Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Episode 6: [Her Circumstances]

Cap 2
Gosh U Manato, those pecs, I mean wow, dayum. That’s some valentine’s day chocolate if u know what I mean


They did change the opening to include Mary.

But why is Manato still there?

Are you trying to make me cry with the Opening ? 

Gosh, the way he looks at the sky is way too evocative.

Me not liking this.

Yeah, I’m still not over his death, I probably won’t be able to forget him, although I think we’re not supposed too.

But I must say, there were some nice boobs/ass/muscles shots.

I mean… Wow… Dat ass

The sucker party has decided that they’re going to try to be nicer to Mary. The following day, during their gobelin hunt and despite Shihoru and Yume’s attempts, she’s still cold towards them. They manage to kill 4 gobelins but Ranta and Moguzo get hurt. Ranta asks orders Mary to heal his little pussy wound but she decides to heal Moguzo’s injury first. Indeed, he was hurt on the head, so I’m guessing that’s not good, also he was bleeding quite a lot. Mary even apologizes for not healing him before when she remarks that the injury was kinda bad.

vlcsnap-2016-02-14-20h00m44s573Haruhibro and the rest of the sucker crew desperately try to communicate with her without any success. She remains quite closed to discussion and doesn’t really want to explain why she fights and behaves this way. Although I have nothing to say about her fighting strategy, it’s true that she could at least explain them some stuff since she seems more knowledgeable about all the fighting thing.
Later on, they all go to the tavern to drink and they see Mary, entering the tavern alone. She sees them and seems to wait for a sign from them. Same thing on Haruhibro’s party side, which was waiting for her to come and sit with them. No one moves so she decides to sit alone at the counter. Like Yume said, she didn’t come but they didn’t tell her to come either. I think that must be hard for her to fit in a new group, even more when she’s replacing a their dead leader that everybody liked. So maybe she feels bad about that too.


During the night, Haruhibro, who might have some serious sleeping problems since he always wakes up during the nights, is sitting alone on a bench, wondering if he should be the new leader of the party. Manato did point him as the new leader but Haruhibro doesn’t really want to… According to him, it’s too much of a burden. However, it appears that he’s going to think about it twice after seeing Manato’s ghost basically asking him to take care of the sucker crew and saying that he trusts him.

God dammit Manato, why do you have to appear…

Do you like crushing my feelings Animu ?

Do you like it ?

Fuck you too Animu.

We were never friends anyway…

During their next gobelin trip Haruhibro notices that it would be more safe for everyone if Moguzo was actually wearing an helmet. Since he’s a warrior he has to attack frontally and therefore he puts himself in danger a lot. A complete armor would protect him from the gobelins’s attacks and then, he would be able to do a better job. Also, an helmet might reduce the risks of taking a fatal blow to the head. So yeah, Helmet= less chances to die… YES! It’s worth mentioning it. You never know with them…

It’s also time for my dear Haruhibro to notice that Mary, by staying at the back was actually protecting Shihoru. Even if she said that her staff wasn’t useful, she’s actually using it to smash the gobelins, like Manato did with his gay stick. The only difference being, she’s not using it in a offensive way but rather in a defensive way. Which is, you know, the role of a priest. When they separate ways, Haruhibro asks her if she wants to eat with them, but she says no. However, she was surprised when he questioned her on her reasons for being so formal with them. Seems to me like she’s starting to open to them.


Haruhibro then, decides to go and see Shinohara from Orion, the dude who was talking to Mary in the tavern, to learn more about her and her past. Shinohara tells them that it’s better to ask Hayashi since he was in the same party as Mary back them.

Basically Hayashi’s story is what happened to Haruhibro’s party. The priest was cheerful and carrying. He was helping everyone, going in the front lane, healing every little injury. The party was winning against weak ennemies so they started being over-confident. One day they weren’t cautious enough so the priest used all his magic and people died. The difference here is that, Mary was able to survive but 3 people in her party died whereas Manato was the only one to die.  So Mary was able to learn from her mistakes but she was basically the same as Manato at the beginning.

I really wonder if Haruhibro understood all that, if he was able to make the connection between what happened to Mary and their own tragic experience. I’m also wondering if Mary realized that the sucker party is the same as her old gang. Which could explain why she doesn’t want to get involved with them since she might be afraid of losing some friends again. Well at least she learnt from her mistakes, we can’t say the same thing for the sucker gang. Oh well, I guess by hanging out with her, since they now know her past, they’ll eventually realize where their faults are. At least I hope so. It would really sucks if someone was going to die because of the same mistakes.

Cap 5

9 thoughts on “Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Episode 6: [Her Circumstances]

  1. Okay lets see,that was an interesting episode and MARY IS STILL BEST GIRL.

    Ranta please… you’re so annoying

    The sucker party continues to complain without noticing the real problem, even without realizing that Mary helping giving them orders. They are still about the heal every every scratch issue. Sucker party is like “Shes doing anything, at least she will heal us post battle”.

    I know, Haru is just trying to be nice but only makes things worse, can be interpreted as “you’re not as good as Manato, he was a perfectionist … but at least you have your own style”, Mary’s reaction was legit “if you dont like me I’m out of here”.

    Nice flashback, she was a female manato and might be afraid of losing some friends again. I want to see that sucker party understood becoming a real team.

    1. I’m going to wave my “Best girl” flag for Mary next episode. Although Yume is cute, Mary is just perfect. But I want her to smile now, at least a bit.

      I do not wish for Ranta’s death cuz IMO nobody deserves to die, well at least he doesn’t, but if he could leave the party or get lost somewhere, I wouldn’t mind.
      I have the impression that now, Haruhibro realized that Mary was right about everything. Even before he started making nice ( although very obvious) observations about the way they are fighting. So I’m truly hoping for them to open their eyes cuz it’s starting to be a bit annoying

      Don’t worry about your writing skills, I’ll probably be the last person on earth to judge your writing skills x)

    2. More yume for me hrhrhr

      I feel you.. whenever ranta is opening is mouth I feel like punching him but i guess every gang has a black sheep

      Think of it like this.. you have NO memories, you are not used to fight or be in danger until now so every scratch looks threatening to you (well actually in actual fights even a scratch can be relevant but thats another thing I guess) and without oneself using mana, how can you estimate how much mana cost is involved when it comes to their “lifes” especially haruhibro is the only one for now that is taking notice of others. sure its annoying but i can totally understand where such things are coming from

      Well yes they are young, inexperienced and not much of ppl who can hold speeches and with pressure you start to say a lot of things (at least I do)

      Btw there was a something about why is shihoru scared of stupid pidgeons etc. and i cant comprehend it. Well here a thing.. I am scared too when they are coming too close or smth and start to fly into your face xD

    1. I don’t actually mind slow pacing, I think that for some shows, slow pacing is the best. Also, do we really need action, lightnings and fights all the time ? I don’t think so. My friends say I either like boring shows or cringy shows. Either I’m fine with it 🙂

  2. I actually enjoy that the story isn’t rushed and they are not skipping like years or so (yes i am still looking at you sao) and let us live/enjoy/suffer together
    Well they are quite young and to be thrown into the wild to fight for their own survival, to go into battle.. its not easy to comprehend, let alone understanding how to battle and position yourself in battle or to keep an eye on their mana so they wont repeat the mistakes of manato or OOM-ary (for those who dont understand the pun.. Out Of Mana). And its hard to reach out for help especially if you just lost someone dear and the ppl you can reach out to are pretty much the same as those you just lost.
    BGM as lovely as always and to end my essay.. thanks for the meal

    1. Well same here, for me this show is succeeding where SAO failed.I can actually feel something for the characters and I was sad when Manabro died. Those things did not happened while watching SAO. I also began to hate this show because it was such a big disappointment for me. So yeah, let’s not talk about Sao anymore, I don’t want to get angry on this beautiful day.
      I agree, that the main problem for them is that they don’t know anything, although they did train wit their class master they don’t seem to know about practical stuff. Manato died because of the mana mistake, and Mary when first meeting the sucker gang, knew about controlling her magic, but only because she did that mistake too. So yeah, even though, now they are aware of it, seems like everyone one is making the same mistakes. I wonder why no one is telling them anything…

      1. Prorably something along the lines of “we are rivals, not my problem, I don’t care”.. less rivals = more mobs to earn money with, a bit of pride and not everyone is a priest and has an idea of mana household.
        No one wants to be hold responsible for mistakes of others etc. (in case of when the healer is holding their mana household back so extremely that someone dies)
        My guess is that they are already too busy to focus on their own mistakes and as inexperienced as they are, they have a too small field of view as to think of covering for each other. I mean.. they aren’t even able to think of the possibility of having the girls joining them in the tavern so yeah

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