Warrior i must to protect my priest with my life, they’re always a enemy target”
    >Retard Party was like “What? Are you serious?”

    Then retard party mets best girl.

    Haru – do something, something, something
    Mari – Nope… im a fucking priest not a tank
    Haru thinking: (Damn… Manato was a nice tank)
    Warrior: Manate always saved me…

    Seriously, i was laughing so hard because those retards cant understand why Manato dies.

    I think Manato was forced to be a Tanky/DPS/Healer because he need to fix the party’s problems.

    Mari was so nice to accept that party risking her life… in fact i was reading a better reaction in /a/

    ” Who is the party leader?
    Who is the main tank?
    Who will scout ahead?
    Who is responsible for crowd control?
    What is our itinerary?
    What will be our objective at the location?
    What party formation will we be using?
    Why isn’t the main tank in front aggroing the mobs?
    Why is a rogue telling me how to play my class?
    Why is dps telling me to go in front and melee?
    Why is our only ranged dps in melee?
    Why don’t you man up and get your pussy ass out of here with that papercut wound instead of bitching me out for every single heal?
    Do any of you even know what the fuck you’re doing?
    Why aren’t any of you answering my questions in clear concise responses?
    Where the fuck did you newbies graduate?
    Why am I even here?
    Oh, because your last priest died doing this exact same bullshit you’re asking me to do?
    I understand now.
    I understand all of you have no fucking clue what you’re doing.
    Go fuck yourselves.
    I’m leaving. ”


    Thats soooo legit…

    1. Charibo

      Yes that was what I thought too ^
      I think Manato was a truly carrying person therefore, I do believe he knew all that stuff about the priest class but still decided to go front lane cuz the others are shit. He even learned an offensive attack when u know, he’s not supposed to. Can’t remember the name though, it was the thing where he smashed his gay stick on the gobelins’s heads.
      I don’t really know if they’ve understand all that by now. Even when my bruh was crying, I was still wondering: ” Did he get it? Did he understand that they were wrong all this time ?”. I don’t want anybody else to die. If I had to guess, I’ll say next is Yume. This show likes to kill good people.
      As for Mari, she’s right. I like her. She must have some solid reasons not to leave them. But we’ll see next episode

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