Well, at least we get a break from the whole “killing dragons” thing and get to have an episode of relaxing. well..the first half at least. The second half…not so much. What do I mean by that? Well let’s just jump into the recap.

So the episode starts out with Itami’s superior being pissed off that he left his unit to go kill the dragon. Because of this he gets a two week suspension. On the other hand however, he gets commendations up the wazoo from killing the fire dragon, rescuing the prisoners, and all the other awesome stuff he did.

This here is his face reacting to wazoo
This here is his face reacting to wazoo

While he’s suspended he decides to take Leilei to a magical town to get her certified in being a magical master. Yep, we’re in for a Leilei arc. Damn it! I wanted a Rory arc. (Sigh) oh well. Maybe next time.

We discover that Leilei has to pass this super test and if she doesn’t, she’ll never be a master. Also she wears a snazzy dress.

If they don't like you they throw ink at you. I know, odd custom...but a booming market for dry cleaners I suppose.
If they don’t like you they throw ink at you. I know, odd custom…but a booming market for dry cleaners I suppose.

Oh. and we also learn that Leilei has a sister. Don’t really care about that, but they tell us that, so I figure it’s probably important for later on.

If you were looking forward to seeing how that story resolves, too fucking bad because it’s one of those “meanwhile” episodes where half the episode tells one story and the other half goes to the other story.

Story B is about that Japanese ambassador who the 12 year old girl has a crush on. He thinks at first that she’s just going to be annoying and tag along, where in actuality she’s very useful and helps break the ice with the other officials.

Well...uh...wait six years I guess? Probably be less awkward then?
Well…uh…wait six years I guess? Probably be less awkward then?

After that the emperor decides to hold a celebration in honor of Japan and their country holding peace talks. The episode ends with all of them drinking to that, and then the king keels over from poison. Because bunny girl had his drink poisoned.

Tell...everyone...that bunny girl is a stupid character..that no one wanted in the show...
Tell…everyone…that bunny girl is a stupid character..that no one wanted in the show…

The recap was short, because honestly, not a whole lot happened. The first half was describing the town that Leilei visits and the second half was talking about how peace was going to happen. That’s really about it.

Once again, Bunny girl rearing her head doesn’t make me intrigued in any way, it just pisses me off that this show thinks I want to see her as a character. Because….you know..I don’t. She’s stupid, pointless, and she really just irritates me more than anything. I want to see Itami and the girls go on adventures and maybe deal with idiots being stupid and getting owned by the SDF. I….still don’t care about bunny girl’s revenge. That hasn’t changed over the past couple of weeks. It’s almost like someone in a bad fanfic is trying to introduce an OC that has no business being there. Her sheer existence is making me annoyed. I guess in a way that you can even do that is admirable.

Yeah....if you could stop existing...that would be great....
(leans on cubicle with cup of coffee) Yeah….if you could stop existing…that would be great….

The parts that were with Itami and the girls were fun. I was enjoying myself after the craziness that just happened. Dude got stabbed, we rescued a Japanese girl, we killed a dragon. You’d think maybe they’d give us just a fun episode to take a break. NOPE! Because this bunny bitch doesn’t want us to have nice things. And her plan is stupid. You’re a idiot bunny girl. And I hate you.

I’m actually a little shocked they killed idiot king considering he was really fucking stupid and I thought that would make him live longer. But, apparently OC bunny mcgee has to do things her way because fuck characters from the first season.

The story with the magical test is interesting. Hell, the ambassador guy teaming up with the girl to gain more trust with the nobles is interesting. But bunny girl is not interesting. Stop trying to make her more important that she is. It hurts my face every time she’s on screen.

How about next episode we just go back to more Rory. Cool show? good. Let’s do that.

Yes show. This. Stick with this.
Yes show. This. Stick with this.

Episode 6/10



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  1. I.D. nameless

    4 years. The age in Japan is 16. 13 with consent from the parents according to central Tokyo law but most prefectures don’t like that and changed it to 16 in their territory.
    Unfortunatelly for you, this is only the beginning of bunny girl’s revenge.

  2. Shiki

    I was surprised that we make a skip to leileis examination even though its not much i guess.. next episode isnt part of manga anymore so lets see how it goes..
    but damn.. not enough rory, goddess of love and too much bunny of destruction

    1. hideki sohma

      See, Shiki, that’s exactly what i’m saying! Where’s all the Rory? Don’t care about bunny girl at all

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